Ferries in Croatia

Given the many, many islands off the country’s coastline, it’s highly likely that you’ll be utilising ferries in Croatia when you visit the country. The main ferry company in Croatia is Jadrolinija and they operate the vast majority of ferry and catamaran routes in Croatia, although other companies do also exist – see a complete list below.

Boats and ferries sail the Adriatic connecting major ports with almost all the inhabited islands all year round, with many routes having a higher frequency of sailings during the summer months. Some catamaran services only operate during peak summer months – such as the G & V Line service from Dubrovnik to Korcula.

Note: a famous (slow) ferry line that sailed down much of Croatia’s coast – connecting Rijeka with Split, Dubrovnik and some of the islands – that was run by Jadrolinija for 60 years no longer operates.

NEW for 2017 a catamaran between Split and Dubrovnik, stopping at Bol (Brac), Makarksa, Korcula and Mljet along the way. More details here: New catamaran route in Croatia for 2017

NEW for 2017 Or make that, returned for 2017! The Pula – Zadar catamaran has been reinstated: Pula – Zadar catamaran re-introduced for 2017

Ferries in Croatia

A Jadrolinija catamaran departing Hvar Town

Ferries in Croatia – Companies and routes

Please take a look at the following websites for timetable and price details.

  • Jadrolinija Routes all along the coast, including a Split – Bol – Korcula – Mljet – Dubrovnik service
  • Kapetan Luka Operate catamaran services between Split and Vis (stopping at Hvar twice a week), and a very popular catamaran service from Split to Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Mljet and Dubrovnik, Split-Bol-Makarska-Korcula-Mljet-Dubrovnik as well as a route from Rijeka to the nearby islands
  • G & V Line Operates a catamaran service from Dubrovnik to Sipan & Mljet which continues to Korcula and Lastovo in July & August
  • G & V Line Iadera Routes from Zadar to the local islands
  • Mia Tours From Zadar to the islands of Premuda, Silba and Olib
  • Rapska Plovidba Service between the islands of Rab and Pag, and Rab and the mainland
  • LNP Routes between Split and Solta, and Sibenik and two local islands
  • Bura Line Operate a route between Split, Slatina and Trogir
  • Bilan operate services between Orebic on the Peljesac Peninsula and Korcula
  • Porat Ilovik have a route from Losinj to the small island of Ilovik
  • RPZ Vrgada operate a service from Biograd na moru and Pakostane on the mainland to the small island of Vrgada
  • GP Sibenik operate a route from Brodarica (near Sibenik) to the island of Krpanj
  • Nauticki Centar Komiza have a ferry line between Komiza on the island of Vis and the island of Bisevo

Ferries in Croatia – Ticket prices

See prices of tickets for ferries and catamarans in Croatia (including if travelling with a car) on our Ferry and catamaran prices in Croatia page.

Ferries in Croatia – Online booking

You can use the following search box to book tickets for some ferry routes in Croatia, as well as routes between Croatia and Italy. (See our Getting to Croatia by Ferry for more details of these routes.)

Online booking for ferries in Croatia

Jadrolinija offer online booking on their website for all their routes within Croatia – including both catamarans and local ferry services (including car ferries).

Kapetan Luka – operators of the popular route connecting Split with Dubrovnik via Brac, Hvar, Korcula and Mljet – also offer online booking on their site.

New for 2017 G & V Line – operators of the summer (July and August) route connecting Dubrovnik, Mljet and Korcula – also offer online booking.

International ferry routes to Croatia

There only exist routes from Croatia to Italy – there are no ferry routes from Croatia to any other European country. For more details, please see the Getting to Croatia by Ferry or Travelling from Italy to Croatia pages.

Sailing in Croatia

If you’d like a bit more control over your sea travel, you can charter a boat. See our Sailing in Croatia section for more information.

  • You’re welcome! Hope it all makes sense. If you have any more questions, please do ask. Hope you have a great time in Croatia!

  • Pat

    That’s excellent advice. Thank you so much for your help!

  • Thanks for your very kind words, glad you have found our site helpful! 🙂

    However, to answer your question, I think this is a bit of a rushed itinerary. Driving Zadar – Plitvice – Split all in one go (obviously with some time in Plitvice!) seems like quite a lot to do in one day, and equally I think you’re having some issues trying to combine both Bol and Hvar whilst having a car. I also think that you’ll be racking up the cost of taking a car onto and off these islands, and maybe you don’t actually need the car whilst on the island? (I understand you do want it to visit Plitvice.)

    I would also say that you may get a bit bored on the islands – as we’re on the approach to off season, things quieten down on the islands (although obviously they don’t shut up – these are some of Croatia’s larger islands!). The weather should still be okay-ish, maybe low 20sC and sunny (*possibly* okay for the beach) but if there’s a day with rain you may find yourself without much to do!

    I would probably suggest one island – maybe Hvar – and I would use a catamaran to get there (either Jadrolinija – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/sailing-schedule/local-lines-2017 or Kapetan Luka’s one – http://www.krilo.hr/en/). Potentially, when on Hvar, you could also at the travel agencies to see if there are any trips still on offer to Bol, so you could visit there on a day trip.

    I would then add a night into Plitvice so your time is a bit less rushed, and maybe one more night into Split. Then two nights on Hvar, then back to Split to have your night in Trogir.

    As for the car, well… Sure, it would easiest to have your own car for visiting Plitvice, especially as you’d like to go to Split afterwards. Could you see (I mean, price wise) about hiring a car in Zadar and dropping it off in Split? Then Split – Hvar – Split – Trogir – Zadar can all be easily done by public transport.

    Hope this all makes sense!

  • Hi there, you’re right, booking in advance doesn’t guarantee you a spot on a particular ferry. In addition, at this time of year (definitely out of season) I wouldn’t expect the ferries to be very busy to the point you won’t get a space on the ones you want. Additionally, some of these route (Split-Supetar, Sucuraj-Drvenik) have loads of ferries a day, even when the schedule changes to low season (on 1st October). I suppose trying to aim for the second to last ferry would be a good idea, just in case (maybe more so when getting *off* and island, rather than trying to get onto one) – the alternative would be to drive to another point on the island you’re on (e.g. from Sumartin, drive to Supetar to get back to Split) which of course wouldn’t be ideal, but is one way of getting off the island!

  • Pat

    By the way, from your vast experience, do you think this itinerary will be too much to handle?

    1 night in Zadar
    drive to Plitvice then
    1 night in Split
    2 nights in Bol
    ferry + another ferry
    2 nights in Hvar
    ferry to Split
    1 night in Trogir
    back to Zadar.

    I wanted to squeeze Dubrovnik in at the cost of Hvar but the driving back to Zadar would be a challenge especially given that we cannot drive through Bosnia…

    Can’t wait for the trip 🙂 Thanks for this amazing website. Super useful information – you’re a superstar!


  • Pat


    Visiting Croatia for the week 27th Sept – 3rd Oct. Will need to take 4 Jadrolinija ferries in a car during that time – Split – Supetar, Sumartin – Makarska, Drvenik – Sucuraj and Stari Grad – Split. I have all the schedules worked out and such. My only query is – are we guaranteed to have a place on the ferries around these dates? Should we have backup plan in case ferries are full (for example always aim for second-to-last ferry of the day to have one more just in case etc)? I don’t see the point of booking in advance as it doesn’t guarantee the spot on a particular sail time anyway. Or maybe I should book?

    Many thanks! 🙂

  • Sure, ferries do still operate, but I would say early to mid-October wouldn’t be suitable for a beach holiday – the sea temperatures wouldn’t really be warm enough and it may not be that sunny all of the time. (Disclaimer: of course, weather is weird, so who knows – maybe nice weather might stretch out into October this year in Croatia. But I wouldn’t plan a holiday on such a ‘maybe’!) I think it wouldn’t be a great time to visit with kids that young – if the weather isn’t great, they’re too young to be interested in much else e.g. sightseeing or museums that older kids would be okay with.

  • Vishal

    Is October 6 – 15 a good time to visit with 2 kids (3 & 1.5 year)?. Do the ferries still operate? Also, what is the water temperature at the beaches. Thank you in advance

  • No, you need to get two separate tickets for Dubrovnik – Hvar and Hvar – Split. End of September is (approaching) low season so you should be fine without pre-booking…although if you’re certain of your dates, why not pre-book to save any hassle?

  • Sarah-Louise Burgess

    Hey, looking to travel from Dubrovnik to Hvar on Tuesday 26th September then on Friday 29th September on to Split, looks like we will need to use Kapetan Luka, will be be able to get one ticket with a stop over or will it be two separate tickets? Also would you recommend booking in advance?

  • There are no car ferries from Korcula to Hvar (either Hvar Town or Stari Grad; in fact, there are no car ferries from anywhere to Hvar Town).

    The two options you have are 1) take the ferry from Korcula to Orebic (and then possibly also the one from Trpanj to Ploce to avoid having to go down the Peljesac Peninsula) and then drive up the coast to Split to take a car ferry to Stari Grad on Hvar
    2) Drive across Korcula to Vela Luka and take the car ferry from here to Split, and then another from Split to Stari Grad.

    Jadrolinija are the company that run all these car ferries: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/sailing-schedule/local-lines-2017.

  • Marelize Van Jaarsveld Verdoes

    Only the blue lines are car ferries … I cannot see one directly from Korcula to Hvar / Stari Grad.

  • Edina Kovacs

    I’m looking for a car ferry from Korcula to Hvar or Starigrad, I looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything. Could anyone help me? Thank you. Edina

  • Yes, tickets are available on the day but you should get there early to get tickets. Kapetan Luka also have sailings between Dubrovnik and Mljet, to Pomena and Sobra: https://www.krilo.hr/en/.

  • adam cockerham

    We’re looking to get to Mljet from Dubrovnik on 24th August and come back on the 26th (we have a two night stay booked). It seems on GV Line that the online tickets are sold out!! Are they available on the day or are we likely to be stranded with nowhere to stay? Many thanks, Adam

  • Thanks very much Tim! Looking forward to reading it. 🙂

  • Tim Taylor

    No problem at all! Enjoy your trip and the Split-Vis-Split Ferry ride – look out for the turtles – we saw one on the surface only feet from the enormous ferry (somewhat alarmingly !) on the way back to Split!

  • Tim Taylor

    Hi – yep, no problem at all. I’ll start writing something up and get it off to you as soon as it’s done!

    Best Wishes,


  • Jadrolinija (http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/sailing-schedule/local-lines-2017 ) – who run most of the ferry/catamaran lines in Croatia – state that children under the age of 3 travel free on their sailings. I can’t see any concrete information for the other operators (e.g. Kapetan Luka, G&V Line etc) but would image it would be the same.

  • Rosy Murray

    I am looking to use a number of ferries in Croatia. Do you need to pay for infants, under 1 years old.

  • You can pre-book tickets for the catamarans online – I would suggest pre-booking in some way (either online or a day or two in advance in Split if you’re not yet sure when exactly you’ll be making the journey to Hvar). Online booking on either http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/sailing-schedule/local-lines-2017 or https://www.krilo.hr/en/ for the Split to Hvar catamarans.

  • Eleanor

    Hello. I am hoping to travel to Croatia in the next few weeks. I plan to stay in split for a few days then travel to Hvar. Due to it being high summer, will we be OK booking a ferry for a specific day? I am nervous to book accomodatin in Hvar if we can’t get a ferry on a specific day? Any advice would be very helpful. Eleanor.

  • Great tips! 🙂

  • Hi Tim, thanks for coming back to our site! Sounds like you had a great time (bar the sea urchin!), which I’m very happy about. I’m actually in the process of setting up a sort of ‘traveller’s reviews’ section on our blog, inviting people to submit trip reports and perhaps a photo or two (or as many as they want!). Would you be interested in writing up something for that? You can write as little or as much as you like, and equally about anything (or everything!) to do with your trip. If that sounds good, you can send it to webmaster@visit-croatia.co.uk. I’d certainly love to read more about how your trip went!

  • timlevell

    That’s really helpful thanks. We are booked on the car ferry from Split to Vis and back again. Happy days! Thanks – Tim

  • Tim Taylor

    Hi there – well, we’re back, more’s the pity!

    The weather was great and the water was warm and amongst the clearest I’ve ever encountered in the Med. I’ve never seen so many sea-urchins in my life which is seemingly the sign of very clear and clean water. In fact I brought some of one home with me (stuck in my knee!) thanks to too vigorous a kick whilst snorkelling in water that was too shallow!

    We found some great beaches to snorkel from on both Korcula and Vis, especially the ones west of Komiza which we accessed by kayak and had pretty much to ourselves which was very welcome as the town was actually incredibly busy.

    If there is anywhere more suitable on your site for me to post in greater detail than here in the “Ferries” section I’d be more than happy to relay our experiences in case they could be of help to others. Please let me know.

    Again, thank you for all your help with our trip and I hope I’ll be back asking more questions in the near future!

    Kind Regards,


  • Tim Taylor

    I’ve just come back from Croatia and whilst out there made a couple of crossings using the Jadrolinija Catamaran service – as far as I could tell there was no option to stand out on deck. Furthermore, the windows are covered in a kind of film, presumably to keep the sun out but that, coupled with the sea-spray which quickly gathers on them means that it’s very hard to see out! In retrospect, we would definitely have looked more closely at whether we could have made all our crossings by Car Ferry had we realised that travelling by Cat would mean we’d be inside with no great view. The Cat was quite late arriving at our destinations both times as well whereas the Car Ferry was always on time thereby eroding some of the advantage of travelling by Cat in terms of speed of crossing. The Vis to Split Ferry ride is a joy!

    Hope this is helpful !

  • Which day and time were you wanting to travel? Just of of interest, I took a look for Split to Hvar catamaran sailings next week and the morning ones all have plenty of seats left – it’s only the 3pm/5pm sailings that show zero seats. But yes, you should be fine to just get tickets locally – if you’re in Split beforehand, perhaps a day or two before you want to head to Hvar.

  • Richard

    Hi, I am planning to travel to Split from Hvar by ferry/catamaran next week and im wanting to get an early morning one, on the Jardrolinija website it says there are no seats available on 1 ferry and only 2 seats on another. Is this just for advance booking and there will be seats that i can buy on these the day before or does this mean that there will be no seats available at all. Im asking as ive seen on some advice groups that there shouldnt be any issues as long as you by them locally the day before.

  • Officially, they don’t, no…I don’t know what would happen if you turned up and asked on the off chance (it it’s in high season, I would assume it would be a firm no as the catamarans would be busy). The car ferries of course let you on board with bikes, and you could use these for a route down the coast although it wouldn’t really be island hopping as the car ferries don’t go from island to island, by and large (more mainland to island). You can see which car ferries exist here – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/sailing-schedule/local-lines-2017 – click on the ‘map’ link behind any district name, and take a look at the blue lines.

  • Elaine

    Hi ,
    I am planning to cycle from Venice to Corfu and I was hoping to island hop though Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik. Do the high speed ferries let bikes aboard? Many thanks. Elaine

  • When you book a car ferry on Jadrolinija’s website, there is a disclaimer saying that your ticket is valid for a voyage on that specific date, but the ticket does not guarantee a specific sailing time (in case you got there very late and the ferry was already full of cars). So, no, it doesn’t matter which one you’re booking! I guess I would book the earliest ferry that you *may* be able to get.

  • Caroline Magnin-Robert

    Hi, We are arriving at split airport at 10.05 on 10th August and renting a car. We then intend to take a ferry from split to Brac. I understand it is best to pre-book. I understand we will have to queue anyway so does it matter which one I’m booking? thanks!

  • Sure, I don’t see any issue why you couldn’t! Suitcases are fine to take on board these routes.

  • diane100

    Can we get across the Slovenia Croatia border by catamaran? Thinking of Piran to Rovinj with Liberty Lines. We will have our suitcases with us.

  • Are you travelling on the ferry with car? (And I assume in the height of summer?) It’s recommended to get there a couple of hours in advance to get on the ferry that you want – but you can park up your car in a queue at Split port and then wander off for coffee/lunch etc If you’re just a foot passenger you don’t need to get there much in advance (there’s loads of room for foot passengers on these ferries) – let’s say 15 minutes in advance, but that’s really so you can board in a leisurely fashion.

  • Thea

    Hey, i have prebooked tickets for a lokal ferry from Split to SUpetar, but it said it wasnt booked for any specific time, just a specific day. So my question; how early before a boat departure should i be at the ferry port to make sure i catch the one i want? Thank you.

  • At that time of year (when all the holiday crowds have gone and the coastal road won’t be clogged with traffic) buses probably take about the same journey time as the catamaran. However, there are many, many buses a day so they provide more flexibility if you want to travel, say, mid morning or early afternoon. But it really depends on your actual route – you mentioned Dubrovnik to Hvar, for example; you obviously can’t do this direct by bus! (You would need to go bus to Split and then a catamaran to Hvar town.) As for scenery, well… both are scenic but obviously different! (One’s out on the sea looking at the islands/some of the mainland, one is on the mainland looking out to sea!)

  • I would recommend pre-booking this catamaran as it’s a popular one – I know you said you were having issues with booking online, so would you be able to pre-book in person say a day or two before you want to travel to Split? (Yes, tickets cost the same if bought locally.) If you have the tickets then you don’t need to turn up that much in advance – let’s say 15-20 minutes so you can join the queue of everyone boarding.

  • Sharon Cheng

    Thank you very much! Thanks for your information and this forum is simply a very useful tool!
    I will consider the other line you mentioned.
    Nonetheless, how is it compared between taking catamarans and buses traveling between the coastal cities? In terms of time consumption and flexibility, and scenery value? Thanks!

  • Boudewijn

    Hello, I am curious about several things (I have not been able to find concrete information online). I’m looking to buy 2 tickets on the Jadrolinija Catamaran from Dubrovnik on the 18th of Juli to Split. It leaves quite early (7:15), how early do we have to be there in advance? And can we reliably buy tickets for the same price localy instead of online (Their online payment method is giving me quite some troubles)?

  • Tickets aren’t hop-on/hop-off; you’d need to buy separate tickets for each leg e.g. Dubrovnik-Korcula, Korcula-Hvar etc.

  • If you’re referring to Jadrolinija’s schedule for their Dubrovnik – Korcula – Hvar – Bol and Split (http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/9811s-en.pdf?sfvrsn=2 ), I’m afraid the line stops on 18th September – it’s not the case that they haven’t yet released the timetable for beyond that date. However, Kapetan Luka have a similar route (Dubrovnik – Mljet – Korcula – Hvar – Milna on Brac – Split) that runs daily until early October, and three times a week until the end of October. See https://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing-schedule/split-dubrovnik/ for the timetable.

  • Charlotte Griffiths

    Hi, I was wondering if you could possibly give me some advice. I am looking to visit Dubrovnik in early September and can see that there are ferries to the islands. Please can you advise if the tickets are hop on/hop off? i.e. can I buy a return ticket for Dubrovnik to Bol on the Jadrolinija 9811S and then get on and off at the different islands along the way for a day each? Or would I have to buy a ticket for Dubrovnik to Korcula, Korcula to Hvar etc.?

    Thanks very much for your help!

  • Sharon Cheng

    Hello! I’m planning a trip along the Dalmatian coast in mid to late September. It seems that the catamaran schedule is not available (yet). Does that mean they will not run the line, say between Dubrovnik, Hvar, Korcula, and Split, during the season? Or the schedule will be released later? Thank you very much!

  • Ah, okay – the ferry from Vis to Split (even the early morning one – very peaceful!) is wonderful. I think you’ll really enjoy it!

  • timlevell

    Thanks! Actually we are going to take a ferry for one of our journeys anyhow as the timings are better (from Vis back to Split – not so early in the morning!). So things are sorted. Cheers for your help 🙂

  • Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

    Ferries are indeed a wonderful – albeit slow! – way of travelling precisely because you can sit out on deck and watch the world go by. (For the whole journey, if you really like!) However, the problem that you’ll encounter for your plan is that there aren’t really any ferry lines operating on exactly the same routes as the catamarans do. (Part of the reason is the catamarans go to smaller ports on the islands – ones which wouldn’t be able to have a large ferry dock.) Assuming you’ve checked out the timetables/route of the catamarans that run between Dubrovnik and Split, you can see what ferries exist on this map: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/ostali-dokumenti/spl-en.pdf?sfvrsn=2 (the blue lines). But maybe you could do something like take a bus from one place on an island (having arrived there by catamaran) to another to get a ferry? E.g. if you took the catamaran to Hvar Town, you could get a bus to Stari Grad to then take a ferry to Split?

  • In both Hvar Town and Korcula Town, the catamarans dock right in the ‘centre’ of town (both are pretty small places!). You can see a map of where the catamarans dock in Korcula Town here: http://www.korculainfo.com/ferries/map-korcula-ferry-terminals/ – really, it’s all right in the centre and close walking distance to most places. (It’s only the car ferry from Orebic – at the top of the map – that is a few km out of town.)

  • Phil Dykes

    Good Morning ;o)

    We are going from Split to Hvar by Kapetan Luka ferries then Hvar to Korcula with the same company.

    Can you please tell me where the ferry docks in Hvar and where it docks in Korcula as it isn’t clear from their website.

    Thank you

  • Tim

    I definitely will!

    Thanks again,


  • Hi Tim, thanks for your kind words and coming back to give an update – bizarrely, I’ve just noticed that Disqus has been marking some comments as spam when it shouldn’t! (Particularly as there’s nothing suspicious about them!) So I’ve only just found this comment and your previous one. Hope you have a wonderful time – would love to hear how you get on when you get back, if you feel like posting here again!

  • Where on Brac do you want to go to, and where on Hvar? There are a few options with Jadrolinija for Split-Brac, Brac-Hvar and Hvar Split- http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/sailing-schedule/local-lines-2017 and also with Kapetan Luka –

  • They are fast catamarans, not ferries, so although you should be able to get outside when on board there is no seating. (I don’t think it would be very comfortable to sit outside for long – noisy and very windy!)

  • Sounds good! 🙂

  • The best way of getting from Split Airport to the Port is using one of the airport transfer buses. These are very regular – you will see one waiting outside the terminal building, or you’ll see a queue of people waiting for the bus which will arrive shortly! The journey takes around 30 minutes and costs 30 Kunas – tickets can be bought onboard the bus. These buses will take you to the main bus station in Split which is next to the port. Hmmm, mid-September is definitely after peak season, although it can still be busy at that time of year, but you probably should be okay with just buying tickets at the port when you arrive. I think you should definitely make the 15.45 catamaran with time to spare – Split Airport is pretty small, so immigration is quick, as is picking up your luggage. Sure, you’ve then got to take the bus (taxi is no quicker, btw) but even that should be without issue (e.g. very slow traffic). So all should be fine for you to get that catamaran, assuming there is nothing major to delay you such as your flight being late!

  • Maria Fitzgerald

    Is there a place to sit out on the deck on the Kapetan Luka ferries from split to Dubrovnik?

  • Alan Purcell

    Thanks for your reply – sorry for not responding more quickly. We are doing Dubrovnic for 2 nights catamaran or bus to korcula for 1 night…then onto Bol,for 2 nights then to Split and then the bus back to dubrovic for a final 2 night stay in Cavtat with maybe a stop half way somewhere like Tucepi

  • Kait Harper

    Hello we will be arriving in Split at the airport on Thursday September 14th. at 13:25pm. Couple of questions,

    what is the best way to get to the port form the airport , and how much does it normally cost?

    I see there is a ferry line 9811S that is leaving Split at 15:45pm to Brac. or there is a line 9603 that is leaving Split going to Brac at 16:30pm. Do you think we should purchase tickets for the ferry prior to arriving at the port? Its just I am not sure which ferry line we will make from the airport in time. Would we make the 15:45 ferry after landing at 13:25? , I dont want to purchase tickets online for the later , when we could possibly make it and then have to wait another hour to get to our destination with all of our luggage. What do you suggest? Can you buy tickets at the port, or should you always purchase ahead of time? And what ferry time do you think is possible due to the arrival time at the airport?

  • Yes, you are right, there is also a catamaran from Milna on Brac that travels to Dubrovnik which runs daily until 9th October, and then three times a week until the end of October. However, as you’d need to take a bus from Bol to Supetar and then another to Milna (and be there for 8am!), it may be simplest to just take the early catamaran from Bol to Split and then one of many buses down to Dubrovnik. (Obviously, you could look into a taxi/transfer from Bol to Milna.) But after 18th September, there are no direct sailings from Bol to Dubrovnik, so you would either need to go Bol – Milna – Dubrovnik or Bol – Split – Dubrovnik.

  • Ryan Davies

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I am trying to get from Dubrovnik to Bol. I know Catamarans are running from Dubrovnik to Milna on brac island, but would prefer a direct to Bol if this was possible.

  • I’m afraid it’s not the case that they’ve only uploaded a schedule that shows sailings until 18th September – this line actually stops running for the year on that date. Are you trying to get from Bol to Dubrovnik? I’d suggest taking a catamaran from Bol back to Split and then taking a bus down to Dubrovnik.

  • Ralitsa Thalia Do Tanque

    Hi, I am looking for a ferry from Split to Brac on 9 July and then from Brac to Hvar on 10 July then from Hvar back to Split 10 July later that afternoon

  • maria caulfield

    Hi,Do you have any idea how early we need to get in line for car ferry from Split to Supetar that sails at 2.15 pm.Tickets are pre booked for 23/07/17 so I presume its heading for peak season. Also do know are the ferries any less busy midweek from Prapanto to Sobra.Thanks for any advice.

  • Ryan Davies

    Hi, I note the Jadrolinja route from Dubrovnik – Split, which stops at bol brac only has times up to 18/09/2017 so far. Do you know if/when a sailing schedule showing times for this route after 18/09/2017 will likely be released?

  • I’d go with option 2 – you can’t go direct from Korcula to Brac if you have a car and therefore require a car ferry (you would need to go Korcula – mainland – Brac, and either drive down the Peljesac Peninsula to get up the main bit of coast, or take the Trpanj – Ploce ferry) so it would be hassle trying to island hop with a car. I would use catamaran to island hop up to Split, and then take a bus for the return journey for a bit of a different experience (and to see the awesome views from the coastal ‘drive’). Yes, I would pre-book catamarans as they’re popular services so can get busy.

  • Alan Purcell

    Hello – We are arriving into Dubrovnic on the 18th June and departing on the 29th. Considering 3 options –

    Option 1 – hiring a car in Dubrovnic airport travelling to Korcula then onto Brac Island and then up to the Split area and returning to drop the car off in Dubrovnic for a final 2 nights there.

    Option 2 – spend 2 nights in Dubrovnic but then using catamaran services to island hop up to Split and then return to to Dubrovnic either via bus or car hire.

    or Finally – spend the 2 nights in Dubrovic then getting the afternoon/late ferry all the way to Split and then island hop back from there – Bol, Korcula, etc at least the return ferries will be in the mornings…

    Any thoughts on what would be the best option?

    Should we prebook car ferrys/catamaran services? Any help is really appreciated. Thank you

  • There are many – most are run by Jadrolinija, and it’s easiest to see all their sailings for that date on the searchbox on their website at http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/ferry-croatia. Kapetan Luka (https://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing-schedule/split-dubrovnik/ ) also have a sailing at 7.40am from Split to Hvar.

  • Stefan Doma

    I am looking for a ferry from Split to Hvar July 16th

  • You’re very welcome!

    There definitely are buses travelling between Vis Town and Komiza – and in fact, these buses are usually timed to depart shortly after the boat arrivals. So it would be relatively straightforward to arrive in Vis Town and then head off for Komiza. Here is the current timetable on the Vis Tourist Office website – http://www.tz-vis.hr/Default.aspx?sifraStranica=335 – this is the timetable up until 1st June, so hopefully they’ll put up the high season one soon!

    Komiza Tourist Board have a list of beaches on their website at http://www.tz-komiza.hr/en/beaches/ – unfortunately, there’s little extra info about them, though! Vis Tourist Board also has a list – this time with a bit more info – at http://www.tz-vis.hr/Island-of-Vis/Beaches-and-bays.aspx?ban=253&fcat=3. Truthfully I’d say once you’re there head to a tourist office, or perhaps even the tourist agency where you rent your bikes. They should absolutely be able to give you a map, and also some really invaluable ‘insider tips’ about where to head to.

    There should be plenty of suitable beaches close to Komiza – the whole island isn’t that big, and it doesn’t take all that long to even cycle from Komiza to Vis and vice versa. I’ve actually done it myself (but I was just cycling town to town, not to any beaches) and it took maybe an hour and a half? But that also included plenty of time with me walking alongside my bike because I’m not very fit! 🙂 (Really, it’s the hill in the middle of the island that’s the tough bit, not the distance!) I think you really won’t have problems reaching a number of beaches close to Komiza, if you decide to stay there.

  • Irina F

    Thank you

  • Tim

    Hi there – I’ve just returned from a few days away to find your extremely helpful reply. Thanks again for such an in-depth response – I can see it must have taken up a lot of your time and we’re extremely grateful for all your help in planning this trip!

    Great, we’ll get on and book the catamarans now and have a further think about where to stay on Vis. It sounds like Komiza would actually be the better bet but I suppose that depends on how easy it is to get from Vis Town to Komiza? I have looked at car hire on Vis but, as you have said previously, it appears to be aimed at people hiring by the hour/day as opposed to for a few days and it is certainly priced accordingly!

    We’re pretty fit – both walkers and cyclists so, providing it didn’t involve hours and hours in the saddle we should be fine accessing beaches farther away from Vis town by bike! I’ll have a look to see whether I can assess how far we might have to cycle but, if you were able to give me an idea that would be brilliant. I do appreciate though, that this section of your website is concerned with Ferry Travel, not general details about destinations so if not, absolutely no problem!

    Again, many thanks for all your help,

    Kind Regards,


  • You can see conditions for refunds on their booking site here: http://krilo.aktiva-info.hr/eng/frmKoraciZaPovratEng.aspx. I am not sure if they would change your ticket – you would need to email them to ask.

  • Irina F

    One more question. Do you know if Kapetan Luka tickets can be returned or changed?

  • Irina F

    Thank you. I will check on June 1st again. If I can get to Stari Grad n the evening and then take a taxi will be good

  • You can see bus times on Hvar here: http://www.tzhvar.hr/en/how/ (click on the PDF link – this should change again on 1st June, so perhaps check in a couple of days!). However, I’m not aware of a bus in the evening from Hvar Town to Jelsa – you would most likely have to get a taxi.

  • Did you not get e-tickets with barcodes when booking online? (In which case you could just turn up close to departure time, obviously with enough time to board!)

  • Irina F

    HI, we are traveling to Croatia in June. I have done booking for Kaptan Luka from Dubrovnik to Hvar at 16:30 ariving to Hvar at 19:35. WE are staing in Jelsa. Are there any buses going to Jelsa at this time on June 12?

  • Hollie Matthews

    I have booked online several ferry’s (all Jadrolinija) for my trip to croatia in July (Dubrovnik to Korcula, to Hvar, to Split) how early do we need to be at the port before departure and can i pick up all of my tickets at the same time in Dubrovnik.

  • I’d suggest pre-booking tickets – the route you’ll be travelling involves catamarans (so, smaller, foot-passenger only boats rather than large ferries). Or, at the very least, perhaps you could pre-book when there but a few days in advance e.g. buy tickets in Korcula on a Tuesday for a Thursday departure etc. I wouldn’t recommend trying to book tickets right before departure, they will most likely be sold out.

  • You’re very welcome! 🙂 Hope you enjoy your time in Croatia.

  • Buses from Stari Grad are timed to coincide with the ferry arrivals. You can buy a ticket on board – I’m afraid I don’t know the price of a ticket, but can’t imagine it will be much!

  • That’s right regarding the ferry (actually, catamaran) departure times from Dubrovnik to Korcula. In addition, a new catamaran route has also been announced (see http://www.croatiaweek.com/new-fast-line-connection-split-brac-makarska-korcula-mljet-dubrovnik/) – also run by Kapetan Luka (the same company as the 16.00 catamaran), this gets in to Korcula at 17.40. Unfortunately, they haven’t yet posted details of this route on their website (!! :-s) but I am sure it will be up there soon.

    All catamarans/ferries depart from the main ferry port in Dubrovnik (‘Gruz’) – you should easily see the relevant boat when you’re in the port or just ask.

    This map – http://www.korculainfo.com/ferries/map-korcula-ferry-terminals/ – probably best explains where the catamarans arrive in Korcula (see the two arrows mentioning Dubrovnik catamarans). Either arrival point is fine as these are both right in Korcula Town (in fact, very short walking distance from each other – Korcula Town is small!). You would only have slight issues if you were arriving at the port at the top of the map (which you won’t be as this is for the car ferry from Orebic) which is 3km away from Korcula.

    Again, same departure point leaving Korcula as you arrived, and yes, you could take the 9.15 catamaran to Split, arriving at 12.30. And yes, you could then take the Jadrolinija ferry (http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/602-enDDDD8B96C027F0895C7A10D3.pdf?sfvrsn=2) which departs Split at 15.00, arriving in Vis at 17.20. There is one large ferry port in Split, so you will arrive here and then also get the ferry to Vis from here too – again, you should see the boat relatively easily, or just ask someone for assistance.

    The ferry to Vis arrives in Vis Town – again, it’s quite a small place, and the port is right in the centre of town (as it where).

    On the 8th July for the return journey, you can either take the Jadrolinija ferry (departs Vis at 5.30, 12.00 and 18.00 – all take 2 hours 20 minutes) or the Kapetan Luka catamaran at 7.00 (arr. 8.20).

    For the catamarans (which of course only accept foot passengers), yes I would pre-book – late June/early July will be peak season, and these routes are popular so will be busy! For the ferry to (or from) Vis you wouldn’t have to – it’s a large boat and there’s plenty of room for foot passengers.

    As for accommodation – basically, you’ll have choices in the two main places on the island, Vis Town and Komiza. Vis Town will probably be easier for you as that’s where the ferry/catamaran arrives, and it certainly has a shop, plus restaurants/cafes etc (as does Komiza). However, there are more beaches within walking distance from Komiza. There are also other beaches on the island (inc. some of the ‘famous’ ones) that would need to be reached by car (you can actually rent one on the island) or bike (if you’re good with cycling a fair bit!). I’m not aware that there are taxi boats taking you to places on the island, but there may well be – I would suggest just asking locally as I’m sure someone may be willing to take you on a boat! You could also look into taking a boat to the nearby islet of Bisevo for more beach options. (Yes, neither would be subject to a proper day trip, although obviously those are available too!)

  • Annette Ames

    Hi. I am going to Croatia in August. I plan on spending a few days in Dubrovnik, a few days in Korcula, a few in Hvar and then onto Split. I know I can catch ferries between the mainland and islands, however I need to know if I need to prebook the ferry tickets or can I just purchase them when I’m there.

  • Ludi

    Oh great I didn’t see your reply before sorry and thank a LOT for helping us with this !!!!!
    We’ll do a little more by car to take these ones then 🙂
    Thank you Moderator 😉

  • David

    How about the bus from Stari Grad to Hvar Town?

  • Tim

    Hello again! OK, so, we’re now clearer on an itinerary which is
    hopefully going to be Dubrovnik-Korkula-Vis-Split but, before we start booking accommodation it would be really helpful if you could answer a few more questions regarding ferries and timings that we’ve been unable to establish from the various operators’ websites.

    Firstly, it appears that there are 2 ferries from Dubrovnik to Korkula on Friday 23 June, one at 07.15 and a later one at 16.30. What isn’t very clear is exactly where these depart from and arrive into – ( from what I’ve seen there are at least 3 arrival points on Korkula!) so confirmation of the times and arrival and departure ports would be great!

    As previously established, to get from Korkula to Vis we’re going to have to travel up to Split and then back down to Vis and this is likely to be on either Sunday 2 or Monday 3 July. It appears that we could leave Korkula at 09.15, arriving in Split at 12.30 and then depart Split at 15.00 arriving on Vis at 17.20 but I’d be very grateful for your confirmation of this and again, the exact ports of departure and arrival.

    We’ll be leaving Vis on 08 July to travel back to Split so I’d be grateful if you could advise of ferry options for this journey too.

    Do you think we need to book any of the above ferries in advance – all journeys would just be for 2 foot passengers?

    Finally we’re debating where to look for accommodation on Vis and wondered where you might recommend given that we won’t have transport there (well, not a car at least – I suppose we might hire bikes/ kayaks for the day?). Ideally it would be somewhere from where good beaches for snorkelling are fairly easily accessible as well as a supermarket or other shop for basic provisions and a restaurant or two. Also, are there any small boat services to and back from any of the beaches on Vis as is sometimes the case in the Med (allowing us to just spend the whole day on a particular beach as opposed to having to book onto a day trip and being subject to a set itinerary)?

    Any further advice you might be able to provide would be most welcome. Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you again,

    Kind Regards,


  • What you have found is correct – there is *no* car ferry from Dubrovnik to Korcula, only catamarans. If you want to get to the island of Korcula with a car, you would need to drive to Orebic on the Peljesac Peninsula and get this car ferry – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/634-en.pdf?sfvrsn=2 – to the island. (Domince is a suburb of Korcula Town.)

    Likewise, there is no car ferry from Korcula Town to Split (again, only catamarans) BUT there is one from Vela Luka (on the western side of the island of Korcula). So you would first need to drive from Korcula Town to Vela Luka, and then take this car ferry to Split: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/604604a-en56E55B9981867EA2E59C1EC0.pdf?sfvrsn=0.

  • Ludi

    Hello there!
    Would you please confirm us that it’s possible to travel by Ferry from Dubrovnik to Korcula with a car on June 13 and then on June 18 from Korcula to Split still with a car ?
    Because when I look for this info, I always get the result NO, only catamaran so not possible with the car… thanks a lot if you can help!

  • The bus is 30 Kunas one-way, payable on board. You’ll see a bus (there’s actually a few companies that operate the route) waiting outside the Split Airport terminal building (or if not, it’ll be along very shortly) – just join the queue of fellow travellers and hop on board!

  • David

    Awesome! How much is the bus and how does it work?

  • I think you should be fine just turning up and buying tickets – I would recommend heading to Split port as soon as you can after you land (there are transfer buses from the airport to the bus station, which is next door to the port) and buying tickets then. Then you have time to have a wander/have lunch etc before the sailing. (Yeah, you won’t make the 7.40am sailing!) As a back-up plan just in case, I would definitely use the option of taking the slower car ferry to Stari Grad (there’s one at 2.30pm), as you mention – you can definitely ride as a foot passenger and as there’s plenty of room for people (it’s a large ship) you can buy a ticket for this really last minute if you need to. Then yes, there are buses from Stari Grad to Hvar Town. But all being well, you will be with your friends!

  • Great, glad to have been of help! Absolutely, I agree with you regarding Vis – I think you’ll really love it there. 18 days in total is a great amount of time to spend in Croatia, so a bit of extra time travelling here or there won’t be too bothersome for you (it’s not like you only have 5 days in total!).

    Indeed, let me know if you have any further questions!

  • David

    Hi, trying to join my friends who booked Jadrolinija Split – Hvar (town) on June 1 online, a day where they are only running two ferries from Split-Hvar and both seem to be completely booked. I would like to stick with them as we’ve already booked accommodations in Hvar Town, but it’s not super necessary. We are arriving by plane to Split at 7:00 AM and it may be a stretch to get Kapetan Luka’s 7:40 AM ferry. Would I be able to show up early morning and buy a ticket for the 2:00 PM (14:00) ferry that my friends are on from a Jadrolinija ticket booth? Alternatively, can I ride as a foot passenger to Stari Grad and then catch some sort of public transportation to Hvar Town? Or should I plan to stay the night in Split at a hostel and catch an early morning ferry to Hvar Town? Thanks!

  • Tim

    Fantastic! Thanks so much again! We’re going to have about 18 days in total so we do have a bit of scope for travelling around. We’ll take a bit of time now to investigate those suggestions and work out a final itinerary!

    The more I read about Vis the more it sounds unmissable, even given the effort required to get there so I’m glad you feel the same way! Actually, we enjoy being on the water almost as much as in it so a day riding the Ferry up to Split and then back down to Vis actually sounds like quite an enjoyable prospect!

    I’ll let you know what we decide on and, if we need any further guidance before making a final decision I look forward to being in touch again. Thanks so much for your highly valued input,

    Kind Regards,


  • The route was rumoured to be returning for 2017, but no further news has appeared since this rumour started floating about (at the start of the year) and I doubt it will in fact be running again this year. There is of course this catamaran – http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html – that you can take instead from Split to Mljet.

    Hmm, well, it is possible to hire a car on Mljet but (as on many of the islands), these are not proper car hire agencies of the kind you find on the mainland/at the airports. Rather, you can hire out small cars for e.g. an afternoon, 24 hours (obviously you can hire for longer, but it’ll be very expensive!) with the idea that you’re spending a bit of time exploring the island further than you can on foot/bike etc. This sort of arrangement would be fine for Mljet as you certainly wouldn’t need a car for a full week on the island (and you can’t drive a car in the national park bit of the island). I suppose it depends on what your plans for being on Mljet – hiring a car on the mainland would be cheaper overall, but yes, you would need to drive down to Prapratno on the Peljesac Peninsula to get a car ferry over to Mljet.

  • Adam Aiken

    Hi, just wondered if you could offer some travel advice? We are arriving in Split on a Monday in June, staying a night there, and then the next day (Tuesday) we need to get to Mljet where we are staying for just over a week.

    I came across this ferry route that has been suspended but I heard it was coming back in 2017? http://www.korculainfo.com/ferries/ferry-rijeka-split-hvar-korcula-dubrovnik-bari/

    We are also not sure whether to hire a car in Split and take a car ferry to Mljet or to travel from Split – Mljet on foot and hire a car when we get there? Quite like the idea of not having to drive from Split – Dubrovnik.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • Aha, I see! In that case I would consider the peaceful island of Mljet as one of the islands for you – part of which is one of Croatia’s eight national parks. You can reach Mljet easily direct from Dubrovnik using this catamaran – http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html – and then also use it to get off the island to continue your holiday in Split/somewhere in that region. (Note – you can also use this catamaran – http://www.gv-line.hr/raspored1.php?linija=3 – to get to Mljet from Dubrovnik, although note that this travels to Sobra/Polace on Mljet whilst the previously mentioned one docks in Pomena.)

    You may also wish to consider the Elafiti islands near Dubrovnik, which are mostly car-free and so very tranquil. These islands are easily reached – see timetables at http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/sailing-schedule/local-lines-2017 – but you would need to return to Dubrovnik to travel on elsewhere. (They are, however, very close to Dubrovnik so travel time is not long at all.)

    Part of me actually would still recommend the lovely island of Vis, even though you’d have to reach Split first to then travel there. It’s a very chilled, laid-back island, has a very interesting history and unusual sites (it was completed closed to foreign visitors until 1989) as well as having the quiet bays you mention. However, it depends how long you have for you whole trip as you may feel that having to go via Split to travel to Vis (although hopefully you can make use of the catamaran!) would just add on unnecessary travelling.

    You’re very welcome, btw, glad to have helped. (Thanks for your kind words!)

  • Tim

    Thanks very much for this, it’s really very helpful! Our itinerary isn’t set in stone save for arrival and departure points so it looks like we might need to have a rethink to save ourselves a load of travel problems!

    The main focus of our holiday will definitely be snorkelling and we just chose the 3 islands mentioned partly because they sound very peaceful and partly because the snorkelling opportunities at secluded, quiet bays sound terrific but maybe we’d find that on other islands which aren’t so awkward to travel between?

    If you could recommend a couple or three which are more conducive to the kind of trip we’re planning and which are easier to access, one to the other,
    that would be fantastic?!

    Again, thanks very much for such in depth and helpful comments,

    Best Wishes, TIm

  • You would first need to transfer from Split Airport to the main bus station in Split – there are frequent services, and you should see a bus waiting outside the main terminal building once you exit it. There are definitely buses running in the late afternoon/evening – check out times on https://getbybus.com/en/. There are only two ferry (actually, catamaran) services between Split and Dubrovnik a day in summer – the one that runs in the afternoon from Split departs at 3.45pm (timetable: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/9811s-en.pdf?sfvrsn=2 – run by Jadrolinija), I’m not sure if this is too early for you? There are definitely no train services as Dubrovnik has no train station! I’d rely on the bus rather than hiring a car one way (although this is definitely possible) – obviously it depends what your plans are overall in Croatia, but if you were just needing a car solely to get from Split to Dubrovnik, bus would be better.

  • Unfortunately, the itinerary you’ve chosen will be quite convoluted for you, but I assume you have your reasons for picking these three islands, so fair enough! 🙂

    Yes, in June, there are no direct connections from Dubrovnik to Lastovo. (That catamaran route starts in July, as you’ve said.) So yes, you will need to travel from Dubrovnik to Korcula Town by catamaran (Jadrolinija or Kapetan Luka) and then travel to Vela Luka on the west side of the island of Korcula to get the ferry to Lastovo. There are buses connecting Korcula Town and Vela Luka – you can look up timetables on https://www.autotrans.hr/en-us/home.

    There are more sailings between Vela Luka and Lastovo in summer than just that 9am one. This schedule http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/604604a-en56E55B9981867EA2E59C1EC0.pdf?sfvrsn=0 – of which the 9am sailing is a part – also shows sailings at 1.45pm and 8.45pm. And then there is also a catamaran (so, faster than the ferries in the previous timetable!) at 5.20pm: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/9604-en.pdf?sfvrsn=2.

    There are no sailings from Korcula Town to Lastovo.

    To get to Vis… There are no sailings from Lastovo to Vis; in fact, there are very few connections form *any* island to Vis! So you would need to head to Split (using the reverse sailings of the timetables above (the catamaran would obviously be quickest, but it’s a very early morning depature!). Then from Split there is again both a ferry (twice a day in June – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/602-enDDDD8B96C027F0895C7A10D3.pdf?sfvrsn=2 ) and a catamaran (http://www.krilo.hr/en/index.html ).

    I’d say hiring a car would add issues to your itinerary. For example, to get onto Korcula you would need to drive from Dubrovnik up the Peljesac Peninsula and then get the car ferry to Korcula. For getting on to Lastovo and off Lastovo to Split, you would need to (obviously) rely solely on the slower car ferries, and that’s quite a long sailing for Lastovo – Split.

    You can certainly rent cars on the islands, but these tend to be more expensive than regular car hire – it’s the sort of ‘rent a small car for a few hours to zip around the island’ kind of set up. However, this can often be a great way of seeing an island, especially if there are particular sights you would to see. You can of course also use buses on the islands.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Theo

    Please advise of any or the easiest way of getting from Split Airport to Dubrovnik on a Monday afternoon / evening in August. I understand there is no ferry, or train, and buses do not run at this time. Is a one way car rental option even possible?

  • Tim

    Hi there – just seeking a bit of guidance with island hopping holiday plans if possible? We’re flying into Dubrovnik and out of Split and were hoping to visiti Lastovo, Korkula and Vis, in that order. It appears that there’s no direct ferry from Dubrovnik to Lastovo until July however ( we’ll be there late June) and that therefore we’re going to have to go to Korkula first and from there onto Lastovo? Have I understood the timetables correctly?!

    Then, it appears that the service from Korkula to Lastovo departs from Vela Luka rather than the main port and the only crossing I can find departs at 09.00 hours. Is there an alternative service from the main port ( or an additional daily crossing which I haven’t noticed?!). And is there then a service from Lastovo to Vis?

    We are also considering car hire for the duration and whether to hire in Dubrovnik and drop off in Split or whether it makes more sense financially to hire different cars in each destination and thereby avoid additional charges on the Ferries? Since Vis and Lastovo appear to be relatively small we’re not yet sure whether we’ll even need a car on these islands but would be very interested in your opinion on this.

    Any advice you might be able to offer with any of the above would be most gratefully received! Thanks very much in advance!

  • On the large car ferries, you definitely can! On the catamarans it would be at the discretion of the operator – if it’s very busy they may be more difficult about letting a bicycle on. However, if you’re the only person with a bike then they may well be okay with you squeezing it on.

  • You’re welcome! Aha, I see. In fact, the timetable I supplied (I wasn’t quite looking at it correctly) doesn’t help at all as the departure from Split doesn’t go to Seget Donji at all!

  • chiari

    hi! can i take ferry with my bicycle?

  • Kristel

    Thank you very much for this. I thought it was the case that the only ferry was the 3.30pm. We’re looking to spend a few days in Split before we sail so won’t be able to go direct from the airport but thank you for all of the information. We’ll look into the bus option from Split. Thanks for the help.

  • Unfortunately this ferry doesn’t actually run frequently from Split – you can see the timetable here: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/606-enEF3E9D89A217E7EF7F79FB84.pdf?sfvrsn=0. As you can see, it’s not much use unless departing from Split at 3.30pm is good for you! I would advise taking a bus from Split to Trogir (there are frequent buses from the *local* bus station in Split – not the main one – timetable is here: http://www.promet-split.hr/images/stories/Linija%2037%20TROGIR_timetable%20_route.pdf ) and then from Trogir either another bus, or even a taxi as it’s not far away from Trogir at all. BTW, if you happen to be landing at Split Airport and then travelling to Seget Donji immediately, you can actually catch bus 37 on the *main road* (not outside the terminal building) outside the airport i.e. you don’t have to travel into Split first.

  • Kristel

    Hello – we are renting a sailing boat which we board in Seget Donji on 26/08/2017. What is the best way to get there from Split? We have heard there is a ferry but I can’t find it online.

  • Dustin Goot

    Thank you so much for the advice!

  • That time in May is still definitely off season (in fact, the ferries are still on low season timetables!) so you should be absolutely fine not pre-booking and just turning up on the day you want to travel – in fact ‘several hours’ before is probably a bit too much!

  • Dustin Goot

    Hi, my wife and I are vacationing in Croatia at the end of May. We’ll have a rental car and would like to book car ferry between Spilt and Hvar (and maybe other cities), except we’re not totally sure the dates we would go to the islands. Could be May 23, 24 or 25 depending on earlier travel. We’ve heard the car ferries sometimes book out early. In your opinion, how big a risk is it of not getting a car ferry booking at this time of year if we come several hours early on the date we wish to travel?

  • Five catamarans a day *is* a lot – by far and away the most for any route to the islands! (Not including the slower car ferries.) Hmm, mid-June isn’t absolute peak season so you *might* be okay not pre-booking…but if you are certain of your dates of travel, what is stopping you from doing so? Put it this way – if you plan to take the (for example) 10.30am catamaran from Split on the 14th and turn up and find out it’s full, would you be annoyed at having to wait until 3pm for the next sailing? Or would you not mind so much? (Have a wander around, stop for lunch somewhere etc.)

  • Ben

    Hi, 5 of us are planning to travel no car:-
    Split -> Hvar 14th June
    Hvar -> Split 17th June.
    Would we need to book in advance realistically? On the Jadrolinjia website there are five catamarans going a day which doesn’t seem that many if it’s busy.

  • Yes, I would think that one would be busy as well with people (locals as well as visitors!) heading to the island for the weekend.

  • Heidi Campos Sutton

    Thank you! Should I also assume that the 3pm ferry on a Friday is going to be jam packed… Assuming, of course, we could get there in time for the 3pm departure vs waiting for the 9pm.

  • You’re very welcome! Great, good to hear you’ve pre-booked the catamarans. I hope you enjoy your holiday!

  • Jaime Lee

    Thanks so much, i really appreciate the information. Yes, we’ve already prebooked all catamarans (Split-Korcula, Korcula-Hvar, and Hvar-Split). It seems like we can arrive around 10-15 mins before each journey from Split, Korcula, or Hvar, based on your advice.
    For the journey back from Korcula-Hvar, your advice makes sense – we will get to Korcula earlier so there’s no stress.
    Thanks again!!

  • You can purchase tickets online (on Jadrolinija’s website – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/ferry-croatia ) but it doesn’t guarantee you entry for the time of your ticket. Hmmm, the issue with this is that a) you’re travelling in peak season (although Vis is one of the quieter islands) and b) if you miss the 9pm ferry, you’re stuck in Split until the next day! I’d suggest about 2 hours – if you turn up and find you’re way too early that (hopefully) no big deal, but that’s better than not being able to get on the ferry and making plans for a night in Split!

  • Assuming you know the exact day you want to travel, I’d certainly recommend pre-booking the catamaran online (on Jadrolinija’s website) so you known you’re definitely on the catamaran you want. (Also, July is high season, so it’s likely to be busy!) So you wouldn’t have to arrive that early for the sailing, but obviously make sure you’re on the boat in good time! Like, pre-book the catamaran back to Split and then 10 minutes should be more than enough to get yourself on the boat, tickets checked, a good seat etc. That map is correct (that website is an expert on Korcula!) but catamarans/ferries sometimes dock in the other location depending on weather conditions. Hmmm, arriving at 12.45pm for a 1pm catamaran is cutting it a little bit fine – e.g. what if the sailing is a bit late, you get a bit lost navigating from one port to another etc? (Of course, everything might go to plan, but what if it doesn’t?) Could you come over from Korcula a little bit earlier? Or could you take the later catamaran, the Kapetan Luka one (http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html ) from Korcula back to Split? (And then obviously come over from Orebic later in the day.

  • heidi s

    Hello, we are going to be in Croatia in July 2017. We are looking at traveling from Split to Vis with a car. If I am reading correctly, the times are 9, 15.00, and 21.00. We are thinking of the 21.00 ferry on 21 July (Friday). I see we can not purchase tickets in advance. How early would we need to get to the ferry terminal to ensure we were on this ferry? Thank you!

  • Jaime Lee

    hallo! we are planning to travel from split via korcula to orebic in july. i was not able to find much/any information on the internet about how early to arrive at the port in Split for the Jadrolinija catamaran (one website suggested 40 mins by default, but this seems pretty early?).
    i was also not sure about how early to arrive at the port in Korcula to take the Jadrolinija catamaran back to Split – do you have any advice? (would 10 mins be ok? we were thinking of taking the foot passenger ferry from Orebic which arrives in Korcula at 12.45, walking over to the port for the catamaran to Split which takes around 5 mins, catamaran to Split at 1pm?)
    This map suggests that the foot passenger ferry from Orebic arrives at a different part of the Old Town to the catamaran going to Split – is this correct? http://www.korculainfo.com/ferries/map-korcula-ferry-terminals/

  • The island of Pag is actually connected to the mainland (at the southern end of the island) by bridge, so you can get onto it even after the last ferry has gone. (The last ferry on 24th June is at 22.30: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/335-en4651EF1E2E03FE366548405B.pdf?sfvrsn=2 ). The journey time using the bridge shouldn’t even be that much longer as you can make more use of the motorway from Zagreb to this part of the coast, rather than cutting across to get to the coastal road to get to Zigljen for the ferry. I would say it’s perfectly safe to drive, even alone, at that time of day (well, night) in Croatia; more of a consideration (for me) would be driving in the evening in a country you don’t know, especially being tired after flying/travelling that day. But you may be okay with all of that! Unless I really needed to be there for the 24th, I would probably check out cheap accommodation in Zagreb for the night and then head to Novalja the next day. There’s in fact a 7am bus on the 25th from Zagreb direct to Novalja that would get you there at 11.40am, if you decided you didn’t want to rent a car.

  • SandraB

    haha I meant Zagreb**

  • SandraB

    Hi, I will be going to Croatia on the 24th of June. My friends will arrive in Croatia the same in the afternoon. However I will only arrive in the evening (20.00h at Zabreg Airport). I want to know the best way to go from Zabreg airport to Novalja (Isle of Pag). I want to rent a car, but I was looking online and it takes me 3.30h driving and it seems that ferrys stop running after 11pm (Prizna to Ziglzen).
    What is the best way to get to Novalja at this time? (do ferrys stop completely after 11?) How safe is it to drive (alone) from the airport to the island?

  • Kapetan Luka unfortunately haven’t updated their timetable page (annoyingly!), but their 2017 timetable is the same as 2016. You can book tickets online via their homepage – http://www.krilo.hr/en/index.html. (Or do you mean there is an issue with online booking?). Yes, indeed, it’s also possible to travel by bus from Dubrovnik to Korcula – you can see the times/book tickets at https://www.autotrans.hr/en-us/home.

  • Jeff B

    Hi, I am looking to travel from Dubrovnik to Korcula on Sat 10th June. I can see that Jadrolinija run a daily Catamaran, but it leaves at 7.15am – a bit early !!
    I thought that Kapetan Luka also run a daily Catamaran (leaving at 4.30pm) but their website doesn’t seem to have a facility to book tickets online (www.krilo.hr) – which still seems to be in 2016 !!
    Do you know of any other ferry options ?
    I heard that there is a ‘road’ option that takes about 3 hours – do you have any details of this ?

  • The car ferry from Split to the island of Hvar goes to Stari Grad, not Hvar Town (larger car ferries are not able to dock in the latter, only catamarans). Yes, this is a daily ferry (running several times a day even in off season, in fact) – you can see the timetable here: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/635-enDB7681903DA639ABD8776442.pdf?sfvrsn=0. Yes, you can book this online on the Jadrolinija website. However, as it’s off season, I don’t think you’d have much trouble turning up close to the departure time and buying your tickets then.

  • Tiffany Wong

    Hi there, is there car ferry going from Split – Hvar every day? I’m trying to book car ferry for March 29 on the Jadrolinija website, but it doesn’t seem to let me – they only have ferries for foot passengers.

    If I can’t book it online in advance, how early would you suggest I show up at the Split ticket office to buy it? Is the car ferry same schedule as foot passengers ferry?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Lucian Stratulat

    thank you very much 🙂

  • Yes – it’s run by Kapetan Luka: http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html. Their website schedule still says 2016 but it’s the same for 2017. You can verify this by ‘booking’ a ticket via their homepage (you don’t actually have to book a ticket, just start the process of it!).

  • Lucian Stratulat

    Hey, I have a question, does the ferry line Dubrovnik – Pomena, Pomena – Dubrovnik still work in july 2017 ? I found something on the internet, that leaves Pomena at 10:45 and Dubrovnik at 16.30. We have booked in Pomena, but don.t know if the ferry goes there….

  • Ah, I see – yes, the Jadrolinija catamaran is the only option for travelling from Bol to Korcula. Another (not very good) alternative would be to get the catamaran from Bol to Jelsa on Hvar, transfer by bus to Hvar Town and then get the Korcula catamaran from there.

  • Charlene Pires

    Great! Thanks for getting back to me 🙂

  • Stefan

    Thank you for your response. I hope it’s a glitch.
    I was hoping to sail from Bol tol Korcula. If this route is not operating, the option as I see it would be to sail back to Split and then sail with Kapetan Luka to Korcula. This solution is of course sub-optimal to the Jadrolinija option.

  • Yes, they will be running – on the usual Sunday schedule. On some routes, sailings on holidays (e.g. on the Easter Monday) are also like the Sunday schedule.

  • As far as I was aware, this route did seem to be operating again in 2017 – from June onwards. It *was* possible to book online a few weeks ago but, you are right, it doesn’t seem possible at the moment and when you do a search on the Jadrolinija website it returns some very infrequent sailings! I would keep an eye out, hopefully it’s just a temporary glitch. From where to where are you hoping to travel?

  • Charlene Pires

    We are planning on taking a ferry from Krocula to Hvar for a day trip on Easter Sunday. Will the ferries be running – nothing on the sites imply they won’t be.

  • Stefan

    Hi! Do you know if Jadrolinija will operate the Bol – Hvar – Korcula – Dubrovnik ferry route that they set up in 2016 also in 2017? I have tried to book it online, but it is not possible at the moment it seems.

  • Do you mean the 8.30pm ferry to Stari Grad on Hvar? Yes, of course, it’s definitely to possible to travel just as foot passengers. (As is the case on almost all car ferries.)

  • Annie D

    Is it possible to take the 8.30pm vehicle ferry from Split to Hvar (on a Tuesday in early September 2017) if we are on foot? Our flight arrives too late for us to get the last 5pm passenger ferry…

  • There should be a bus service but I’m afraid I don’t believe it’s very frequent (Milna is pretty small) so would be difficult to rely on, or you could use taxis. However, have you not found any rooms/apartments etc to rent in Hvar Town itself? May definitely isn’t peak season yet, so I am sure there must be something available there! (I understand the Adrianna being booked up, but other hotels or private accommodation should be available for sure.)

  • Debbie Krause Rapp

    i have a wedding in the
    adrianna hotel in Hvar in May . rooms are pretty much sold out but found an apt to rent for few days in Milna. howwould i get back and forth to the Adrianna?the wedding lasts several days

  • Some parts (after Jelsa) have been improved; overall, you should be fine. Just take it slow – no need to rush!

  • Laila Myrstad

    Hello , Are planning to take the ferry from Drevnik to Sukuraj, and then drive to Hvar town. Have heard that the road can be a bit difficult to drive. you have some tips and advice about that road? Thank you..

  • I don’t believe there’s anything longer-term (longer than a few hours) at the port (it’s more of a dock than a proper terminal!) but there are a few parking areas about a 15 minute walk from the port. I would advise against trying to drive it – July and August are absolute peak season, and the queues at the border crossings can be very long, even if you’re travelling mid-week. I think travelling by catamaran will be far more relaxing!

  • Yes, you are right, flights booked far enough in advance can be pretty cheap. And of course the flight time is so quick!

  • Peter

    Hello – I’m planning a two-week trip to Croatia in August, starting in Zagreb and then heading down to Istria. I’ve been looking at the ferry from Porec to Venice for an overnight trip but I can’t find any info on parking at or near the ferry terminal – can you help? I’m also contemplating driving because road maps suggest about three hours which is the same as the ferry crossing – or are the roads likely to be snarled up with traffic? We are planning to go in midweek. I reckon arriving by boat would be amazing but just looking at all options…

  • Ailsa Burn-Murdoch

    Thank you. It looks like flights are not much more so I think we’ll book those – I’d hate to find out the ferry doesn’t come back and end up losing a day on a bus, especially as we’re already doing Dubrovnik to Zadar by bus (though over lots of travel days)

  • There are regular transfer buses from the airport to the main bus station in Dubrovnik, which is adjacent to the port; journey time is about 1/2 hour. (http://www.atlas-croatia.com/arrangement/dubrovnik-airport-shuttle-bus/ ) There is then this catamaran – http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html – than runs in late afternoon; in July & August, there is also this catamaran – http://www.gv-line.hr/raspored1.php?linija=3 – although this runs in the morning so it’s probably unlikely that your flight will be getting in so early. Journey time of the catamarans are around 1 hour 50 minutes. So far it’s not too exhausting…and you can get a nice sit down on the catamaran! As for the transfer on Korcula…where are you staying? You could contact your hotel to ask how best to get there once you arrive on Korcula…and I am sure that they will assist you in some way.

  • Okay, to add to my earlier reply – the Pula-Zadar catamaran looks to be reinstated for 2017…but I’ll believe it when I see it! 🙂 The price when the service ran 2 years ago was 220 Kunas one-way for adults (free for children under 3). The journey takes 4.5 hours, as there are four stops on the way.

  • As far as I could find out, the ticket price for Zadar to Pula for when the service last ran was 220 Kunas one way. (It was a catamaran service, so only took foot passengers.)

  • Ailsa Burn-Murdoch

    I’m planning on taking the ferry from Zadar to Pula in August and see it was recently announced that it’s to be reinstated – http://www.croatiaferries.com/rijeka-dubrovnik-pula-zadar-ferry-service-reintroduced.htm

    I’m curious about the price for foot passengers, at least what it was before it was cancelled, so I can compare to flights.

  • Lisa curran

    Hi. I would like to travel from dubrovnik airport to korcula island but I am wondering just how long this journey would take and how this takes place? I am aware I will have to take a transfer from here then ferry and bus to hotel. It sounds exhausting. Can anyone shed light on this please?

  • The only operator to run this line in its entirety is Kapetan Luka (http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html – 2017 schedule up soon, should be the same/very similar as 2016 one). However, their are portions of this route run by other operators e.g. G&V Line run Dubrovnik – Mljet – Korcula (http://www.gv-line.hr/ ) and Jadrolinija (http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/ferry-croatia ) run Korcula – Hvar – Split. All of these routes are catamaran services.

  • I’m sorry, the Pula – Zadar ferry (catamaran) did not run in 2016 and it’s unlikely to in 2017. (Text above amended.) So from Pula to Zadar…hmmm, that will be tricky. I would normally suggest to people trying to travel this route to take a bus instead (see https://getbybus.com/ for timetables) but it’s a long journey (about 7 hours) and wouldn’t be suitable for you with a young baby and luggage. I would therefore suggest flying instead – Croatia Airlines (http://www.croatiaairlines.com/ ) have daily flights from Pula to Zadar. It might be a bit of a schlep heading to the airport and checking in your luggage etc but the flight time is only 35 minutes! Also, flights can be pretty cheap booked far enough in advance.

  • Charlotte

    I am looking at travelling from Dubrovnik – Mljet – Kourcula – Hvar – Split in July 2017. Can you recommend the best ferry services.
    Many Thanks

  • Linnéa

    If we want to take the ferry from Pula to Zadar (no car) is that possible? and how much would that aprox.cost?

  • Linnea

    Hello. We want to get from Pula to Zadar the best way with 3 suitcases, a stroller and out 15 months old baby in august 2017. Which is the best way to do it?

  • At that time of year, you essentially have two options – 1) travel down the Croatian side of the Adriatic (train from Venice to Trieste, then bus – you could go all the way to Dubrovnik direct, but you can obviously split your journey and stop off for a day or two somewhere) or 2) travel down the Italian side of the Adriatic to Ancona (by train) then take an overnight ferry to Split (doesn’t operate every day in December) and then a bus to Dubrovnik. Our guide on travelling from Italy to Croatia might help you! http://www.visit-croatia.co.uk/index.php/getting-to-croatia/travelling-from-italy-to-croatia/

  • Luke

    Good day,
    I am planning to travel to Croatia in December 2017 for New years, I am landing in Italy and spending a week there first before coming across to Croatia. I am looking to get from Venice to Dubrovnik, what would you recommend as the best way to get there.

  • That’s a lot to do in 10 days…it’s “possible” but I don’t think it would be that enjoyable, and I think you’d be spending a lot of time in your car! I would certainly cut out Opatija as that’s quite a detour; additionally, although it’s certainly a really lovely town, I wouldn’t add it to your itinerary (which is largely based in Dalmatia) just for the sake of it. (If you were travelling in Istria/north Croatia then I would suggest a visit to Opatija.) Dubrovnik to Plitvice is also pretty far and a long way to drive on the first day of your trip. What I would suggest instead would be to go Dubrovnik – Split, then either visit Plitvice as a day trip (or overnight stay) from there or head up to Zadar and do it as a day trip/stay from there. Then return to Dubrovnik. By not visiting Opatija you might like to pop over to one of the islands e.g. Hvar or Brac, which could be done with or without a car, on your way back to Dubrovnik. For example, you could return your car in Split and then make use of the catamaran that sails Split – islands – Dubrovnik; additionally, you don’t need a car in Dubrovnik. (Or really any of the cities, but it would certainly provide flexibility for visiting Plitvice!)

  • Bernadette Nolan

    We are travelling to Croatia in May for 10 days flying in and out of Dubrovnik and renting a car.Am thinking of driving Dubrovnik to Plitvice on day 1 then travelling to Opatija, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik for 2 days each. Is this feasible?or is there a better way to do it?

  • There are no ferries from Zadar up to Rijeka (or anywhere nearby) at any time of year – you would need to travel by bus. It’s about a 4/5 hour trip, see https://getbybus.com/en/.

  • Janice

    would like to travel from Zadar to Rijeka or some where in Slovenia , we will be there in Oct 2017

  • I’m sorry, I can’t quite remember what time of year the Kapetan Luka catamaran timetable is fully confirmed but I believe it’s early Spring (as the service starts running in May). However, it’s honestly not a problem to book accommodation ahead of the timetable being announced. There might be issues trying to get catamaran tickets on the day of travel (if you just turned up and tried to board), but booking tickets online e.g. a month before your trip (or even less) will be absolutely fine, don’t worry. For some sections of your journey, you can make use of other catamarans as well – Jadrolinija run very frequent services in summer between Hvar and Split, as well as a line from Korcula to Hvar. In addition, this year they ran a new service (which I would definitely imagine would also operate in 2017) that ran from Dubrovnik to Korcula, Hvar and Bol. G&V Line also run services from Dubrovnik to Mljet to Korcula in August; there’s even a bus from Dubrovnik to Korcula. So you’ll have plenty of options for sailings/travel for August. I’d go ahead and book the accommodation you want and then come to book catamaran tickets online next Spring – you really won’t have a problem.

  • chris

    My girlfriend and I were to book accommodation for our honeymoon on Dubrovnik, Mljet, Korcula, Hvar and Split for August 2017. However, we have heard how hard it has been to get catamaran tickets in the past, so we wanted to make sure we had booked tickets before sorting out accommodation. The catamaran tickets will pretty much determine our itinerary – where to stay on each island, and how long to stay.

    Do you know the approximate sort of time of year that the tickets are released for August 2017? Is it risky to book accommodation before booking the catamaran tickets?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Kapetan Luka operate this route – http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html – they don’t yet have their schedules up for 2017, but I would strongly assume it to be similar to this year’s, meaning the route only started at the beginning of May. So if you were wanting to travel in April, I would suggest travelling by bus from Dubrovnik to Korcula (daily bus – see times on https://www.autotrans.hr/en-us/home). Then from Korcula, you can get to Hvar – again, 2017 schedules not available yet but should be same as this year – see http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/sailing-schedule/local-lines-01-01—24-05-2016-03-10—31-12-2016 (line 9608). There are then two catamaran choices from Hvar to Split (lines 9604 and 9608). So it’s possible, but the main drawback is the times – e.g. the Dubrovnik-Korcula bus usually travels in the late afternoon and if you were hoping to then travel on to Hvar immediately the next day the catamaran departure is early in the morning…meaning you only get about 12 hours on Korcula!

  • Kate Redgen


    I am looking at travelling from dubrovnik – korcula – havr – split in April. It this is going to be possible via ferry ?

  • John Woodgate

    Hi again! American guy in France. Not sure if I reposted in the right place. Thank you for your help with the Schengen business and Croatia. I have one more question if you would be so kind.

    How long do I have to wait to return to the Schengen area once I have used all 90 days? Is it 3 months or 6 months,

  • I’m afraid at this time of year, the only sailing to Dubrovnik from Korcula is the Krilo one (http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html) but as you’ve seen this only travels on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays after 10th October. There is, however, a bus which makes use of the local car ferry from Korcula to the Peljesac Peninsula to then travel down to Dubrovnik. See times/book tickets at https://www.autotrans.hr.

  • Anne

    Thank you, when I went to book ferry tickets, it gave address. One more query please. What is the best way to get to Dubrovnik from Korcula on 11/10. Both ferry & Catamarans seem to be limited to weekends? thank you.

  • You’re welcome! The Krilo catamaran stops at exactly those places on the islands i.e. Hvar Town on Hvar and Korcula Town on Korcula, and in Dubrovnik at the main port where all the catmarans/ferries start/end up. To get to the port from the airport, hop on an airport transfer bus (you see it waiting outside the terminal building, or you’ll see a queue of travellers waiting for the bus; you can pay the driver on board) and then take this bus to its second stop, the main bus station in Dubrovnik. The port is next to the main bus station, so it’ll be a short walk to the catamaran.

  • Anne

    Hi. Thank you for your super advice. We have decided to visit Hvar, Korcula. The krilo website above does not show route map so unsure which ports they go into in Hvar, Korcula & Dubrovnik. Which is the best way to get from airport to Dubrovnik port to catch the catamaran to Hvar on 5/10? Thank you.

  • To visit Vis, you would definitely have to travel back to Split – there aren’t ferry/catamaran connections between Vis and anywhere else whether you have a car or not. For the other islands, you can’t really island hop if you have a car as there isn’t a car ferry that goes from one island to another – take a look at this map http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/ostali-dokumenti/spl-en.pdf?sfvrsn=2 and look at the blue routes – these are car ferries. So I’d either still hire a car and cut down on the islands you visit, or not hire a car and make use of the catamarans which *can* get you from island to island (although Brac will be trickier as there’s a catamaran between Bol and Jelsa, but then if you wanted to get to Korcula that catamaran goes from Hvar Town). However, this useful catamaran – http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html – also still runs in October but only three days a week; this could be used to include Brac in your plans. Overall, however, the four islands plus Split plus Dubrovnik is a lot for 10 days – I’d cut down and maybe only include two islands. You can look up bus schedules on https://getbybus.com/en/.

  • Anne

    Hi. We are 2 people visiting Croatia on 5/10 for 10 days, arriving in Dubrovnik. We were thinking of hiring a car & driving to Split first & then heading to Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula before finishing back in Dubrovnik. Do the ferries go between these islands heading south, or do you need to go back to either Split or Dubrovnik to get to each of them? Also do they take cars? Could you also give me website for bus schedules? Thank you very much. AI

  • Their telephone number is at http://www.krilo.hr/en/contact.html – to call from a UK phone, dial + 385 21 645 476. (Or 00 instead of + if dialing from a landline, of course.) Are you in Croatia at the moment? If so, perhaps drop by one of the booking offices – you can see a list at http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html (under ‘Points of Sale’ about a quarter of the way down the page). Good luck, hope you are able to get in touch with them successfully.

  • James

    Do you have a telephone number for Krilo Ferry which can be used from a UK telephone? I purchased tickets but have lost the email and they are not responding to my emails

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  • No, you won’t have to go to the airport -there are downtown car rental locations in Split, including ones close to the harbour. I’d suggest doing a car rental search on a major comparison site (e.g. Holiday Autos, Kayak) to try and find the best rate.

  • sheetal mehta

    I am coming to split harbor from hvar on Kapetan Luka on oct 6 at 20:20. I would like to rent a car so that I can visit the plitvice lakes. can u tell me where I should rent from? do I have to go from the harbor to the airport to rent the car ?

  • What days are you travelling? Are you not seeing any availability on the morning (9.15am) catamaran from Split, and the afternoon (1.30pm) one from Korcula? An alternative is the Kapetan Luka catamaran which sails once a day – http://www.krilo.hr/. One other option is to take the catamaran or the (slow) ferry – both also with Jadrolinija – from Split to Vela Luka on the other end of Korcula, and then take a bus to Korcula Town.

  • The company says they hold back some tickets to sell on the day but you would need to arrive at the port early – perhaps an hour before departure (see http://www.gv-line.hr/cjenik.php?cijena=2&lang=E). The alternative would be to join an organised excursion which you could book locally and could of course book a day (or more) in advance. It’s an ‘organised’ excursion but I’m sure you’d be left to your own devices on Mljet. I’d definitely ask once in Dubrovnik about an excursion and timings, price etc and see if that suits your needs.

  • m

    Hi there,

    We’re going to Croatia next week and would like to get a return journey from Split-Korcula (we’re staying a few nights in Split then a week or so in Korcula then back to Split). However, on the days that we’re looking to go the catamaran seems to be fully booked!!

    Are there any alternative routes between Split and Korcula? Or is it just the twice daily catamaran?


  • Daniel

    Hello, hope your advice can help. We are 2 people in Dubrovnik going on a day trip to Mljet on Tue 16 Aug (depart 8am – return 455pm). However I see G&V no longer has tickets available online. What is the best alternative to get on that boat? That’s the only day we can visit Mljet. Do agencies hold and sell tickets online? Do we have the chance to buy physically one day in advance or that same morning? We are aware it’s high season and prefer to plan in advance where as possible.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  • I would suggest the fastest/simplest would be to travel from Dubrovnik to Split (whether by bus – many, many per day – or by car is up to what you prefer) and then taking the ferry from here. (It’s a car ferry so you can travel as a foot passenger or with your car.) There’s many ferries on this route, see http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2016/431-vansezona-16-e63DD81CF71415427FBCD55B0.pdf?sfvrsn=2 for the timetable.

  • NikiR

    Hi, your advice below has been really useful-thanks. Would you recommend travelling by ferry/catamaran/car from Dubrovnik to Supetar? I’m struggling to see which would be fastest and simplest. Many thanks!

  • I believe they’re open 24 hours in peak season; even if not, they’ll definitely be open for you to buy your tickets before the 9am Jadrolinija ferry. (In any case, there’s plenty of space for foot passengers on the ferry to Vis, so you can leave it until close to your departure to buy tickets. Or you could of course buy online at http://www.jadrolinija.hr/ if you wish.) On the 8th August, you have Jadrolinija ferries departing Vis at 5.30am, 12pm and 6pm, as well as a 7am catamaran (which takes 1 hour 25 minutes) with http://www.krilo.hr/.

  • Norbert Fejes

    I am travelling to Vis on 1st of August. We are planning to take the 9 O’clock ferry. When do the ticket offices open? And one more thing. We are coming back from Vis on the 8th. I am a bit lost as far as the departure times are concerned. Can you help me out with these? the 8th is a Monday. Thank you very much

  • Sorry, this service is not being run this year. (I’ll update the page above!) If you’re looking to travel between Zadar and Pula, you could either take a bus or a seaplane http://www.ec-air.eu/en/.

  • MaBo

    Hello! I cannot get the LNP website to work, but was wondering if the ferry between Zadar and Pula will be running the last week of July?

  • You’ll be fine – many other passengers will be travelling with something similar. As long as you don’t turn up with five massive suitcases each, it’ll be okay!

  • Joanne Edge

    Hi, my friend and I are looking at booking the catamaran from Dubrovnik to Hvar. We will both have a medium/large sized suitcase as we are travelling to various places for a few weeks. Do you know if we will be able to take cases on the boat? Thanks.

  • Well, private accommodation is a very common thing in Croatia (and has been for decades) – private rooms/apartments being offered by locals. It’s basically like a real life AirBnB before that existed! You will see people offering private accommodation at bus stations/train stations/ports etc – basically, any entry point into a place. Would you be okay with that kind of accommodation, or would it have to be hotels? If you’re not *too* fussy about the kinds of places you stay in (and I don’t mean private accommodation options will be bad, just that some may be quite basic, perhaps a bit old fashioned) then sure, you can just turn up and find somewhere to stay. If you ARE a bit more fussy/have particular needs/wants then you’d need to pre-book… You can obviously try your luck at hotels too, but you will be there in high season so places will likely be booked up. Another thing – do try an plan out some kind of route for the islands as it’s not as straightforward as going mainland – island 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – mainland…although it’s a bit easier these days.

  • Theophrastus

    Thanks for clearing that up!

  • Micky Miff

    Hi we are looking to come to Croatia at end of the month but theres too many places to choose from, is it possible to get a flight to split then just jump on a ferrie and walk in hotel and book for couple of nights then move on again etc …or would we need to pre book every hotel on our way?
    Any help will do because we are really stuck as in which parts to vist.

  • Yes, the catamaran departs Vis at 7am on Wednesdays and arrives in Milna at 7.55am (and then departs Milna at 8.05am). For the other direction indeed, clearly an error on their site – or rather, they seem to have copied the time the boat docks on Milna from the Vis – Milna – Split direction. You can see the correction version here: http://www.putovnica.net/en/transport/fast-ferry-catamaran-split-milna-brac-hvar-vis-kapetan-luka – the catamaran departs Milna at 3.40pm and arrives on Vis at 4.35pm.

  • Theophrastus

    Hi, I’m planning on visiting Vis and Brac and I can’t quite understand how I should go about things. So there is a new katamaran transfer that leaves Vis on wednesdays at 07:00 and arrives at Milna about an hour later – correct? And this katamaran goes in the reverse direction as well? When looking at this time table (http://www.krilo.hr/images/Sailing_schedule_VIS.pdf) it looks like the katamaran leaves Milna for Vis on wednesdays at 07:55-08:05 and arrives at Vis 16:35 – but that surely cannot be correct?

  • Quickest would be to take this catamaran (pre-booking is highly recommend for August!) – http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html. You can then take a airport bus from the main bus station in Dubrovnik (adjacent to the port) when you’re ready to head to the airport. A slightly cheaper although slower option (it takes 3 hours 10 minutes) would be to travel by bus from Korcula – see https://www.autotrans.hr/. There’s a bus that arrives in Dubrovnik at 11.45am.

  • Indeed, the other sailings are at 3pm and 9pm that day. You could probably chance it and turn up an hour (or even sooner to the sailing) – it just depends how annoyed (or not) you would be if you then had to wait until 3pm to get on a ferry to Vis!

  • Maria

    Hi there, could you tell me what is the best way to get from Korcula to Dubrovnik airport without hiring a car? We will be travelling on August 13, and need to be at the airport by 15.30

  • Norbert Fejes

    Thank you very much. yes we are travelling by car. I think the 2 other sailings are in the afternoon and we were planning to catch the one in the morning. I guess this is the first of the day. I was just trying to find out when we are supposed to get there to make sure we dont have to fall back on the other sailings given the fact that they are in the afternoon. Thank you very much

  • I assume you’re travelling with a car? It’s recommend to get there 90 minutes-2 hours in advance in the peak summer season for these kinds of car ferries… You can of course book tickets on the Jadrolinija website although it doesn’t guarantee you any particular sailing. You could absolutely chance it and turn up closer to the sailing time, of course – it depends how important it is to get this particular ferry! (There are two other sailings that day that you could fall back on.)

  • Norbert Fejes

    I am travelling with my family to Vis from Split on the 1st of August planning to take the 9 o’clock ferry. When do you think it is the best time to arrive to make you catch it. Of course the sooner, the better…. But really?

  • Motorcycles should just board in the same line as other vehicles and be in the same space too – you should be told where to ‘park’ your motorbike.

  • Jess

    Hello – we are travelling on Monday from Split – Vis; does anybody know if you can buy tickets as foot passengers on the day of travel or do you have to buy in advance?
    Thank you

  • Annushka Nolan

    Hello does anyone know where is the ferry port in Dubrovnik for the Kapetan Luka ferry to Mljet. I have just booked tickets online, but there is no information saying where the ferry leaves from in Dubrovnik! Perhaps there is only one place all the ferries leave from and it is obvious. As a first time visitor I don’t know! Thank you 🙂

    • Yes, all the major ferries/catamarans depart from the main port in Dubrovnik, called Gruz, which is a bit northwest of the Old Town. Ask when at the port for which pier the Kapetan Luka catamaran departs from.

  • Kevin Szeluga

    Hello, I will have a car (VW mini) and am looking for car ferry times for this June for the following routes:

    Split to Hvar
    Hvar to Dubrovnik
    Dubrovnik to Hvar
    Hvar to Split

    Thank you so much!

  • Challis Firl Larson

    Hello! My family and I are wanting to take a ferry from Split to Dubrovnik and back. Is there a child fare (or age which kids are free?)? We have a 6, 4, 2, and 0 year old. Thank you for any info. I cannot seem to find anything about kids on the website.

    • As far as I know, children above 3 need a full-priced ticket, below 3 years of age they do not need one (assuming the child will be sat in your lap i.e. will not take a seat).

  • disqus_e8pHMZImGs

    My husband and I arrive in Split Airport on a Saturday in May at 1545. Our hotel has arranged us to take the Ferry from Stari Grad to Hvar at 2030. Is there company that has an earlier Ferry from Stari Grad to Hvar?

  • Andréanne

    Hi, my friends and I wants to book a flight on 20th July at 13:00 (1:00 pm) from Split. We’re going to Ultra Beach on the 19th July in Hvar so we need to take the earliest ferry going to Split on the 20th. Can you please tell me the schedule for ferries in Hvar going to Split so I can know if we will be able to book our flight or not. Thank you very much!

  • Ben

    My wife and I are planning a trip from Venice to Pula and then travelling, mostly by ferry, to Dubronik over a couple of weeks. Is there a travel card available that would enable us to travel on all the ferries or do we need to buy individual tickets for each journey? If there is one that covers buses as well that would be excellent!

    Many thanks


    • Sorry no, no such thing exists for ferries and/or buses. 🙁

      • Ben

        Thanks for the quick response all the same

      • Ben

        Thanks for the response

  • Goncalo

    Hello, we’re planning to rent a car and do a road trip through Croatia, including Hvar and Brac. I see that we can buy the tickets in advance to get to the islands by car. My question is, if you buy a ticket for a car, does it include the driver, or perhaps all passengers? Or do you have to buy the ticket for the car, and tickets for all passengers, including the driver?



    • You will need to pay for the car PLUS all passengers; a ‘ticket’ for the car does not include any people.

  • Fiona

    Hello, we are sailing from Split to Hvar in July. Can you please tell me where to get the ferry route? That route doesn’t seem to appear on the drop down menu. We’ll have car with us.



  • Homeacademy

    Hi. We’re flying to Split in early August and from there will hire a car to travel over to Brac, where we’ve rented a house. Can you recommend a car rental company at Split airport please and would you advise us to book our ferry tickets in advance of the holiday, or just buy them on the day? If we book in advance, presumably they will ask for our car registration plate, which we won’t know…..

    • There’s lots of rental car companies at Split Airport – I’d probably suggest just doing a search on a site like Holiday Autos or Kayak to find a suitable car/car hire company and doing a price comparison for the car type you need.

      As for the ferry – August is obviously a busy month but there’s many, many ferries per day on the Split – Supetar on Brac car ferry route: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2016/431-vansezona-16-e63DD81CF71415427FBCD55B0.pdf?sfvrsn=2. So no, I would suggest it easier not to pre-book and simply to turn up. If you can’t get on the first ferry after you’ve turned up, it won’t be long to wait for the next one!

  • Chris Dancer

    When travelling on local ferries with a car, how long before the sailing time should I arrive at the terminal? The Lonely Planet guide says several hours, which seems excessive!

    • When (what time of year) will you be there? That’s the recommendation they’re giving for absolute peak season (July/August) but really, even in those months 45 mins to 1 hour should be okay. Don’t forget that some car ferry routes are very frequent in summer (e.g. Split – Supetar) so if you don’t get on the first ferry you’re there for, there will be another one not that long after!

      • Chris Dancer

        I’ll be there in October (next week!).
        That’s what I thought. Thank you for confirming it.

        • Oh, okay! Definitely not two hours, then! 🙂 You’ll most likely be fine getting there not too long before the sailing departure time.

  • Annie Owen

    Hi. I’m getting confused with all the different ferries! This is what I would like to do end of June/beginning of July: Hire a car in Split and take it to Supetar by ferry, then from Sumartin to Makarska, Drvenik to Sucaraj, then Hvar to Dubrovnik. It’s the last leg that I’m finding difficult to source, but hope the rest is OK. I would have liked to go Hvar to Korcula and then down the peninsula, but I think it isn’t possible? Many thanks, Annie.

    • You’ve got it right – there’s no car ferry from Hvar to Dubrovnik, or indeed Hvar to Korcula. (There is one from Split to Vela Luka on Korcula, and then another from Korcula to the Peljesac Peninsula…but that doesn’t really help with your current route!)

      You can see the car ferries (which are run by Jadrolinija) at http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/e—brošure/split-k.pdf?sfvrsn=2 – the blue lines.

      The other routes you’ve mentioned are okay. Unfortunately, you might have to use the Drvenik-Sucuraj option to get on *and* off Hvar, and then drive down to Dubrovnik. Whether or not you can also fit in Korcula depends on how much time you have altogether.

      Or, perhaps don’t hire a car? This catamaran – http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html – operates Split – Brac – Hvar – Korcula – Mljet – Dubrovnik, and there’s others too that you can use for *some* of these legs. However, it really depends on your plans on the islands/rest of Croatia as to whether a car would be more suitable or not!

  • Donna

    I’m trying to find a ferry from Mljet to korcula but haven’t had any luck. Could you advise me if this is possible please? Many thanks.

  • Natalie Quinn

    Could you please tell me what port the Kapetan luka sails into in Mljet please.

    • I’m pretty sure they use Pomena as their port on Mljet – you may want to email them to double-check. (I understand they’re pretty responsive!)

  • Saz

    Hello, I need to travel from Dubrovnik to Milna – do I need to pre book tickets for tomorrow or can you buy some on the day ?
    Also if it’s full is there another way to get from Dubrovnik to brad Island ?

    • The alternative would be to get a bus up to Split (approx. 4.5 hours) and then a ferry or catamaran from there to Brac – but you’d have to head to Supetar (or possibly Bol) instead of Milna. But this actually gives you lots more options as there’s plenty of buses per day, and lots of ferries to Supetar…so you don’t have to wait until the evening for the sailing to Milna.

      Tickets are available on the day, but might be sold out by the time you get there – don’t forget all the stops on the way to Brac; it *could* be full departing from Dubrovnik, only for everyone to get off at the first stop on Mljet. (Unlikely, but you see what I mean.)

      If you definitely need to travel tomorrow, I don’t see why you wouldn’t pre-book to be on the safe side! I assume you’re in Dubrovnik at the moment? Why not pop by one of the sales points – see http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html. (Scroll down to under the first set of timetables for agency info.)

  • oDannyBoi

    Hello, I need to travel from Hvar town to Dubrovnik on Sept 3. Krilo has tickets from Hvar to Dubrovnik… but they do not say which port they sail from (Stari Grad?). We are staying in HVar town.Which port does Krilo sail from?

    • The Krilo definitely sails from Hvar Town.

      (Hvar Town and Stari Grad are two separate towns on the island of Hvar; Hvar Town’s port is relatively small and so can only accept catamarans – which the Krilo service is. The large car ferries – from Split – instead go to Stari Grad.)

  • Jenny

    We are going to Lopud for a few days and need to leave our car somewhere in Dubrovnik. Any suggestions?

  • Tim

    On Aug. 8, three of us will be travelling from Rovinj to Venice on the ferry. Will it be sold out ahead of time or are we safe to buy our tickets the day before?

    • Well, August is absolute peak season so the sailing will be busy, yes. I can’t accurately predict what will be happening on 8th August 🙂 but if you don’t make the sailing that day because tickets are sold out the day before…can you flexible? Can you simply go on the 9th, or the day after? If you only want to go on that day, then I’d certainly suggest booking in advance.

  • N Bernier

    Good Day, Quick question.. Seems that rental car compagny do not insure car that travel on ferry .. And that we can buy a insurance from the very compagny.. Do you offert this ?

    • Your car hire company should definitely let you take a car onto a ferry to get to the Croatian islands (otherwise, a lot of travellers to Croatia would be stuck!)…it may be that they mean if something happens to the car whilst it’s on the ferry, the ferry company’s insurance would cover the situation. Ferry companies don’t sell you any insurance…and we definitely don’t (because we don’t sell any kind of travel product!)…which car hire company have you gone with?

  • Dianne Copeland

    Hi, We were hoping to travel from the Istrian Peninsula by ferry to Split this September. Now it looks like this is no longer a possibility with Jadrolinijia? If not, are there any other options by sea or is it land travel only?

    • I’m afraid Jadrolinija never operated services anywhere within Istria or from Istria further south…not in my memory, anyway! (And this is the case with other ferry operators too, either in the past or today!)

      Travelling by land would take a looong time…but it’s about 11 hours direct! So you’d most likely need to break up the journey a bit.

      You could take a seaplane from Pula to Split with http://www.ec-air.eu/en/ – that would be a nice (sort of sea-based-ish) journey!

  • naomi

    I am travelling from mainland to the Isle of Pag, is it best to book this journey in advance? Thanks

  • Ann Somers

    Hi. My husband and I are flying to (and from) Dubrovnik for a week in August and meeting our daughter there. He is not very adventurous, my daughter definitely is and I’m somewhere in between. My husband is not keen on moving from one place to another every couple of days but we’d like to do a 2-3 day trip to the islands obviously staying over. How do we go about arranging this? Is there a company that will sort it for us? We were thinking of booking an apartment for a week so we can leave some luggage there but that could prove a bit expensive, especially bearing in mind the time of year. Your suggestions would be gratefully received!

    • I’m sure there are companies that would organise this kind of thing for you (sorry – I don’t have any recommendations myself), but it’s easy enough to do it yourself! Did you have any particular island in mind? There is a group of islands very close to Dubrovnik called the Elafiti islands (primarly, Lopud, Sipan and Kolocep) which are all quite small and tranquil. Further away is the larger Korcula, with Korcula Town – something of a mini-Dubrovnik and, ‘legend has it’, the birthplace of Marco Polo – being the main town there. There’s also Mljet, much of which is one of Croatia’s eight national parks. You could even reach the chic (and slightly party-ish) Hvar from Dubrovnik as well, although sailing time to there is 3 hours. Perhaps read up on some of these islands to see if you like the sound of any of them?

      There are ferries or catamarans to all the above places from Dubrovnik – to Lopud with Jadrolinija (http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/ferry-croatia ); to Korcula or Mljet with G&V Line (http://www.gv-line.hr/ ) or Kapetan Luka (http://www.krilo.hr/) and to Hvar to Kapetan Luka (http://www.krilo.hr/ ). You can pre-buy tickets for all these routes online.

      Indeed, continuing to rent an apartment for a few days just to keep your luggage would get pricey…I would rather take it all with me and spend the money on taxis/transfers. (i.e. people helping my with my luggage!)

      Hope this helps initially…do let me know if you have any more questions!

  • Michaela Reilly

    Hello I am travelling to Lopud from Dubrovnik 18th July, foot passenger 1 adult 1 child. Do i need to pre-book ferry or can i pay on departure? Thankyou

    • You should be fine to just turn up and buy a ticket for this route. (Note: Just in case you’re interested, Jadrolinija just last week started offering online ticket buying for *all* routes – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/. However, that part of their website still seems a little buggy…!)

  • Anna Workman

    Hi, I am travelling to Croatia in June. The plan is catamaran from Venice to Porec, night in Porec then hiring a car and driving to Split, car ferry to Supetar
    (Brac x 4 nights), back to Split to get the car ferry from Split to Stari Grad (Hvar x 3 nights) and then the car ferry from Sucuraj (Hvar) to Drvenik (mainland) before finishing up in Dubrovnik (x 3 nights).

    I understand that you can’t pre-book the car ferries. From experience is it usually OK to book say a day before?
    Many thanks!

    • Indeed, you can’t get tickets for the car ferries online. Yes, that (a day before) should be okay. In some cases, some people just buy pre-departure, but a day before would make things more comfortable!

  • mary

    Hi, I am travelling to Croatia in August and I am trying to plan a route travelling by ferry from Dubrovnik – Korcula – Hvar – Split. Is there any ferry route that includes these? Or where can I find info & prices? Thanks!

    • We’ve just put up a new page that shows prices (and ferry companies) that operate these routes – you can see it at http://www.visit-croatia.co.uk/index.php/travelling-around-croatia/ferries-croatia/ferry-and-catamaran-prices-in-croatia/. Hopefully it has what you need – if not, just give me a shout!

      The short answer is that Kapetan Luka (http://www.krilo.hr/ ) run this particular route all the way, G&V Line (http://www.gv-line.hr/ ) do Dubrovnik – Korcula in August, and Jadrolinija (http://www.jadrolinija.hr/ ) have services that go Korcula – Hvar – Split.

      • Mary

        HI I just checked Jadrolinija and it seems they cut the Korcula to Dubrovnik leg after August? trying to go on September 12th. How do I get from Korcula to Dubrovnik without a rental car? Also the link for Kapetan Luka does not work. THanks!

        • The Kapetan Luka website is having bandwidth issues so is down (not sure why it’s so popular today!) but hopefully it will come back soon. That’s the catamaran you’d want to use if travelling from Korcula to Dubrovnik in September. Yes, the other catamaran (by G&V Line, not Jadrolinija) only operates in July and August for the Korcula-Dubrovnik portion. You could also travel by bus from Korcula to Dubrovnik – see http://www.buscroatia.com/ for timetables.

  • Hannah

    We’re a group of 8 and never been to Croatia before. We’d like to base in Split then a bit of Hvar and Brac Island hopping…

    Split (3 nights) > Hvar Town (3 nights) > Bol (2 nights) > Split (2 nights)
    Split-Bol-Hvar Town-Split

    But with no ferries from Brac – Hvar we’ll have to chuck in Jelsa too! Is this the right way round to do it?!

    It would be great if you could give us some advice – my brain’s about to explode!

    • Yes, that’s right – there’s no direct catamaran link between Hvar Town and Bol…but there is between Jelsa on Hvar and Bol (as you’ve seen), or Hvar Town and Milna on Brac (with http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html). You’d most likely have to stay a night in Jelsa as the catamaran is so early in the morning! So going Hvar Town – Milna to get to Bol might be better, but you would need to get a taxi to get over to Bol. (Because of the time of day, and also if travelling by bus you need to go via Supetar anyway.) Or, stay the night in Milna?

      Btw, I’d say 5 nights in Split is quite a lot…although it depends on what you’re planning on doing really. (You obviously say it’ll be your base, so I assume other day trips – not to the islands! – on the mainland?) If you don’t perhaps have too many plans, I’d probably cut that down, perhaps to 3 nights. (Or even 2?? As the catamaran from Bol to Split is so early, you could even simply travel back to Split the same day as your flight home…depending on what time that is.) Split’s great, a bustling city and lots of fascinating sights, but I think I’d prefer to spend more time on the islands! This might help with ‘padding out’ your time on Hvar/Brac – especially given the above transfer-between-the-islands issue!

      • NSP

        Hi! Sorry to interrupt! I am confused by the Hvar and Brac transport. I plan to travel from Split -> Brac -> Hvar. And Kapetan Luka sounds just about right! You mentioned we need to stay a night in Jelsa? Is it because it is much closer to Hvar Pier? And I presume Milna is the name of the Pier in Brac?

        • Interrupt away! 🙂

          Well, where on each island are you are trying to visit? If you’re simply wanting to visit both, with no particular preference, you can use the Kapetan Luka catamaran which travels Split – Milna on Brac and Hvar Town on Hvar: http://www.krilo.hr/en/index.html#. (Milna and Hvar Town being towns on these islands.)

          The issue arises if you’re trying to combine Hvar Town and Bol on Brac. There’s no connection between these two towns…but there is a catamaran that goes Jelsa (another town on Hvar!) – Bol (Brac) – Split: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2015/9603-ljeto-2015-en.pdf?sfvrsn=2.

          If you’re visiting Hvar Town and then wanting to get to Bol, you would really need to get to Jelsa and stay the night there because the catamaran to Bol leaves very early in the morning!

  • Julie Harrison

    Hi there!

    I am visiting Croatia in August and need to get from Split to Zadar, can anyone please tell me if this is possible by boat?

    Many thanks!

  • Sofia Rodriguez


    I will be travelling to Split for a long weekend at the end of May and I am wondering if it would be possible to do a day trip to Hvar or Korcula (or any other island).
    The idea is to sail early in the morning and return to Split in the afternoon,
    but I am not sure if there are ferries/catamarans later in the day to do this

    Thank you for the advise!


    • You’re in luck! You can use this catamaran – http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html (and only this one! The timings of the Jadrolinija ones don’t work out) to sail to Hvar or Korcula and back the same day. The return would have to be in the evening – still, that’s a decent portion of the day on one of those islands!

      As you can see, however, it’s doesn’t sail every day in May but hopefully one of the days it does sail on works for you. (Perhaps Monday if you’re there for a long weekend?)

      • Sofia Rodriguez

        Thank you for your help! This looks like the perfect option for us and we will be there on a Monday so we can use it! 🙂

      • NSP

        Hi! Is it possible to travel from split to hvar , spend a few hours and then travel to Korcula or Mjet. Spend another few hours and then head back to Split? Is this doable via the Kapten Luca? Basically we are hoping to check out 2 islands in one day 🙂

        • Hmmm, is it possible? No. (In a word!)

          I’m afraid the timetable of many routes makes it quite difficult to visit *one* island there and back in a day, nevermind two. The Kapetan Luka catamaran (http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html# ) does offer up this opportunity (of visiting one island) – you could certainly use it to visit Hvar, spend quite a full day there, and then get the return journey in the evening. (Do note that it changes to being a three-times a week service at the end of September.) But obviously this catamaran sails as one continuous line dropping people off at each island – it doesn’t stop in any one place for a few hours!

          There’s nothing to stop you using the above and some of Jadrolinija’s routes (see http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/sailing-schedule/local-lines-29-05—27-09-2015 – again, these are sailings *up to the end of September*; select low season sailings if you’re planning a trip after 27th Sept) but there’s nothing that would make a two-island-in-one-day trip possible.

          Note also that Hvar and Korcula (and Mljet) aren’t the closest of islands to each other – it wouldn’t really make sense to try and combine these two/three islands in one day. Hvar and Brac would make more sense, or Hvar and Vis. But not by public ferry…

          If you do really want to visit a couple of islands in one day, it would be best to join an organised excursion. Check out http://www.partner.viator.com/en/9162/Split-tours/Cruises-Sailing-and-Water-Tours/d4185-g3 for some possibilities…or ask at an agency once you are there!

  • clare

    Is it possible to buy tickets online from Dubrovnik to Hvar island as I have seen somewhere that it is possible to buy Kapetan Luka tickets online, but I have not been able to find anything! I will be travelling in July so wanted to ensure that I would be guaranteed a ticket in high season!

  • charlie

    Hi, I am going to be visiting croatia in June and would like to take a few car ferries. The first From Zadar to Dugi Otok and back then one from Split to Korcula, then Korcula to Orebic then Prapatno to Mljet and back. Is it possible to buy tickets the day before I plan to travel to save time on the day or is it only possible to buy them on the day of travel? Also, any idea of the opening hours of the Jadrolinja office at Zadar Port? Is it easy to find?
    Thanks in advance

    • The Korcula – Orebic and Prapratno – Mljet ferries you should be fine to simply turn up and get a ticket there and then. For Zadar-Brbinj and Split-Vela Luka on Korcula, I would certainly ask at a Jadrolinija office to try and pre-book.

      There’s a Jadrolinija ticket office just outside the Old Town walls in Zadar – you should see it quite easily if you’re walking round the outside of the Old Town (so, handy to pop in to if you’re doing a bit of sightseeing). Sorry, no idea about opening hours! The ferry to Brbinj now leaves from the new Gazenica port in Zadar, however.

  • Miguel

    Hi, could someone tell me how can I book a ticket from Dubrovnik to Lopud?

    Thanks in advance

    • You can simply turn up before a sailing a buy a ticket!

      • Miguel

        oh, and there is always spot? I mean, I am worried to arrive and not be able to get the ferry!

        Thanks for your answer 🙂

        • When (what month) are you travelling? Tickets can’t be pre-booked, so all the other travellers are in the same ‘boat’ (excuse the pun) in terms of buying tickets before the journey. If you want to make really sure, try to get to the port as early as you can (say, 45 mins) before the sailing.

          • Miguel

            Perfect, I’ll do that then, I’m traveling to Croatia the first week of september, but I have booked a hotel in lopud for a night, so I must somehow get there and the prices of the ferrys are a lot cheaper than the transfer the hotel offers!

          • September should be absolutely fine – it’s after the absolute season of July & August. I can’t imagine you’ll have any problems!

          • Miguel

            That’s great! thanks for your help!

          • You’re welcome – have a great time! 🙂

  • SuYu

    Going to Croatia for the fist time – 1. Land in Zagreb – Drive to Plitvice (2 nights)…..2. Drive to Sibenik – 1 night……3. Drive to Trogir – 1 night…..4. Drive to Split – 1 night…..5. Drive to Ploce – car ferry to Korcula (my father’s birthplace) Korcula Town, Vela Luka, Zrnovo – 5 nights……6. Drive to Dubrovnik (stop at Mali Ston for lunch and sites) 2 nights…..7. Fly back to Zagreb – 2 nights…….8. Fly back to USA… Going in late May-Early June! : )

    • Sure, looks good! Looks well spaced out as well, so there’s not too much travelling on any one day. I *might* suggest looking in to staying in Zadar instead of Sibenik…then perhaps you could stop in Sibenik en route to Split. You could stay two nights in Split and simply drive back to Trogir for a day trip because it’s so close.

      I might also suggest taking one of the nights in Zagreb at the end and adding it to Dubrovnik instead, as I think most would prefer three nights there than in Zagreb. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Zagreb – a great city – but Dubrovnik and the nearby region is rather magical!)

      • SuYu

        Thanks for the advice! I think we will have to go back another time and tour the Istria region (and see Zadar, Pula and Rovinj then)….also, we will leave Dubrovnik on a late flight, so should really have 2.5 days there and 2.5 in Zagreb (the final day in Zagreb will mostly be a rest day before the long trip home)..

        The only concern is the car ferry (Ploce to Trpanj). We learned that we should get there at least one hour before departure. Can tickets be bought then (after car is in line)?…after boarding ferry?…..Or should they be purchased 1 day before? – Thank you again

        • Yes, Istria wouldn’t really fit in with your travel plans as it’s quite far from the other places you’re visiting, so best left for another time. (Although Zadar isn’t really that close to Istria either!)

          Yes, you can buy tickets for the ferry there and then from the ticket booth. That time of year (May/June I think you said) I don’t believe the ferry will be full, and you’ll be absolutely fine.

          You’ll of course have to take the Ploce – Trpanj ferry, then drive to Orebic and then take another ferry from here to Korcula, but there’s many sailings per day on both routes and you shouldn’t have any problems in getting on to Korcula.

  • melitta dsouza


    We are planning our trip to Croatia on the 11th of May so our itenary looks like this

    1 night Zagreb

    1 night Plitvice

    2 night Zadar
    1 nights Split i
    2 night Hvar Island

    4 nights Dubrovnik
    Montenegro (1Day )
    Kindly guide


    • Looks good! There’s not too much travelling on any one ‘leg’, so that’s good as well.

      Do note that at that time of year there aren’t daily sailings from Hvar to Dubrovnik (timetable at http://www.krilo.hr/images/Sailing_schedule_DUBROVNIK.pdf). Hopefully the day you intend to travel on *does* have a sailing. Otherwise, you would have to return from Hvar to Split, and then take a bus down to Dubrovnik.

  • LesFleursDuMal

    My wife and I are arriving in Split via Ancona ferry on July 5th and will be flying out on July 11th from Dubrovnik. We’d love to see Vis but unsure of the rest of our itinerary. Any advice? Thanks!

    • The first thing to say is that if you’re intending to visit Vis (which is lovely, btw!), you’ll most likely have to do Split – Vis – Split – Dubrovnik. That’s because Vis isn’t connected to the other islands by boat…

      …except Kapetan Luka DO have a few sailings a week from Vis to a couple of the other islands – see http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html (scroll down).

      Personally, to not have too much of a rushed holiday where you’re moving on after a day or so, I would simply do the above – head over the Vis (which could be the same day as arriving in Split; the sailings are in the late afternoon/early evening) and spend a few nights on this island. Then head back to Split, perhaps a night here if you fancy, and then take a bus down to Dubrovnik.

      One alternative would be to again head to Vis the same day as arriving in Split (sightseeing in Split during the day!). Then on the Tuesday, use the above mentioned Kapetan Luka catamaran to head to Hvar. Stay on Hvar a couple of nights, and then use another KL catamaran (shown on the same link as above) to head to Dubrovnik.

      However, this only gives you two nights/one day on Vis, which isn’t all that much! (Especially if that’s the island you really wanted to see!) But I’m afraid that’s one of the few sailings from Vis to anywhere that isn’t Split.

      (I suppose you could do Split – Vis – Split – e.g. Hvar – Dubrovnik, but then that’s far to much moving around/sailing back and forth for the period of time.)

      Hope this helps, do let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Mimi

    Hi, very informative info here, thanks. We are 2 American gals traveling from Venice, ferry to Rovinj around Jul 8-18, 2015 ending up in Dubrovnik and then fly to Rome. We would like to see the most sites as possible (mostly sticking to the coast) of Croatia. We kind of have an idea… but would love to hear what you recommend and yes we want to do some islands too.

    • Hi there, thanks for your kind words!

      So, is 8-18 July the total time you have for Croatia? Rovinj to Dubrovnik (with stops in between, of course) is a tiny bit of a stretch in that time because you’re pretty much travelling from the top of the Croatian coast to the bottom…but it is still do-able!

      I’d probably head to Pula, perhaps spend one night there, and then take a bus down to Zadar. The bus is a long journey – over 8 hours – but there’s not really many interesting places to stop at en route (or places that make sense to stop at to break up the journey).

      Zadar is definitely well worth a night, and from here you can move on to Split (3 hours by bus) for another night here. You could include an extra night at one of these to be able to do a day trip to Krka National Park. Then, move on to the islands – you could do Hvar to Korcula to Dubrovnik, or possibly also include Brac as well (depends on next year’s ferry schedules, really!). I’d probably reserve about three nights for Dubrovnik – you could easily do day trips to local islands from there as well.

      One alternative would be to travel down the Italian side of the Adriatic first – there’s trains from Venice to Ancona taking 4.5 hours (involving a change of trains), and from here you could take an overnight ferry across to Split. That would get you to Dalmatia quicker, and also leave you more time to explore the region.

      Hope this has helped provide some pointers…let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Ann

    We are 3 mature-aged ladies planning a trip to your region beginning approx. 20 June. Our thoughts were to Fly into Zagreb, (3) nights,drive- (hired car)- to Dubrovnik via Sarajevo & Mostar.(2-3days). Approx 3 days in Dubrovnik with daytrips to Montenegro. Then we plan to make our way to The Istrian Peninsula with some island hopping along the coast. We also want to visit Plitvice Lakes N.P. on the way. We prefer to stay away from main tourist areas where possible. We would prefer organised ferry trips to islands where we could spend 2 nights . Any thoughts on how to make this itinerary workable? Also, what is the accommodation situation like at this time of year?

    • Hi Ann, how many days were you planning for your trip overall? Generally, trying to visit *both* Istria and southern Dalmatia (Dubrovnik) doesn’t really work as it’s a long distance between the two – but it obviously depends on how long you were planning for your trip. I would also say that it does sound like you’d be doing a lot of driving overall for your trip, so you might want to curtail it a bit so as not to spend too much of you time travelling…

      I would first suggest something like – Zagreb – Plitvice Lakes – Split (that’s actually quite a long drive…perhaps stop for a night in Zadar). Split is a great place to head to one of the local islands – Hvar, Brac or Vis. There are organised day trips to the islands, but I’ve not heard of ones that allow for a couple of nights stay – although if you asked at a local agency, I am sure they can organise it for you! (Though it’s honestly not a problem to use local ferries.) You can take your car onto the islands (though be aware that you’ll need to use specific car ferries – e.g. Split to Stari Grad on Hvar is possible; there’s no car ferry routes to Hvar Town). Alternatively, you could leave it behind, or possibly even return it and then pick up another car in a few days.

      From Split, then you can definitely drive down to Mostar relatively. From Mostar, Sarajevo is a bit of an out of the journey round-trip, but I suppose it’s certainly do-able if you have enough time.

      Back to (direction of) Mostar – to Dubrovnik is straightforward.

      I would really recommend trying to do one-way travel – i.e. fly into Zagreb and out of Dubrovnik – if you can. If that’s not possible, look into flying from Dubrovnik to Zagreb to save *a lot* of time. (And internal flights in Croatia aren’t that expensive.)

      In terms of staying away from main tourist areas, well… As you have your own car, it will be fairly easy for you to call in at guesthouses as you travel down the country. Generally, you will come across some of these outside of city/town centres so it’s a great way of staying outside the main bit of the action. You’ll be there just before the absolute peak season, but close to it, so it will be busy. I guess I would ask whether you had specific accommodation types in mind, or if you were happy staying anywhere. Private accommodation is a big thing in Croatia, and is generally of good quality (some places might be a bit basic or possibly old-fashioned, but will be clean, well-equipped etc.)

      Hope this has helped provide you with some initial suggestions. Do feel free to ask more questions!

  • Jack

    What is the route way Lopud from Hvar via ferry in August? Will we have to go to Dubrovnik first?

  • Mim

    We’ll be in Croatia the end of October. Will we be able to find ANY ferries running to and from ANY destinations?

  • Glen

    I will be travelling from Split or Hvar to Dubrovnik on 9th/10th October – it seems all ferries have stopped by then, is that correct?

    • There’s not many direct lines on this route any time of year but this catamaran – http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html – will be running on 9th October. (Note – it doesn’t run daily.)

      Alternatively, there’s many buses per day that run between Split and Dubrovnik, journey time is about 4.5 hours.

  • Juraj Kuchar

    Hello, we want to take ferry from Split to Supetar..I would like to ask if one takes a ferry with car, if he pays the price for the car plus also price for each person in the car or only the price of car? thank you for replies!

    • Hi there, yes – you would need to pay for the car as well as passengers.

  • Graeme Lamb

    Hey there, this website is real good very helpful, however can you give me some local advice?! I am planning to do a round trip starting from dubrovnik and ending up in split, or visa versa- I can do either as flights allow and they are cheap. I’m a bit stuck as to which islands/towns to visit as there seem to many. One place I would like to go is Pag. Could you recommend a possible route to take that would start then end in either of the places I mentioned? Your help would be appreciated!

    • Thanks for your kind words!

      Well, this kind of one-way travel is honestly a great way of seeing Croatia, especially as there’s lots of flights from the country’s airports these days!

      But…how long are you planning to visit Croatia? Don’t want to give you an itinerary that’s too crammed for, say, a week!

      One possibly itinerary might be something like Split – catamaran to Hvar Town – catamaran to Korcula – Dubrovnik (or vice versa). That gives you two of Croatia’s main coastal cities plus two islands; if you’re looking to do more, then you could always do day trips to islands and towns that are near to any of these ones.

      Pag is north of Zadar, so it’s that airport that’s the best place to fly to if you’re wanting to specifically see this island. It doesn’t *quite* fit into the above itinerary but it honestly depends on how much time you have…if it’s two or three weeks, no problem; one week and things start getting a little crammed, in which case I’d suggest leaving off Korcula/Dubrovnik. (Or Pag.)

  • Rachael Haggie

    We are coming to Croatia in August and looking at doing quite a lot of travelling. Firstly we want to travel from Rijeka to Novalja, which I believe there is a ferry? The journey I’m struggling to organise is Zadar to Pula, I was hoping there would be a way of doing it by ferry?

  • johannah123

    Hi there,
    my friend and I are planning a ten day island hop from Zagreb down to Dubrovnik, can you advise of the best itinery? we want to see Plitvice lakes, Hvar and Split

    • I’d do something like Zagreb (2 nights) – bus to Plitvice (1 night) – bus to Split (1 night) – catamaran to Hvar (3 nights) – catamaran to Dubrovnik (3 nights).

      Having said that, you’d need to be careful with regards to things like some ferry schedules – for example, the Hvar-Dubrovnik one only runs twice a week (see http://www.krilo.hr/ ). I suppose you could go via Korcula – if travelling in July/August, you could get a catamaran Hvar to Korcula then Korcula to Dubrovnik…but again, this latter one only runs four times a week.

      Likewise, are you relying on buses for Zagreb – Plitvice – Split? Buses are generally plentiful, but opting to hire a car for this portion of your trip would give you a lot more flexibility. (You could hire a car on “leaving” Zagreb – you won’t need one for staying there – and then drop it off in Split. Again, you don’t need a car on the islands/in Dubrovnik.)

      These are some basic suggestions, so do let me know if I can help further!

  • Grace

    Hi, this is a really useful website, i have a more of a general question. We are flying to Dubrovnik on Aug 17 for 10days and we would like to travel about and explore islands etc. Should we stay overnight in other locations or just do day trips and keep Dubrovnik as our base? Grateful for any suggestions.

    • Thanks for your kind words! Well, of the larger islands, you’ll be able to reach as far as Mljet and Korcula on day trips from Dubrovnik…so it depends on how far you want to travel/what islands you want to visit. I’d personally probably suggest “a bit” of travelling around (maybe up to Split to reach the islands closer to there) and staying overnight in a one or two other places to Dubrovnik, which would definitely be do-able.

      • disqus_lzciuHn9HK

        Thanks for the info. On that basis we have decided on the following: Dubrovnik 17 – 20 (daytrip to Lokrum, Mijet), Korcula 20 – 23 (daytrip to Hvar), Lapad 23 – 27 (daytrip to Elaphite Islands). Can I buy tickets in advance for these sailings?

        • Hi there, well – you can either book an organised day trip with a local agency or via Viator (see our partner page at http://www.partner.viator.com/en/9162/Dubrovnik/d904-ttd for details of these). To try and pre-book direct with a local agency, contact some of the ones featured on the tourist office websites of Korcula (http://www.visitkorcula.eu/ – under “Accommodation”) and Dubrovnik (http://www.tzdubrovnik.hr/eng/partneri_novost.php?id=4076&id_main=4076#.U6g5JY1dXIM ).

          However – you can also just do some of these day trips with local ferries. For example, Korcula to Hvar – there’s an early morning sailing from Korcula to Hvar at 6am, and then you can get a return at 7.15pm. You can pre-book tickets for these sailings on the Jadrolinija website – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/home.

          GV Line (http://www.gv-line.hr/ ) run the Dubrovnik – Mljet catamaran and again, the timings of sailings in August mean it’s possible to do a return day trip. However, they don’t offer advance bookings – you could need to get down to the port with enough time in advance on the day to buy tickets. (Perhaps you might opt for an organised trip in this case).

          There are also a number of Jadrolinija sailings a day to the Elafiti islands (see http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/dubrova%C4%8Dko/807-ljeto-2014-e6783B88504F47E89DDC20706.pdf?sfvrsn=2 ) so you’d probably be okay without pre-booking. But depending on how you’d like to work things (i.e. if you’d like to see the three main Elafiti islands in one go), it might be easier to take an organised trip.

          Note, however, that Lapad is just a suburb of Dubrovnik…perhaps seeing as you’re already staying in Dubrovnik in the early part of your trip and perhaps have seen most of what’s in the city, you could also used Lapad as a base to day trip to parts of the Croatian mainland i.e. Peljesac Peninsula for vineyards.

          Lokrum is only a 15-minute ride away from Dubrovnik Old Town – just pop down to the harbour to get one of frequent sailings.

  • maya sadeh


    we are 2 people & we want to travel from dubrovnik to mljet and korcula and back to dubrovnik on the begining August. do we have to order tickets in advanced? we are affraid there wont be any room. if its Recommended, how can we do it?

    thank you.

    • This is the company that operate sailings Dubrovnik – Mljet – Korcula: http://www.gv-line.hr/cjenik.php?cijena=2. As you can see on that page, they don’t offer advance booking of tickets! Therefore, it’s advisable to get down to the port as early as you can before sailings.

  • Peter Graves

    Hi – great website. My question is more about how I can be sure of getting onto a certain ferry crossing if we can’t book until the actual day. We are sailing from Zagar to Brbinj on 20the July and would like to be reassured that there will be space for us and our hire car. On the return trip, we have a flight to catch, and so it is even more imperative. Are there any tips you can give for being sure to get on a certain crossing?

    While I am here, do hire cars need extra insurance to use the ferries?

    Many thanks


    • Thanks! Well, I’m afraid the best tip I can give you isn’t anything more substantial than simply getting there (to the ferry) as early as you can to try and get yourself on it – that’s really the tactic to use for all the car ferries in the summer months in Croatia. The earliest return ferry to Brbinj to Zadar is at 5.45am which would be advisable to take (even if there’s a later ferry that would fit in with your flight better) as this should be less busy.

      Cars don’t usually need extra insurance to use the ferries, but I would advise asking your car hire company to be doubly sure that *they” will let you on the ferries/islands. I can’t see why they wouldn’t, but it won’t hurt to check.

      • Peter Graves

        Thanks for the advice. Very helpful.

  • Bob

    Hi, my wife will be traveling from Korcula to Hvar on Wednesday June 11. It seems that the only way to make this connection with a car is to take 3 ferries 1. Korcula to Orbec, 2. Orbec to Trpanj, 3. Drvenik to Sucuraj). Is there any other way with a car? We have already booked our accommodations so it isn’t and option to change our itinerary. Also where do you purchase the tickets for the ferries and how early do you think you need to arrive at the port to insure a spot on the ferry? Thank you for your time and assistance.

    • Yes, I would suggest that that would be the best option if you’re trying to reach Hvar from Korcula and you have a car. Unfortunately the coastal ferry doesn’t run on the day of the week you want to travel on.

      Note that it’s Korcula to Orebic (as you mention), then drive across the Peljesac Peninsula to Trpanj where you can get the ferry to Ploce, and then Drvenik to Sucuraj on Hvar, as you’ve said.

      You could actually drive down the Peljesac Peninsula and then up the coast again to Drvenik, which would avoid the second ferry (which takes an hour!). In total, the journey time should be about the same whether took this driving option or chose to take the middle ferry. (I suppose depends whether you prefer driving or enjoying a leisurely ferry!)

      You can buy tickets from ticket offices near the ferries; early-mid June shouldn’t be *too* busy yet so you should be okay turning up close to the departure time. Luckily, there’s a number of sailings a day on all these routes, so you can always get a later ferry if need be!

  • Merissa

    Hello, I am so grateful for this website! There is so much useful information. So, my husband and I are going to be traveling there from July 21-31. We are planning to do Dubrovnik July 21-24, Korcula 24-27 and Split from 27-31. I was looking at the ferry rides and am a little confused on the accommodations. For the ferry ride from Korcula to Split, we were wanting to get a cabin because it is a longer ferry ride. However, I am very confused on what the differences are between 2 Berth inside cabin and 2 berth outside cabin. So, I was wondering if you had an explanation for the differences. In addition, to clarification of the differences do I just need to select 1 cabin for the two of us to share or do I need to select 2 cabins? Thank you for your help!

    • Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

      First thing to note is that there is actually a fast catamaran on the Korcula – Split route (which stops at Hvar along the way): http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/splitsko/9608-2014-ljeto-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2. This route runs daily – it IS an early morning start, but it’s only 3 hours compared to 6.5 with the ferry. The catamaran would have airplane-style seats although obviously you’re free to walk around as much as you like. (A little coffee bar should be open too.)

      There’s also this new-for-2014 catamaran that sails later in the day, although only twice a week: http://www.visit-croatia.co.uk/index.php/new-split-brac-hvar-korcula-dubrovnik-catamaran-line/.

      However, you may still prefer to go with the ferry. 2 berth means for 2 people – it’d be a fairly basic, bunk-bed style cabin, but it’d be perfectly adequate to have a proper rest on. You’d only need to select 1 cabin, as explained. Outside versus inside means where in the ship the cabin is – so, outside you would have a window out to sea, inside means an a cabin in the innards of the ship, so not looking out to sea!

      Do also note that these larger ferries have a fairly large lounge space as well – many people actually just find a bit of free space on the lounge to “rest” on, whether it’s on a chair/sofa or just the floor. (Oh, backpackers! :)) You can also sit up on the deck on “benches” as well – although this is obviously less good for a rest. But it’s lovely sitting out there in good weather, sailing along the Adriatic!

      I hope this has helped a bit – do let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Therese

    Your website is wonderful. We (husband and 2 boys) are planning a trip to Croatia this summer. We would like to leave the last week of June and stay for about 3 weeks. We haven’t decided the length of time in each place as I first want to make sure that we can drive/bus/boat from place to place. We are planning to fly into Zagreb then travel to Plitvice via bus or car. Then via car or bus to Zadar. Then bus or car to Krka. Then from Krka to Split via bus or car. I know we’d like to stay in Split for a several days and make several individual day trips from Split via ferry/catamaran. We would like to take individual day trips via boat from Split to Trogir, Brac and Hvar. Is this possible? I’m having a tough time trying to figure out the ferry and catamaran schedules. Continuing our journey we were hoping to then take a boat from Hvar to Korcula. After visiting Korcula we then would like to travel via boat to Mljet. And then finally we would like to travel from Mljet to Dubrovnik. Is this possible? Have I read too many Dalmatian Coast guidebooks?! Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Therese, thanks for your kind words! Here are the answers to your questions:

      – Trogir you can certainly do as a day trip by boat – here’s the schedules: http://www.agencija-zolpp.hr/Portals/12/download/616%20Trogir%20Slatine%20Split%2010%2003.pdf (I could only find them in Croatian – you need to look at the middle table; PON, UTO, SRI, ČET, PET = Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri whilst Subota, Nedjelja i Blagdan = Sat, Sun & holidays). You can also always get a bus between Trogir and Split – local buses ply this route, but you could also hop on a long-distance one that’s going stopping in Trogir and Split.)

      – For Hvar, you might have to rely on a organised trip. Catamarans to Hvar Town don’t run at suitable times for a day trip (i.e. they generally go *to* Hvar in the afternoon, but the ones from Hvar to Split run very early in the morning!). The alternative would be to head to Stari Grad on Hvar instead – there’s many sailings a day (see http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/splitsko/635-2014-ljeto-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2 – times are departure times) but it’s a ferry i.e. slow – 2 hours each way!

      – Same as above for Brac – if you were thinking about Bol, the catamaran goes *from* Bol in the early morning but *to* Bol in the afternoon. Visiting Supetar is do-able with this ferry http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/splitsko/631-2014-ljeto-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2 which has a more manageable journey time of 50 minutes.

      – Hvar (or even Split) to Korcula can definitely be done – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/splitsko/9608-2014-ljeto-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2.

      – Korcula to Mljet is do-able as well – but this route starts on 1st July. (Sounds like by the time you’re on Korcula/Mljet, it will be July!) Here’s the timetable: http://www.gv-line.hr/raspored1.php?linija=3. Note that it only runs 4 x a week.

      – Mljet to Dubrovnik – same line as mentioned above, although this portion runs daily.

      For the first part of your trip, you might indeed find it easier to rent a car. You could hire a car in Zagreb and then drop it off in Split to do the driving round, visiting national parks bit. Then for the remainder of your trip, rely on ferries (perhaps sometimes buses).

      All in all, sounds like a great trip and I think 3 weeks (at least!) would be ideal so you don’t feel too rushed and do have some time to relax without travelling too much!

      Hope this helps!

  • holidaydiva

    Like others I am struggling with ferry timetables and itineraries and was very pleased to find this site. We are a family of four (youngest 16) arriving in Dubrovnik on the 22nd of June for two weeks returning 6th July. I am considering driving to Split on arrival staying two nights then on to Vis Hvar, Korkula and back to Dubrovnik for the last 3 nights or so. Can you tell me what you think of this itinerary and if the ferries would work for us and best options. We are an active bunch and want to do some kayaking, cycling, diving. I am also tempted by the national parks and Omis but want it to be relaxing and not moving around every day. Finally do you recommend that we take a car on the ferries to the islands or is it easy enough to get around without one.

    • First things to point out – once you’re on Vis, you won’t be able to make it directly on to Hvar (unless you’re travelling on a Tuesday! See timetable at http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html ) which will mean that you will need to travel back to Split to then travel on to Hvar. That’s not necessarily a problem – although it will mean some extra travel time that day.

      Secondly, catamaran services run between Split – Hvar – Korcula – and then Dubrovnik (the Korcula – Dubrovnik route only starting on 1st July – see timetables at http://www.gv-line.hr/raspored1.php?linija=3 because the route doesn’t run daily).

      With catamarans, you obviously can’t take cars on them…but there’s other ways of getting on to (and off) these islands using car ferry routes. For example, from Split, you would need to sail to Stari Grad on the island of Hvar – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/splitsko/635-2014-ljeto-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2. To then get to Korcula, you could use this coastal route – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/duzobalna-2014/coastal-line-2014.pdf?sfvrsn=2 – if it’s operating on a day that you want to travel on.

      If that coastal ferry didn’t work for you, you could instead drive to Sucuraj on the eastern part of Hvar to take this ferry – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/splitsko/632-ljeto-2014-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2 – to the mainland and then drive down to Orebic to take this ferry on to Korcula – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/splitsko/634-ljeto-2014-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2. (And then use this ferry to get back to the mainland to drive down to Dubrovnik, or use the coastal ferry above if suitable).

      None of this is particularly taxing or daunting – don’t worry – but I think it’s a consideration for you as to whether or not you do want a car on the islands. If you don’t, there definitely are ways of getting around (buses – check locally for timetables) or you could easily hire a car on any island for just a day if you wanted to do some proper exploring. Alternatively, you could hire bikes – as it sounds like you’re very active, this could be a great way of getting around!

      Which national parks did you want to visit – Krka or Mljet maybe? If you didn’t have a car, you might like to consider joining an organised excursion to visit places like these – ask at any local agency.

      I personally think that (Dubrovnik) – Split – Vis – Hvar (via Split) – Korcula – Dubrovnik will work very well for two weeks and won’t be too much moving around.

      Hope this has helped a little bit. Do let me know if you have any more questions!

  • Breton Coons

    Great website! My boyfriend and I arrive in Dubrovnik on Weds July 9, 2014 in the late afternoon. We have a room booked for one night there as we plan leave the next day to head up to see Korcula, Hvar and Split (still haven’t figured out the best itinerary, as the ferry schedule has proven to be a bit tricky for me to figure out). We were hoping to spend 2 nights in Split, 2 nights in Korcula, and maybe stop off in Hvar for a night/a day/ a few hours to have a look around depending on ferries and travel times. We plan to be back in Dubrovnik on July 15,16,17 and fly home to Canada on July 18th early in the morning. We are pretty flexible within the dates of July 9-18th. Any suggestions on a route for those dates based on the ferry schedule? Would there be any other places you would suggest that would fit our schedule? I appreciate the input!

    • Thanks! 🙂 I think overall that sounds like a good itinerary, as you don’t have *too* much time in Croatia, but you still be seeing a mix of some of the main cities and islands as well. I probably wouldn’t anything else ‘concrete’ into the itinerary as it might get a little too packed…but I’d definitely keep in mind that you could make little day trips to a few other places that you could decide there and then.

      So, one way of doing things – on Thursday 10th July, you could take this catamaran up to Korcula – http://www.gv-line.hr/raspored1.php?linija=3. After a couple of nights, you could then take this – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/splitsko/9608-2014-ljeto-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2 – catamaran up to Hvar. I might actually suggest a couple of nights on Hvar and one night in Split;, also, the catamarans to Split are (mostly) quite early, so you’ll be in Split quite early that day! (i.e. you’ll have almost an full day in Split, even with travelling to it.) See timetables at http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/sailing-schedule/local-lines-30-05—28-09-2014 – there’s three routes, 9603/04/08.

      To return to Dubrovnik, it’s then best to take a bus back – it takes 4.5 hours (perhaps a little longer in the height of summer with the traffic) and there’s many buses each day. That’ll give you your remaining days in Dubrovnik before you head home. Hope this helps!

      • Breton Coons

        Thank you so much for all the info!! We are looking forward to our trip.

  • janie

    My husband and I will arrive Dubrovnik on July 20, 2014. We will have four nights to visit Croatia before we get to Italy. Any good suggestion as far as route/ferry?

    • Hi there, well, four nights isn’t really that long to spend in Croatia! I might even suggest just spending all the nights in Dubrovnik – you can spend a couple of days sightseeing in the city, and then perhaps a couple of days taking day trips – e.g. the Elafiti islands, the Konavle region, the Peljesac Peninsula (wineries and oysters!), Korcula and Mljet could be done as day trips. Hope this gives you some ideas, do let me know if you have any further questions.

      • janie

        Thanks for you the suggestion. I have been struggle with all the possibilities and I think you helped me set my mind. So stay at Dubrovnik for four nights. After that take the bus to Split to take the overnight ferry to Ancona in the evening. Do you think I need to book the ferry now or just get the ticket on the date of departure? Is it hard to book proper cabin online?

        Oh, to book hotel in Dubrovnik, is Old Town is the ideal place to stay?

        Many thanks again for your advise.


        • janie

          One more question, I noticed that different day of the week that different ferry company run the route between Split to Ancona, am I correct?

        • No problem! If you take the bus to Split earlier in the day (on the day of your ferry to Ancona), you’ll also have a little time to walk around Split and sightsee there as well.

          Yes, you are right in that there are different companies operating the Split – Ancona route; this page – http://www.visit-croatia.co.uk/index.php/getting-to-croatia/travelling-from-italy-to-croatia/ – might be helpful to you. You should be fine booking online and seeing as you have a specific date in mind, it might be better to do that so you know you have the sailing (and cabin) that you want all booked.

  • Tyler

    Awesome website. My wife and I would like to travel by foot/ferry from Dubrovnik on June 28. We would like to see Mljet, Korcula, Hvar, Brac, and even Veli Rat if possible before our flight leaves Zadar on 7 July (9 days). Do you think this is possible? Any other spots you recommend. We love old towns, outdoors, and beaches. Which locations should we stay longer (2-3 days) and shorter (1 day) that might work with the ferry schedule. Could you send a link to the 2014 ferry/catamaran schedules? Thanks for all your help to us and all the valuable info you have provided!

    • Hi Tyler, thanks for the kind words – much appreciated! 🙂

      Well, here’s the thing… You won’t quite be able to do your intended route by multiple ferry “hops” up the coast. (As in, from Dubrovnik to Mljet, on to Korcula, on to Hvar… etc). But you can still certainly visit a number of the places – here’s some suggestions:

      I’d firstly suggest visiting Mljet as a day trip from Dubrovnik (or perhaps Korcula). The reason for this is that – in late June – you won’t be able to travel on from Mljet to Korcula. The timetable for the Dubrovnik – Mljet catamaran can be found at http://www.gv-line.hr/raspored1.php?linija=3. (Or you could join an organised excursion – ask at a local agency.)

      ALSO…prior to 1st July, you won’t be able to travel from Dubrovnik to Korcula by ferry either (the route starts on 1st July – in actual fact, it’s also run by the same people as mentioned above – scroll down to see the July timetable.) However, you CAN travel by bus from Dubrovnik to Korcula – you can see schedules at http://www.libertasdubrovnik.com/ – the bus takes 3 hours.

      From Korcula you can definitely travel on to Hvar Town quite easily (albeit very early in the morning!) – schedule here: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/splitsko/9608-2014-ljeto-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2.

      From Hvar to Brac…well, you won’t be able to travel from Hvar Town. (Unless you’re travelling on a Tuesday, in which case you can use this catamaran: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/splitsko/9603a-ljeto-2014-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2).

      If you did want to make it from Hvar to Brac, you’d need to travel from Hvar Town to Jelsa on Hvar (bus schedules: http://www.tzhvar.hr/UserFiles/file/pdf/info/AUTOBUS-04-11-2013.pdf) and then take the catamaran from here to Bol on Brac: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/splitsko/9603-ljeto-2014-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2.

      It sounds like you’re already planned some days in Dubrovnik (as in – you *leave* Dubrovnik on the 28th June having already spent some days there and have nine days left for the remainder of your trip? Could you add an extra day to visit Mljet?), in which case – I would spend two or nights in Korcula to avoid having to get the 6am catamaran having just arrived there the previous afternoon! I would then spend at least a couple, maybe three or four nights, in Hvar. I might be tempted to miss out Brac as it’s a bit of tight schedule, and you’d probably have to travel to Jelsa the day before getting the early catamaran to Bol.

      So, missing out Brac, take the catamaran to Split (one of three – see http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/sailing-schedule/local-lines-30-05—28-09-2014). You could then spend a few hours walking around the main part of Split – if you wanted – before getting a bus (3 hours) up to Zadar. (Or you could also spend a night in Split.)

      I’d then spend the remainder of my time in Zadar. You can visit Veli Rat by local ferry to Dugi Otok (schedule to Brbinj: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/zadarsko/434-sezona-2014-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2, or schedule for ferry to Bozava, perhaps less useful although closer to Veli Rat: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/zadarsko/9404-sezona-2014-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2) and then take a transfer to Veli Rat.

      So, I hope this has given you some idea of planning your route and how many days to spend where. (Sorry if I wasn’t quite exact!) If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!

      • Tyler

        Thanks for ALL the info… and so FAST! I had been thinking already that perhaps Brac needed to be cut out, as i don’t want to miss Mlijet or Korcula. I will plan the day trip to Mlijet from Korcula as you recommended.

        Since you are SO insightful and willing to HELP, I must ask you more. 😉

        We actually fly in on RyanAir to Zadar on 23June at 23:00 and was planning to bus/rental car to Dubrovnik until the 28ish.

        Do you think it would make more sense to bus (around midnight) to split, then ferry to Hvar couple days, then Korcula 3-4 days (including day trip to Mlijet), then ferry to Dubrovnik? Then rent car and spend next few days till fly out on eve of 4July driving back to Zadar and “possibly” getting in a couple parks or Veli Rat day trip on the 3rd july.

        Thanks again for your help and I look forward to hearing from you one more time!

        • Hi Tyler, you could definitely do the trip in reverse and it might actually make more sense because you could then start your trip with only a little bit of travelling rather than heading down to Dubrovnik. I would probably suggest, however, that it might be best to stay the night in Zadar instead of trying to head to Split the same day – I believe the “earliest” bus you could take after your arrival is at 1am, and I would think it would be tiring at that time of night. In that case, I don’t know if you’d want to do the Zadar bit of your trip (i.e. Veli Rat) then too.

          Do also note that you still wouldn’t be able to take the ferry from Korcula to Dubrovnik – it would have to be bus – as it doesn’t sound like you be doing this journey on/after 1st July which is when the route starts.

          Other than that, I think it all seems good! Hope you have a great time!

  • wjs

    Is it possible to get to Dubrovnik from either Trucepi, Brac or Split by ferry and return in the same day?

    • No, there aren’t any ferries that would get you there and back in the same day. (Or any ferries at all, in the case of Brac and Tucepi.)

      You could – just about – do it by bus – it’s about 3 hours from Tucepi and 4.5 hours from Split. However, if you’re travelling in peak season (July & August), journey times might be longer due to congestion on the main coastal road!

  • Jane

    Krilo had a catamaran leaving from Split to Vis at 3:00 on Wednesday last June (we need June 18). Now I see it only has that option in low and off season. The only catamaran option from Split to Vis is only at 6PM now in high season??

    • Hi Jane – it looks like the English version of the Krilo pages is slightly out/not quite updated compared to the Croatian version. If you look at this page – http://www.krilo.hr/plovidbeni_red.html – you will see that the 15:00 catamaran does exist in the second table that’s labelled “SEZONA 30.05 – 26.06 i 01.09 – 28.09”, in the column PON, SRI, CET, SUB (= Mon, Weds, Thurs, Sat). So you will be able to take a 3pm catamaran on Weds 18th June! HTH

  • Natasha

    Hi there. Would you be able to tell me the times of ferries and catamarans from Split to Vis on Friday the 11th April 2014? many thanks

  • Emma and Patrick

    My husband and I are planning on going to Croatia in Sept this year. One plan we had was to go:
    Zagreb to Plitvice, stay for a few days and then go from Plitvice to Zadar and get a ferry down towards Dubrovnik or Mljet. Is that possible? Or would we need to go somewhere else to catch the ferry?

    Emma and Patrick

    • Hi Emma and Patrick, there’s no ferries from Zadar to Mljet/Dubrovnik…but there *might* be one from Split. The main ferry company in Croatia, Jadrolinija (http://www.jadrolinija.hr/ ), normally run a “coastal” route from Split (actually, it starts in Rijeka) that goes to Stari Grad on Hvar, Korcula, Mljet and Dubrovnik. However, it *only* runs twice a week and only in high season (June-Sept). It’s also quite slow – Split to Mljet is 9 hours; to Dubrovnik it’s 11 hours. I say there “might” be one because Jadrolinija at the start of this year, there are always rumours that the are to cancel this route entirely, and they haven’t published details of the 2014 ferry yet. (Admittedly, each year so far it does eventually make an appearance! Last year, timetables were published in spring.)

      All in all, I would keep my eye out on the Jadrolinija site for it. The alternative would be to bus it down to Dubrovnik (it’s 4.5 hours from Split, but 7-8 from Zadar so you might want to not do it all in one go) and then visit Mljet from there. HTH

      • Emma and Patrick

        Thanks very much, we’ll keep a look out.

  • Lee & Nina

    Hi there!

    We are really excited about travelling to Croatia in June but are a little confused about ferries etc.. between places. We are planning on the following…
    1st June – 5th in Dubrovnik
    5th – 7th in Korcula
    7th -9th in Hvar
    9th – 11th in Vis (via Split)
    11th – 14th in Split
    Is this possible by ferry or catamaran? Or is it maybe a little too much??

    Kind regards,

    Lee & Nina

    • Hi Lee & Nina. I think the above plan you mention is certainly do-able and is definitely possible by ferry/catamaran…with the exception of Dubrovnik-Korcula, as this catamaran only runs in July & August. (See http://www.gv-line.hr/raspored1.php?linija=3 )

      However, there is a daily bus from Dubrovnik to Korcula (it utilises the local ferry line Orebic – Korcula to get you onto the island) with takes 3.5 hours, so you can use this to get on to the island.

      Korcula to Hvar is easily done by catamaran. You are right that to get from Hvar to Vis, you will need to travel back to Split to then get another catamaran or ferry to Vis. Or, if you manage to shift your travelling day to go on a Tuesday, there is actually a direct option on this day of the week: http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html. (Another alternative would be to go Hvar – Split (and spend you time here then) – Vis – return to Split to fly out. But maybe it depends on when your flight time is.)

      The one thing I would say is that you might want to shift your days a little. I think 3 nights in Dubrovnik would be plenty (unless you’re planning on doing lots of day trips to other places) and likewise, you could also take out one of the days in Split. This could then leave you with more time on the islands.

      Finally, you could also just play it by ear! As in, just see how long you like to stay in one place before deciding to stay longer or move on. It of course depends on what accommodation you have in mind and if you pre-book, but private accommodation would let you be flexible. All of the ferries/catamarans/buses run daily (with the exception of the Hvar-Vis option I mentioned; also some operating times change on Sundays), so you wouldn’t ever get stuck.

      HTH a bit, let me know if you have any more questions!

      • Lee & Nina

        Thanks so much! Helps a lot. We don’t land in Dubrovnik until late on the first night so although its 4 nights, its really only 3 days. We felt we might visit Lopud or Mljet whilst here. I think we will definitely spend time on Vis and Hvar but maybe try to get a day trip to Korcula then. I’ve been to Split before but Nina hasn’t. Its so amazing. We also want to visit Trogir from here for a day.

        Thanks for the advice!

        • You’re welcome! Indeed, you might find it easier to bus it from Dubrovnik to Split to then get to Hvar & Vis, and visit Korcula as a day trip (from either Dubrovnik or Hvar…perhaps Hvar). Another option for a day trip from Dubrovnik would be one (or some) of the Elafiti islands too.

          Trogir’s so pretty, so definitely also worth a day trip! It’s probably easiest by local bus – bus number 37 goes from the *local* bus station to Trogir regularly throughout the day, and it’s a very cheap option!

          Enjoy your time in Croatia!

  • Emily

    Hi Andrew,

    Wow – you are an excellent source of information. My boyfriend and I are are planning a self supported cycling tour in September – a leg of which will be through the islands in Croatia. We would like to do a route going north – something like Dubrovnik, Korcula, Hvar, Brac, Split from Sept 7-11. Basically, ferry to a location in the morning, ride, spend the night, ferry to the next place and so on. On the Jadrolinija website I am finding the routes between everywhere except Dubrovnik to Korcula. How do we make that connection? Also, are those dates still considered high season? And, finally, will we be able to take our tandem bicycle on the ferries?

    • Hi Emily, I’m not Andrew, but I’ll still take that compliment – thanks! 🙂

      Jadrolinija *do* sail from Dubrovnik to Korcula, but only twice a week. It is part of their coastal route that goes on to Stari Grad on Hvar, Split and Rijeka – the timetable is here: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/pdfs/COASTAL%20LINE%202013.pdf. (Hopefully one of those two days a week will suit you!)
      That’s really the only seafaring option that would be running at that time of year. (There’s a catamaran line run by another company, but only in July & August.)

      Yes, for Jadrolinija ferry purposes (and *most* other ferry companies), those dates in September are still considered high season.

      Jadrolinija run both ferries and high-speed catamarans. Taking your tandem bicycle on a ferry (the ferries being the ones that take cars) wouldn’t be a problem. However, I feel that you might have a issue on some of the catamarans. I understand that they normally don’t take (ordinary) bicycles as a rule, but it’s a case of turn up and see if the the crew will let you on board – I feel that they try and accommodate people with bikes, although it probably depends on how busy the sailing is. (A tandem? I’m not sure!)


  • Andrew

    (what a helpful website!)
    We are flying into/out of Split on 24th May/ 2nd June and looking at accommodation options for our family of 5 on Brac, probably either Supertar or Bol. Do you know if there are ferries or hydrofoils running from Bol to Split on the morning of Sunday 2nd June?
    Or can you point me in the direction of any resource that could help figure this out
    All best

    • Hi Andrew,
      (Thanks for your kind comment, much appreciated!)

      Yes, there is a catamaran operated by the main ferry company in Croatia, Jadrolinija, running from Bol to Split on 2nd June, although it is pretty early in the morning…7.35am! (But that’s not as early as the rest of the week!) You can see the full timetable at http://www.jadrolinija.hr/pdfs/9603.ljeto.2013.e.pdf

      In case you wanted to know, it’s a ferry service that runs between Supetar on Brac and Split, and there’s numerous ferries per day. You can see timetables for this route on their site at http://www.jadrolinija.hr/default.aspx?dpid=1632.

      Just be aware that you’ll be there when Jadrolinija change their timetables from low season to high season (1st June is when their high season schedules start). The link I’ve given in the paragraph above is for high season, low season schedules can be found at http://www.jadrolinija.hr/default.aspx?dpid=1488.

      Hope you have a good time!

  • Moy

    We are arriving into Zadar airport and want to go to Dubrovnik for 3 nights and then onto Hvar……any suggestions how to get first from Zadar airport to Dubrovnik and the price?

    • Hi Moy, it’s not the most straightforward of trips…or rather, it’s relatively straightforward, but will take you quite a while! From Zadar Airport, you’ll first have to transfer to Zadar’s downtown bus terminal – that’s relatively easy (costs 25 Kunas, timetable at http://www.zadar-airport.hr/en/how-to-reach-us). Then from Zadar Bus Terminal, you can get a bus to Dubrovnik (bus is really the only way of reaching Dubrovnik; there are several per day, price one-way is between 190 – 270 Kunas) but this takes around 7 and a half to eight hours, so it’s not a short journey. To then get from Dubrovnik to Hvar, well…depends on when you’re travelling – there’s a twice-weekly coastal ferry run by Jadrolinija (link above) that goes to Stari Grad on Hvar; if you’re travelling in July & August you could get a catamaran from Dubrovnik to Korcula, then another the next day from Korcula to Hvar. OR, you could get a bus BACK to Split from Dubrovnik, and then a catamaran from here to Hvar Town.

      It all really depends how long your entire holiday is, because the above means a lot of travelling. Any chance of flying in to Dubrovnik or Split instead? If not, I’d probably suggest staying in the north/mid-Dalmatian region – travelling from Zadar to Split to then go to Hvar is certainly do-able.

  • Laura

    Hello, I am visiting 22 June and travelling between Split to Brac, then Brac to Hvar, Hvar to Kozarica, then onto Dubrovink. Is it quite easy to get around by ferry/catamaran? Also I am finding it difficult to find out what times they depart, travel time and how much it would be for a foot passenger, single ticket. Any assistance or help would be most appreciated. Thank you

    • Hi Laura, well, it’s Jadrolinija (the largest ferry company in Croatia) that operate the majority of ferry lines – you can see their timetables at http://www.jadrolinija.hr/default.aspx?dpid=1488 and prices http://www.jadrolinija.hr/default.aspx?dpid=1338. (Unfortunately, this last page hasn’t been updated recently, but prices will be very similar.) Do note that there are of course other ferry companies operating a few other lines – you can see the list of these above.

      In terms of whether it’s easy to get around by ferry/catamaran…for the most part it is, but note that there are several places on each island where ferries and catamarans dock at, so it’s not always going to be the same entry and departure point if you’re intending to get from island to island. For example, from Split there are services to Milna, Supetar and Bol on Brac, but if you then wanted to get to the island of Hvar, there’s only a catamaran service from Bol (which goes to Jelsa on the island of Hvar). If you then wanted to make use of Jadrolinija’s coastal ferry line to the island of Mljet and then to Dubrovnik (this only runs twice a week, by the way – timetable here: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/pdfs/COASTAL%20LINE%202013.pdf), then this departs from Stari Grad on Hvar. You could take this line to get to the island of Mljet; once there, you could then make use of the daily catamaran from Sobra on Mljet to Dubrovnik run by G&V Line: http://www.gv-line.hr/raspored.php?linija=3. Hope this helps.

      services to. Hope this hels.

  • Sarah

    Hello! When travelling from Split to Dubrovnik by Ferry what is the best arrangement? Is travelling on the deck fine for such a long trip (for example, if it rains is there cover?), or is it better to pay for a cabin? Also, the prices seem confusing – is the cabin price per person or for the cabin? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    • Sarah

      (for travel in late July/early August)

    • Hi Sarah, deck doesn’t actually mean outside but inside in the lounge area which does have individual seats – and there’s also then a bar and lounge area which also has places to sit (tables & chairs, sofas). You may also find that people stretch out on the floor, with their sleeping bags and such! I would say it depends on you and how you would feel most comfortable – you may find it okay to spend 11 hours in a seat, occasionally walking around for a stretch and so on… But if you did want a proper rest, then I guess a cabin would be better. The price for a cabin is per person. Hope this helps!

  • Naomi

    hello! My son and I are going to Split next month for 4 days and I would like to go to one of the nearby islands for the day on one of the days but I cannot make any sense out of the various boat schedules. I don’t mind which island, although we will be on foot, or using buses. Please help.

    Also we’re going to Mostar, Bosnia for 3 days from Dubrovnik, but I can’t find any information for buses or where I could find buses. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Naomi, you can definitely visit one of the local islands for a day trip by yourself (versus an organised trip), but your choice will be a limited a little bit to one of the destinations to which ferries run there and back in the same day. (There’s catamaran services to some places, but they only operate once a day or not at times that would work for a day trip.)

      So, the choices you have are:

      – Supetar on the island of Brac – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/pdfs/631.hr.zima.2013.e.pdf (First column shows departure times from Split, the second column shows times from Supetar)

      – Stari Grad on the island of Hvar -http://www.jadrolinija.hr/pdfs/635.2013.zima.e.pdf

      – The small island of Solta that’s sometimes overlooked as a destination, but would be interesting to visit – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/pdfs/636.2013.zima.e.pdf

      Any of the above would be nice choices! You might like to read up a little on each to see whether there’s any particular choice that would suit you well. All of the above are ferries that you can board as a foot passenger.

      You can look up times for departures from Dubrovnik on this page of the Dubrovnik Bus Terminal website – http://www.libertasdubrovnik.com/voznired2.pdf. (Watch out for the times in red, which are marked as “ne prometuje”/”doesn’t run” which I assume means they are seasonal routes. Anyway, the most suitable daily buses might be either the 8am one run by Centrotrans (http://www.centrotrans.com/, email: info@centrotrans.com – unfortunately, the timetable section of their site isn’t working, but you might like to email them!) and another at 3.15pm (arrives in Mostar 7.15pm) run by Globtour (http://www.globtour.com/). Unfortunately, I don’t know about the Centrotrans return bus times because of their errant website, but I can tell you that the Globtours one is at 12.30pm (arrives Dubrovnik at 3pm).

      Hope this helps!

  • Renee

    Hi there, a few friends and I are planning a one week trip to Croatia at the end of June. We’d like to spend some time exploring Dubrovnik (and perhaps a couple nearby areas), as well as see some beaches (we like more secluded better than busy). Would you be able to recommend a tentative route? For example a couple nights in Dubrovnik – travel to one island for 2 nights, another island for 2 nights, Split…? Basically, what would be your list of ‘MUST sees’ for this short amount of time? Thank you!

    • Hi Renee, it’s a difficult question to answer (and okay, maybe I’m biased!) as there’s so many lovely places to visit and stay in Croatia, especially on the coast! If you have a week, I would also advise not too cram *too* much into it – although I know it is tempting to try and see as much as you can!

      What you could do, however is to spend a couple of nights in Dubrovnik (as you say), exploring the Old Town and perhaps also making trips to islands like Lokrum (only a 15-minute hop) or one of the Elafiti islands as day trips. After Dubrovnik, you could then travel to the island of Korcula by bus. (The catamaran service from Dubrovnik to Korcula only starts on 1st July – http://www.gv-line.hr/raspored.php?linija=3) Korcula is a very pretty island, with a very pretty main town (Korcula Town) that’s almost something of a mini-Dubrovnik with its town walls and buildings.

      If you got the bus from Dubrovnik, you’d probably arrive onto Korcula in late afternoon, so would certainly need a couple of nights there to make the most of it. (Although that would leave you with just one day to explore the island.)

      From Korcula, the easiest way to move on would be to take a catamaran to Hvar, another of Croatia’s most popular islands (timetable at http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html – early morning sailing!). Again, a couple of nights here would be fantastic – exploring the island itself, and also perhaps making a day trip to the luscious Pakleni islands which are very close by.

      From Hvar, it’s another early morning catamaran to Split (the same one as above, or there’s also another run by Jadrolinija – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/pdfs/9604.2013.ljeto.e.pdf). It sounds like you’re doing this anyway, but I would certainly suggest flying in to Dubrovnik and flying out from Split to make the most of your time. Depending on what flights you book, you might even just want to spend a day in Split (as in, not even a night), as the catamaran gets you in so early, so if you have an early evening flight you’ll definitely have enough time to do quite a bit of sightseeing. I would personally give up a night in Split (sorry, Split!) in favour of an extra night on one of the islands!

      Overall, this is perhaps a bit of a rushed itinerary but I think it’s okay if you’re prepared for it and don’t mind moving on after a bit of time in each place. It’s also the main way, in my opinion, of making your way up to coast via the islands – other routes would prove more difficult as you’d have to sail into one town on an island, and then need to cross the island to sail out of somewhere else. The alternative would be to travel by bus from Dubrovnik to Split, and then sail out from here to an island or two.

      I hope this helps as a brief intro to your travel planning. Do let me know if you have any more questions!

  • Hi, I am planning a trip to Croatia in August and wanted to make a return trip between Pula and Zadar by ferry. Would this be possible and do you have any idea how much the tickets would cost? Is it possible to book tickets in advance? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Fiona, it is the company LNP (http://www.lnp.hr/) that normally runs this line. Unfortunately, they do not have any details of it online yet (it is normally only a line operating in summer, June to September), so I would suggest checking back on their website closer to time that the summer season (beginning of June) starts, in order to get some more details.

      Most ferry companies don’t really offer advance booking. If you like, it is probably best to purchase your tickets perhaps a day in advance of your travels, rather than just turning up on the day to buy a ticket. (Although many people do this!) Hope this helps!

      • Thanks for your help and advice. I will try again nearer to summer for details on the ferry journeys.

        • You’re very welcome. If I see any additional info myself, I’ll also post it here (in this comment thread).

  • lucia

    Hi, we are planning to go to Croatia in June and planning to visit Dubrovnik, Korcula, Hvar and fly back from Split . We will be arriving from Kotor or Budva. What is the best route? How many days ideally should we have? We have thought about renting can in Montenegro – do we need a car in Croatia?

    • lucia

      It is mid-May, not June

      • Hi Lucia, visiting Croatia via the route of Dubrovnik – Korcula – Hvar and Split sounds ideal! In terms of renting a car for Croatia…I would advise against it, and that’s because if you’re planning on travelling from Korcula to Hvar to Split, you’ll be travelling on catamarans rather than car ferries!

        From Dubrovnik to Korcula, however, there’s no ferry at this time of year (unless Jadrolinija get their act together an announce the timetable for their coastal route…but this won’t run everyday anyway) – the easiest way would be to take one of the daily buses to the island. (This bus makes use of the car ferry from the Peljesac Peninsula).

        From Korcula, you can then take a catamaran to Hvar – http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html.

        …and from Hvar to Split, there’s a couple of daily catamarans, the one mentioned above and also one run by Jadrolinija (http://www.jadrolinija.hr/pdfs/9604.2013.zima.e.pdf).

        I would suggest at least a two or three nights in Dubrovnik, at least a couple on Korcula (otherwise you’d probably arrive late-afternoon and then have to get the early morning catamaran 12 hours later!), a couple on Hvar as well and then one in Split. (Or, depending on when your flight departs, you could just sightsee the same day as you’ll be getting in from Hvar quite early.)

        On the islands themselves, you can rent a small car (or bike, or moped) if you wanted to do some island exploring. Alternatively, you can also join an organised tour.

        This would probably be the easiest way of undertaking this route. If you did want to rent a car, then you’d probably be looking at hopping between the mainland and the islands quite a bit – such as driving from Dubrovnik to Orebic on the Peljesac Peninsula to get to Korcula, then back to the mainland to drive up to Drvenik to get a ferry to Sucaraj on Hvar, and then either back to the mainland to drive to Split or drive to Stari Grad on Hvar to get a car ferry from here to Split. It all depends on how much time you actually have – this particular route would probably be great for exploring, but you’d need a bit more time!

        Hope this helps.

  • Tom

    In late early October we want to travel the Croatian coast by ferry, heading south from Venice or north from Dubrovnik and I find the ferry connections daunting. Any advice or should I just change our vacation to Disneyland?

    • I’m afraid you’ll find it difficult to undertake such a trip – not least because October is definitely out of season, and many companies switch to their off season schedules, or stop running services at all (for example, Venezia Lines’ services from Venice to Istria stop on 5th October). Likewise, whilst local routes to/from the islands are reasonably plentiful all year round, no company offers any kind of route from Istria all the way to Dubrovnik, direct or otherwise – you could piece together various routes (using the companies above) but you might have to return to the mainland at times to continue your journey south (or north). It all depends on how much time you have you have, really, and how set you are on using ferries as your main mode of transport.

      This setback isn’t a reason *not* to holiday in Croatia and early October can still be a great time of year to visit. Or, have you considered a cruise holiday? I appreciate cruises aren’t for everyone, but there are cruises that start in Venice, call into Dubrovnik and also stop at other locations in Croatia along the way – could be Istria, Split, Korcula, Hvar and other (depends on the cruise) – and these do still run in early October.

      As for going to Disneyland instead – well, that’s a completely different kind of holiday, so it’s up to you to decide what you’d prefer! HTH

      • Tom

        Thanks for your reply. I was kidding about Disneyland, of course. We’re excited about visiting Croatia and I’m willing to spend the time to patch together the means to get around. Your reply had disappointing news but was helpful. Thanks

        • You’re welcome, Tom! Just let me know (either here or via email, if you prefer) if I can help further.

          (And indeed, nothing wrong with Disneyland!)

  • nikki

    hi there, is it possible to get a ferry in from pula to zadar, tisno or split in july and how can i find out how much these journeys will cost? i have looked on croatian ferries website but it doesnt appear to have these routes, any help would be great, thanks, nikki!

    • There is a ferry route from Pula to Zadar run by LNP (http://www.lnp.hr/) but they do not have appear to have posted their schedules for this route on their website yet. (I would check closer to the time.) However, this route only ran twice a week last year which would probably be the same this year, so it might not fit in with your travel plans. There are *no* ferry routes from Pula to Split or Tisno.

      If you’re looking to get from Pula to Tisno, I would say that it would be easier to travel by bus. There’s in fact a direct bus from Pula to Tisno (look for Tisno R.; doesn’t run on Saturdays), run by Autotrans (http://www.autotrans.hr/). It departs at 8pm and gets you in very early in the morning – 4.07am! HTH

  • SamanthaH

    Hi there, is it likely that ferries will be running from Venice to Rovinj in early June? I’ve read that they do but a lot of the websites for the ferries that I have looked on say that timetables for this route are not available. Also, if these ferries do run do you know what a typical price for a one-way journey would be? Thanks so much for your help.

    • Hi Samantha, I apologise for taking such a long to reply – it seems I wasn’t notified of your question by the automated comments system, so I missed it! It is Venezia Lines (http://www.venezialines.com/) that operates this route, and they’ve actually now released their 2013 schedules (which perhaps you’ve already seen). In early June, there’s three sailings a week (on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays) but by mid-June there’s also sailings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A one-way fare in June costs €67.

  • Sally

    Is there a ferry that runs from Split to Rab Island?

    • I am afraid not – there are only ferries from Rab to the nearby islands of Krk and Pag, or back to the port of Rijeka towards the north, or across to Stinica (a very short journey) on the mainland. Rapska Plovidva (http://www.rapska-plovidba.hr/) run some of these lines.

  • Gord

    Is there a car ferry service from Krk to Zadar in May?

    • I am afraid no, to the best of my knowledge, there is no ferry of any kind between Krk and Zadar. Really, the best (and only!) option would be to return to the mainland from Krk and then drive down the coast to Zadar. The journey should take about 3.5 hours.

  • Jg

    Do you know if there is a bus or train from split To the piltvice lakes? If not, what is the fastest way to get there and how long will it take? Thanks

    • There is no train, but you can definitely take the bus from Split to the Plitvice Lakes. You can look up timetables on the Split Bus Terminal website – http://www.ak-split.hr/. (Select a day in the near future to see times – it doesn’t seem to like displaying timetables that far in advance.) Journey time is between 4.5 – 6 hours, depending on which bus you take.

  • JM

    Hi! Thank you for your answer. Do you know if it is possible to take a ferry from Dubrovnik (in June) on a Monday to Korcula and spend the night and then go on to Split on Tuesday? Thank you.

    • No problem! Well, as I said before, the schedules have yet to come out and probably won’t for a while, so I cannot say anything with 100% certainty…

      …however, I think this above plan would be unlikely. In 2012, the Jadrolinija coastal route (Dubrovnik – Korcula – Stari Grad (Hvar) – Split) only operated twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays. Aside from the days being different to the days you’d want to travel on, the main thing to note is that these sailings don’t take place on consecutive days. So although you *might* (depending on the day) be able to do one leg of the sailing (Dubrovnik – Korcula, or Korcula – Split) using Jadrolinija, you wouldn’t be able to do both sailings on consecutive days.

      To get around this, you could take the daily bus from Dubrovnik to Korcula (which utilises the short, 20-minute ferry from Orebic to Korcula). Then, from Korcula to Split, you could take the Kapetan Luka catamaran which sails daily, year-round – http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html.

      Having said that, the bus to Korcula departs in the mid-afternoon, whilst the catamaran to Split departs very early in the morning. So you might (if possible) want to stay a couple of nights on Korcula, otherwise you’d probably only have one evening there!

  • JM

    Hi! We are travelling to Croatia in June, 2013. We arrive in Dubrovnik and would like to take a ferry to Split. I have been on the main ferry line’s website and cannot get an idea of the schedule. Right now, I would just like to know if it is possible to sail from Dubrovnik to Split in one day and what the schedule might look like then. We can fine tune the times the closer we get to the trip. Do you know what route it sails to Split and the time frame and the general cost on deck? Is it better to set up tickets ahead of time or when we are there – travelling by deck? Thank you.

    • Jadrolinija run this route, but only for part of the year – approximately April to October, which is why they don’t seem to have any mention of it on their website at present! Yes, it would be possibly to do the sailing in one day – ferries should depart Dubrovnik early morning, with the sailing taking about 11 hours. If memory serves me right, this route operated twice a week in 2012, but you’d have to see closer to the time in 2013 for actual schedules then.

      The route is Dubrovnik – Korcula – Stari Grad (Hvar) – Split.

      The one thing they still have online is ticket prices – you can see this at http://www.jadrolinija.hr/pdfs/EUR%20-%20engl.DUZ.%202012%20%20SEASON.pdf. You should be fine to buy tickets then.