Bus Travel in Croatia

The bus service in Croatia is first class: from frequent express buses that cover longer distances that are reasonably comfortable right down to bus connections between the smallest villages in the country. The train network in Croatia is somewhat on the limited side (as there’s no train service that travels along the coast), so travelling by bus is far preferable. Bus travel in Croatia is also inexpensive, and the newish motorways that exist in parts of the country have reduced journey times considerably.

In almost every larger town, there is a large (or large-ish) bus terminal (autobusni kolodvor) where tickets are sold and timetables are clearly displayed.

Bus travel in Croatia

The autobusni kolodvor (bus terminal) in Split

Bus Travel in Croatia – Companies

Please see the following websites for timetable and price details. (Unfortunately, some of these websites are in Croatian only!)

  • AK Karlovac
  • Antonio Tours Routes from Pag (Novalja & Pag Town) to Zadar, Sibenik, Trogir, Split and Zagreb
  • APP Variety of domestic routes
  • AP Varazdin Lines from Varazdin across the country
  • Autoherc Variety of routes, mainly along the coast, plus international ones too
  • Autopoduzece Imotski Routes between main cities
  • Autopromet Zagreb | Skreb Prijevoz
  • Autotransport Sibenik Variety of routes to and from Sibenik that also include stops in other major towns
  • Autotrans Rijeka based company offering many routes all over Croatia, and international ones – now offering online booking!
  • Brioni Pula based company
  • Cazmatrans
  • Clissa Operate services between Zagreb and Split by motorway, so it’s a ‘fast’ five-hour journey
  • Crnja Tours Routes connecting Zagreb and Istria (Porec, Rovinj, Pula, Novigrad, Umag)
  • Croatia Bus Zagreb based company
  • Dalmacija Bus Operate a route between Zagreb and Split, which stops in Sibenik and Trogir
  • Deni Bus Imotski-based bus company, operating routes from there to Split and between Split and Zagreb
  • Panturist Routes from Osijek to Zagreb and the coast
  • Polet Routes from Vinkovci, which includes Zagreb – Rijeka – Porec – Rovinj – Pula and Zadar – Sibenik – Trogir – Split – Makarska
  • Promet Makarska Routes from Makarska down the coast and to Zagreb
  • Promet Split Routes in and around Split
  • Puntamika Have routes between Zagreb & Zadar, and Split and Zadar
  • Samoborcek Routes between Zagreb and Split
  • Velebit Tours Operate a route between Zagreb & Zadar

Bus Travel in Croatia – Bus Terminals

Timetables can also be found at the following websites:

Autobusni Kolodvor is also a useful website on which you can look up bus timetables for the whole of Croatia.

Bus Travel in Croatia – Ticket Prices

Please see our guide to bus ticket prices in Croatia, which also details how long certain journeys take, as well as the frequency of routes.

Bus Travel in Croatia – Tips

Read our useful tips on bus travel in Croatia!

  • There’s plenty of daily buses (year round) between Split and Dubrovnik, and definitely so this month! You can check out timetables at https://getbybus.com/en/.

  • Niamh Mitchell

    I am looking to go from Split down to Dubrovnik this month (September) and I was wondering if it is possible to travel down their via coach and will they be frequent?

  • There are a couple of buses a day throughout September – see https://getbybus.com/en/ for times. There is also this catamaran – https://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing-schedule/split-dubrovnik/ – that you could take which runs daily throughout September. The same company runs another catamaran that runs ever so slightly later (https://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing-schedule/split-dubrovnik-2/ ) but this stops operating in mid September.

  • Josh

    Hi, I’m looking at staying in Korcula; but hoping to be able to visit Dubrovnik. It would be in September; how frequent are the buses from Korcula to Dubrovnik and back again at that time?

  • Plitvice Lakes/Plitvicka Jezera is the actual stop(s) – the buses stop by the two entrances to the parks. HR is short for Hrvatska, which means Croatia.

  • Karin Weight

    I want to travel by bus from Split to Plitvice Jezera on the morning of 28 Sep and then go on to Zagreb the following evening. Can you tell me which bus stop is Plitvice Jezera? Also, what does HR mean?

  • Ingrid Velcich Wood

    Thank you

  • Bus. There are actually some direct buses from Cres to Zagreb (see times at https://getbybus.com/en/ ) although most seem to be in the late afternoon/evening, so probably not that suitable if you’re trying to travel from Cres to catch a flight at Zagreb Airport that same day.

    To give you more options, I’d take a bus from Cres to Rijeka, and then another bus from here to Zagreb. (See all times on the link given above.) Then from the main bus station in Zagreb, there are regular shuttle buses to the airport (they take about 1/2 hour – buy a ticket on board).

    For the train option, you could only take a train from Rijeka to Zagreb (meaning you’d still have to do bus Cres – Rijeka anyway), but there’s not many trains a day and they’re slower than buses on the Rijeka – Zagreb route. And then once at Zagreb Train Station, you’d still have to transfer to the bus station to get a shuttle bus, or I suppose take a taxi to the airport.

    So, bus is best!

  • Ingrid Velcich Wood

    HI what is the best way to get from Cres to Zagreb airport (one way) – bus or train?

  • There are no direct buses from the airport to Slano. You can take an airport bus (you’ll see them waiting outside the terminal building) to the main bus station in Dubrovnik. From here, there are then *local* buses to Slano – it is route number 12, and you can see the departure times from Dubrovnik here: http://libertasdubrovnik.com/ras/15-06-2017-1497500755.pdf.

  • Joe

    we arrive at Dubrovnik airport on Weds 9th August… We are staying in Slano… How can we get a bus to Slano from the airport ?
    Thank you!

  • There is no bus from the airport building to Cavtat, although you could walk to the main road outside the airport to catch the local bus (bus 31) which goes to Cavtat. However, Dubrovnik Airport is very close to Cavtat so a taxi should be pretty inexpensive.

  • Chrissy

    Hi, we are arriving into Dubrovnik airport in a few weeks and staying in Cavtat, will we be able to catch a bus to this town from the airport? Many thanks

  • On the Autotrolej website (the company that runs buses in the city of Rijeka, plus ‘county’ lines in that region) you can see the map of their county lines here: https://www.autotrolej.hr/att/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/autotrolej_mreza_prigradskih_linija.pdf. Bus line 32/32a goes out in that direction (in fact, further than Sveta Jelena, as it goes to Brsec and Zagore) but I’m not sure if it actually stops in Sveta Jelena. If that’s the place you’re staying, I’d ask your accommodation.

  • pippa

    Is there a bus service from Rijeka to Sveta Jelena?

  • There are airport transfer buses that take you to the main bus station in Rijeka; these buses are timed to coincide with flight arrivals at the airport. It takes around 30 minutes to reach Rijeka bus station. The port is then around a 10-15 minute walk from the bus station.

  • Krista Houlihan

    Hello. We land in Rijeka on 24th june. We can see the ferry leaves at 5pm to Novalja (pag). How long does it take from the airport to the port and how can we do so?

  • You can travel by bus or catamaran. Bus would be quicker (around 4 hours) and timetables can be looked up here: https://getbybus.com/en/. The catamaran timetable can be found here: https://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing-schedule/split-dubrovnik/.

  • Toshita Mody Kapoor


  • I’m afraid I can’t find details of any buses from Umag to Plovanija. I would suggest asking your place of accommodation for how to get to them, they would know best!

  • Maureen Booth

    I am wanting to know if there is a bus from Umag to Plovanija ..we are flying into Zagred.i know there is a bus to Umag.. But our destination is Plovanija. Thanks Maureen

  • There are some buses (but not many) that go from either of those places to Dubrovnik, taking about 3-4 hours each way… Did you mean as a day trip? It may be easier/quicker to join an organised excursion if you wish to see Dubrovnik.

  • Kayleigh Pallister

    We are thinking of staying in tucepi or brela…is it possible to travel by coach or bus to dubrovnik

  • Almost all the islands have bus services, although some have more extensive services than others! (In this case, Brac has pretty decent bus routes, Mljet has far more patchy a service.) There’s good guides to bus services on Brac – https://getbybus.com/en/blog/buses-brac-island/ and Mljet – https://getbybus.com/en/blog/national-park-mljet/; you can also use that website to search for particular timetables for Brac (see searchbox in top right). However, I would always recommend asking your accommodation the best way of getting from somewhere (the ferry port, in your case) to them, as they would be able to advise you best.

  • Becca K

    Hi, I am assuming there is no bus travel on any of the island, specifically Brac and Mljet are where I will be traveling. What method of transportation do you recommend getting from ferry points to where we are staying on the islands? Thank you!

  • Glad it was useful! 🙂 To the best of my knowledge, taxi is the only way to get to Tisno proper. However, it’s not far so shouldn’t be too expensive. Equally, perhaps another traveller is in the same boat as you, so perhaps you can share a taxi? (Obviously that depends how many of you there are!)

  • Buses are generally travelling north/south e.g. from places such as Karlovac, Zagreb north of Plitvice to places south e.g. Zadar, Split. Yes, you could absolutely travel down to Zadar to then travel on to Senj, but that’s a huge detour – approx. 3 hours to Zadar and then another 3 hours to Senj (and that’s not even including any time you need to wait between buses!) compared to about a hour and a half/two hours if driving from Plitvice to Senj. Are you staying in the Plitvice region? Perhaps you could ask your accommodation for advice on how best to get to Senj. Or, what are your plans for the rest of Croatia? Could you visit Senj on your way from/to somewhere else in Croatia? Bus times can be found on https://getbybus.com/en/, btw.

  • Heather Tanguay

    Would it be better for us to return from Plitvic lakes to Zadar and a separate bus up to Senj. If so what are the bus companies and how long would it take. many thanks for your consideration

  • Heather Tanguay

    in our Guide Book it says there are 2 gates to the Plitvic lakes and are served by buses, where do these buses come from. If we could get back to the coast road we could go up to Senj

  • I’m struggling to find any bus links from Plitvice/Jezerce to either Gospic or Otocac. Would you be willing to rent a car (before you get to Plitvice, not from there) and drive? It’s not very far.

  • Heather Tanguay

    We are trying to work out how to get from Jezerce to Senj by bus – we would have to go via Gospic or Otocac – please advise
    with thanks Heather

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  • Travelling between places in Croatia and Slovenia that are reasonably close together actually tends to be quite tricky! I wouldn’t imagine that the FlixBus option would run daily in May (*if* it does run daily at all, it would most likely be high season – June to September, or perhaps just July and August) and as far I can see it only runs on Sundays right now? I would suggest contacting them as they’re the ones that can properly answer. An alternative would be to travel Rovinj to Ljubljana (which is possible on 30th May) and then from there to Bled. This isn’t the most straightforward option, of course, but at least it’s possible on the day you wish to travel!

  • Nathalie Klein Kalvenhaar

    Next year, 30. May we would like to travel from Rovinj to Bled. I think Flixbus is a good option. Do you know if Flixbus runs every day in May? Right now in the low season they run only from Thursday-Sunday…Or is there a better option? Maybe you can help me out.

  • I’m sorry to hear this, what bus company was this with?

  • Chris

    Travelling from rijeka to zadar by bus booked the bus a night in advanced and when we landed for the bus treated like criminals held till the last people put on bus … totaly spoiled Croatia for me

  • Do you mean a private transfer? Or just any way from getting from Dubrovnik to Split? If it’s the former, I don’t have any companies to recommend, I’m afraid, but it’s likely to be pricey as it’s a distance of over 230km between the two. If it’s the latter, you can travel by bus (many, many per day, journey time of about 4-4.5 hours, see timetables at http://www.ak-split.hr/) or catamaran (http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html – daily until end of September, then 3 x week until end of October).

  • Betty

    I’m looking for a transfer from dubrovnik to split. What is the best option?

  • No additional documents, but do remember to keep your passports on you (i.e. not in the hold!) as immigration officials board the bus to check everyone’s passport. Bus companies in Croatia are largely much of a muchness – pretty much all the same standard (a good one) and roughly same price; the country doesn’t have ‘luxury’ coaches/’basic’ coaches as in some other places. I’d pick a bus based on the times that would suit you best!

  • Jeremy

    We are planning to bus mid-Sept from Split to Dubrovnik. The A1 highway passes through Bosnia-Herzogovina at Neum & Duzi. Are there any specific documents besides passports and Croatian visas that one needs ? Which bus companies are recommended ?

  • Cavtat is pretty small so there’s no station, just a stop, but I believe there is a left luggage facility there.

  • Becky

    Is there a left luggage area at Cavtat station?

  • Yes, there are regular buses – buses 1A / 1B / 1C stop at Rozat and go to Pile Gate, one of the entrances to the Old Town. You can see the timetables here: http://libertasdubrovnik.com/city-timetable/ (Click on each route number to see times/stops of route.)

  • Alan Gordon

    Hi!, I would be looking to go between Rozat and the Old Town quite frequently? Could you please advise me on how I would do this?


  • João Azenha

    You’re right. I was only trying with Mostar (west). Thanks a lot!

  • Try selecting Mostar (east) as the starting point – I’ve found two Croatia Bus buses a day to Dubrovnik.

  • João Azenha

    Hi! I wanted to go to Mostar (Bosnia) from Dubrovnik. I’ve already looked up for buses from Croatia Bus but the site says the route is not available. Is there any bus company doing this route? Thanks

  • Is Mostar your starting point? I’d contact the tourist office of Mostar – http://www.turizam.mostar.ba/index.php?lang=en – to ask for a recommendation of an agency/company that would accommodate you all.

  • Janine

    Hi i was wondering if you know of a coat or taxi hirer which would take a large group from Mostar to Kravice in August, there would be 18 of us

  • Marko Jukic

    Hi Kimberley, the most convenient way to plan trip and book bus tickets in Croatia is Vollo.net
    Here is link for your search: https://vollo.net/search/novalja-zadar
    Use voucher: ZAGREB1 and save up to 5EUR on your booking.

  • You would have to travel Novalja – Zadar, Zadar – Skradin (where one of the entrances to Krka National Park is) – check out times on http://www.buscroatia.com/

  • Kimberley

    Hi. How do I get from novalja to krka national park via bus?

  • Amy B

    Hi, Do you know if it buses and ferries are still operating on public holidays? I will be traveling in June . Since it looks like most things will be closed on state holidays, I was planning on using those days for travel (Hvar -> Split -> Zadar). Do you think that will work okay or is there a chance I may be stuck on an island? Thanks 🙂

    • Yes, both definitely still do although some services might be operating as a Sunday service (others just as normal). Larger shops will close although if you’re on the coast (which you will be, there’ll be plenty open (cafes, bars, restaurants etc) to cater to tourists – including to Croatian tourists who use the couple of public holidays in Croatia to go for a little holiday.

  • Jacquie

    This Sunday, we are travelling by bus from Zagreb to Zadar – but would like to stop off at the Plitvice Lakes for a few hours. Is that possible and do some buses’ schedules include that? Also is there a place to store luggage while one explores the Park?

    • You’d have to take two separate buses (one Zagreb-Plitvice, then Plitvice-Zadar) – there’s no one bus that makes a stop at Plitvice for a few hours for people to explore the park. You can look up schedules for both legs of this journey on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website at http://www.akz.hr/default.aspx?id=260 (note – for Plitvice, start typing PLI… and then select Plitvicka Jezera) and you should also be able to buy your ticket for Plitvice to Zadar at Zagreb Bus Terminal. Yes, there are luggage facilities at the entrances.

  • Bernat Truc Antona

    Hi there!
    We are a group of 10 persons aprox, we were wondering about the difficulties on moving around Croatia together taking into account that it’s difficult to book in advance all the trips we’ll do. So, the size of the group is a problem? Should we worry? Or it’s not a problem because buses are fairly empty?
    Thanks in advance!!

    • When will you be travelling?

      • Bernat Truc Antona

        At the start of August

        • Oh, sorry, I do now see you already said August!

          Ooh, August is absolutely peak season and buses definitely won’t be empty! I think you will run into some problems, yes, due to your group size. Trying planning your journeys now and booking online where possible. If you want to be more flexible, you might have to split your group and maybe travel on a couple of buses…but some routes (e.g. Split – Dubrovnik) have loads of buses per day, with buses at times running every half hour or so. (So you wouldn’t be arriving at vastly different times.)

          It’s roughly the same journey time from both Zagreb and Zadar to Plitvice, but there’s more buses from Zagreb.

  • Kerry Badger

    Hi, I will be travelling to Split airport in July for a festival in Tisno. I have been trying to find bus timetables out of Tisno for day trips while we are there, particularly to Krka national park, but have had no success! Are there any buses out of Tisno?! Thanks!

    • You’d need to look up buses going from Tisno ‘intersection’ (or ‘raskršće’ in Croatian, or may be just abbreviated to ‘R.’) which is where buses to Tisno stop (or pick up passengers) on the main coastal road – the Jadranska magistrala – outside of Tisno itself. I doubt there are any buses to Krka from there – you’d have to go via Sibenik. It might be easier to ask the festival organisers to see if they are organising any day trips (or perhaps have a partner agency that do) as that would probably be the easiest way of reaching Krka! (And I’m sure other festival goers would want to visit too!)

      • Jennifer O’Connell

        Thanks, finally found suitable timetables because of this reply! Not going to a festival though, normal low budget holiday. Now
        facing another problem: dragging our suitcases from Tisno raskršće to our holiday accomodation for 9 km isn’t very appealing.. Do you have any idea if there is an option to get from the intersection to Tisno apart from taxi?

  • Wayne Talbott

    hello! i will be traveling in august from vienna to zagreb and then on to split a couple of days afterwards, is there any reason for me not to book bus tickets online today through buscroatia?


    • Well, are you 100% certain of the day you’re travelling on? Not booking today would give you more flexibility if your plans change slightly. There’s also loads of buses on this route, so it’s very, very unlikely that absolutely every single seat on the day you travel would be sold out! If you did want to book in advance, you could do so when you get to Zagreb i.e. a couple of days in advance (in person at the bus station).

  • ola Omitoyin

    Hi there. Is it possible to get a bus from Cavtat to Pile Gate in Dubrovnik? Is there a bus terminal in Cavtat? Visiting Croatia in April. Thank you for your help

    • I’m afraid there’s no direct bus from Cavtat to Pile Gate – but it’s bus number 10 you want from Cavtat to Dubrovnik, timetable here: http://libertasdubrovnik.com/wp-content/uploads/prigradski-istok.pdf. It stops above the Old Town (the other side from Pile Gate) and you can then walk down (although this involves stairs). Alternatively, bus number 10 goes to the main bus station in Dubrovnik, and you could then get another bus back to Pile Gate. It’s a small bus station in Cavtat – but ask locally (e.g. where you’re staying) for the best place to catch the number 10 bus.

      • ola Omitoyin

        Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I wouldn’t mind the walk and the stairs at all actually. Do you have a rough idea of how long the walk from the Old Town to Pile Gate would take please? Thanks ever so much.

        • Did you mean how long is the walk from where the bus stops to Pile Gate? It should take around 20 minutes. On the way in to Dubrovnik, the bus actually stops above the same side as Pile Gate (sorry, I was wrong!) – it is on the way back to Cavtat that the bus 10 stop is above the other side of the Old Town, very close to the lower station of the cable car.

  • Hi! I am looking for buses from Zagreb to Sibenik, are there many timings for this route? Or are they sparse resulting in a packed bus? If so I would like to book early

    • There are lots of daily buses between Zagreb and SIbenik – see the timetables on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website – http://voznired.akz.hr/voznired.aspx?lang=en. (Although it doesn’t show for very far in advance.) When are you travelling? Tbh, even if you’re travelling in the height of summer, you probably wouldn’t have to book in advance as there’s so many buses on this route. You can, however, book on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website – and it should show you how many seats have been taken i.e. how packed the bus will be.

      • Alright thank you very much for your response 🙂 I’m going in January.

        • I don’t think you’ll have any problems just turning up and buying tickets there and then…and I doubt the bus will be particularly full! Enjoy! 🙂

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  • isobel

    hi im travelling to novalja in june for hideout festival. im landing in zadar airport at 11pm and im wondering whats the best/cheapest way of getting to novalja as i see most of the busses only run until 8pm. thanks

    • Bus would be the cheapest way but there wouldn’t be any at that time of the night, I’m afraid…

      Your options are therefore:

      1. Checking to see if there’s an organised festival transfer – these often aren’t *that* expensive, and especially when travelling from the nearest airport to the festival site as you are.
      2. Getting a private transfer i.e. taxi/private car – perhaps you could see if you could find some other festival-goers on the same flight as you (maybe put out a message on Hideout’s Facebook page etc) so you could share the cost?
      3. Stay in Zadar for a night and then travel on to Novalja the next morning.

  • Athar

    I am coming through the Venice to opatija on Sep 26. I have booked train ticket from Venezia Mestre to the Trieste by train. It will arrive there by 14:20. I need to go to the Grand Hotel at Opatija. Can you help me out to find the easiest rout to the Opatija. Thanks

    • There are some direct buses from Trieste to Opatija but unfortunately they’re earlier in the day than you arrival time in Trieste.

      Therefore, it would be best to take a bus from Trieste to Rijeka instead – see the times at http://www.autostazionetrieste.it/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=19&Itemid=0. The 16.30 bus looks like a good one for you.

      From Rijeka bus station I’m not sure if there will be any more buses to Opatija after your arrival time – but I would certainly ask. Otherwise, you can definitely get a local bus (number 32) which takes you from Rijeka to Opatija – it takes about half an hour. Ask at the bus station where the stop for bus 32 is – it is close by. Or you can take a taxi as it’s really not very far – estimated cost, around 100-120 Kunas.

  • Tobi

    Hi, just wondering what’s the best option to reach Krka national park (Skradin) from Zadar on Sunday by bus (and return). What about other days during the week?
    Thanks for your help

    • There are buses all days of the week from Zadar to Skradin – you can look up schedules on https://www.getbybus.com/en/ for when you plan to travel. You *might* be able to get some additional options (more buses) if travelling via Sibenik.

      You could also join an organised excursion to Krka NP from Zadar.

  • Kirstie

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew the bus times from Pula to Zadar. We have to be there urgently for a flight that departs at 4.45 but we would like to be there by 2pm. If anyone could help that would be fantastic! Thanks for anything anyone can suggest.

    • I’m afraid it’s quite a distance between Pula and Zadar! The only bus that will work for you (getting you there that day) is one that departs Pula at 6.45am, arriving in Zadar at 2.15pm. You can look up buses to Zadar on the Zadar Bus Terminal website at http://www.liburnija-zadar.hr/index.php?lang=en.

      Hopefully you can hop onto the airport transport bus quickly and get to the airport so you are there 2 hours (just about) before your flight.

      BTW, there is also a daily flight (not Tuesdays) from Pula to Zadar with Croatia Airlines (https://www.croatiaairlines.com/ ) – I’ve looked up flights for the next few weeks and found that it’s 287.50 Kunas for a one-way ticket for all days. Considering the bus is 200 Kunas…well, that’s not bad at all! (I’d certainly find it preferable to such a long bus ride before a flight!) However, it does get you into Zadar way early – 6.30am!

  • kathy

    Hello. Two of us will be arriving in Zagreb early Monday morning, Sept 21, by plane, and departing from there the afternoon of Thursday, Sept 24th. I’m looking for advice on the best way to spend our time while in Croatia. We’d like to see the coast and Dubrovnik, for sure, and other great spots as time and bus travel permit. What would be your recommended itinerary? And is bus the best way to go?

    • You won’t get very far in terms of travelling around with just three days in Croatia, I’m afraid. (Sure the country’s small…but not *that* small!)

      Really, I’d suggest asking yourselves what your number one wish is – to see a bit of the coast? To see Dubrovnik? Because for three days, you could easily just spend all that time as a city break in Zagreb, taking in that city’s sights – with maybe a day trip to the wonderful Plitvice Lakes on one of the days.

      If you really want to go to the coast, heading to to the Kvarner region (let’s say, Opatija) is probably the closest bit of the coast to Zagreb – it’s about 3 hours away by bus. You could possibly also head to somewhere in Istria (e.g. Rovinj), although that’s further (4/5 hours away by bus).

      Split is a decent place to base oneself as there’s lots of transport connections to islands (BUT unfortunately some of the ferry times make it difficult for day trips) and other smaller towns on the coast that are worth visiting. However, it’s 5 hours (minimum!) each way from Zagreb by bus (train is slower). So you’d get there – Monday night, leave back to Zagreb on Thursday morning…10+ hours for travel for just two days in Split (and how many trips to other places can you make in two days?) doesn’t seem worth it!

      If it’s Dubrovnik you’re ultimately after, I would recommend flying down with Croatia Airlines (http://www.croatiaairlines.com/ ). Unfortunately, I don’t see any of the cheapest fares for flights on your dates. But there are some for flights to Split…?

      • kathy

        Thank you for these insights. We haven’t actually purchased our tickets to Zagreb yet; it seems like it would make more sense just to fly from Vienna to Dubrovnik or Split and spend our time along the coast.

        • Ah, I was going to say “it might be worth trying to change your flights” but didn’t want to suggest something that would be too difficult/costly!

          Absolutely, I really would recommend flying from Vienna to the coast instead – I would probably suggest Dubrovnik.

  • Rhian O’Sullivan

    Hello. We are travelling from Split to Zadar. I was hoping to break up the journey by stopping off at Krka Park. Any tips on where we can leave a suitcase?

    • I’m not aware of any official ‘left luggage’ type place at Krka Park or nearby e.g. in Skradin. However, you could definitely ask at a local cafe/restaurant/accommodation place etc in Skradin if they would hold your bags for your for a few hours (for a small price) and I am sure that they would be happy to do so.

  • alice

    Can someone tell me the adress of the bus station in Gajac ? Thanks

    • It’s a very small place, so there’s unlikely to be a proper bus terminal, more likely just a bus stop…although I’m not 100% sure where that is, sorry!

  • Anna Flynn

    I’m travelling from The Plitvice Lakes to Split on Friday 7th August. I’m just wondering what bus would be the best one to take? How long would the journey take? How much does it cost? And do they go quite frequently? Thank you 🙂

    • Well, buses/bus companies in Croatia are much of a muchness so it doesn’t really matter which one you take…just go for one that’s at a time that suits you! (And possibly also choose by how long it takes – varies between roughly 4 to 6 hours, depending on which route the bus takes.) Prices are roughly all the same too, about 150-160 Kunas one way.

      You can also look up times and prices for the Plitvice-Split buses on http://www.buscroatia.com/.

  • Carolina

    Hi! Are there any luggage deposit or lockers at sibenik bus station? Thank you

    • Yes, there is a left luggage place at Sibenik bus station.

  • Francesc

    Hi! I’ve read just some messages below that there’s no main bus station in Skadrin nor a left-luggage office… may I beg you to tell me where is the stop fropm which buses depart back to Sibenik? Do you happen to know the scheduled bus departures (or maybe you may redirect me to a suitable link in order to find out?)
    By the way, will I be able to pay directly to the driver?
    Thank you in advance and regards!

    • Well, the buses drop you off/pick you up at the entrances to Krka – in Skradin and they should at Lozovac too. It sounds like you’re getting to Krka from Sibenik? I would ask at Sibenik bus terminal for the return times, they absolutely should have them…but otherwise, there are bus times displayed at the entrances to Krka. Yes, you should be able to pay the driver…or, again, why not buy a return ticket in Sibenik?

      • Francesc

        Hi, thank you for asking that fast!
        Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I’ll be coming from Split and not from Sibenik; but I will be going to Sibenik when leaving Krka, as my booked accomodation is there… that’s why I won’t be taking a return ticket (in fact, I’ve already booked the one from Split). In addition, I have looked for some scheduled times for buses from Krka, but they’re quite confusing and I don’t rely on them pretty much… nevertheless, I assume the bus stop will be close to the Skadrin port anyway, I will then ask on arrival in Krka.
        Many thanks!

        • Ah, okay – well, that journey makes sense too! Indeed, as soon as you arrive at Krka I would suggest searching out the bus times to Sibenik (they should be displayed at the info/ticket office at the park anyway) so you can be sure of what time the buses depart.

  • Niklas


    Me and 3 friends will arrive with train in Zagreb July 19. Our plan is to take the bus to Novalja. Do anyone know if the bus often is sold out or if we can catch any bus without problem?? Thanks.

    • You can look up schedules on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website at http://voznired.akz.hr/voznired.aspx?lang=en – where you can also buy tickets. If you click on the ‘Buy’ option for any one bus, you’ll see how many tickets have been sold already…for some of the buses, it is already a fair amount. What time will you be arriving in Zagreb? If it’s at a time when you can only catch the last two buses of the day that will reduce your options. I’d probably would suggest booking in advance – that way you know that all four of you will be on the bus you want, heading to Novalja that day for sure!

      • Niklas

        Thanks a lot for your answer. Well our goal is to arrive in Zagreb the night before July 18 so we can take a early bus from Zagreb. But we will travel one week with interraril before reaching Zagreb so thats no guarantee. Probably we will take your advice and book in advance….

        • Ah, okay – I was just concerned if you were only getting in to Zagreb for the final bus of the day and it was full, you might be stuck! But it actually sounds like you’re a bit flexible i.e. you can wait for the next bus if an earlier one is full? You might just want to chance it, in that case, and buy tickets once you’re in Zagreb. (How about trying to get them the night you arrive?)

  • Steph

    Hi, I am planning on travelling from split to krka for the day and then back to Sibenik overnight. I will have luggage with me and was wondering if there is any luggage storage at the bus terminal near krka I think that is skradin? Thx

    • Skradin doesn’t have a bus terminal (it’s a small place), just places where the bus stops… I’m sorry, I don’t know about any proper luggage places that exist there for sure, but I am sure if you ask at a local accommodation place or even a restaurant/cafe, they would be happy to store your luggage for you (with a charge).

  • Stuart

    Hi – I am going to be in Novalja on Friday 17th July and want to travel to Split on the Saturday, arriving lunchtime/early afternoon. There was a bus at 09:30 via getbybus,com that is apparently sold out. Will there be other buses available? Do you think I’ll be ok to buy tickets in Novalja when I arrive on the Friday or should I find a bus and buy in advance? Thanks

    • That’s the only bus operating at that time of day. (You’re probably seen the other bus that operates later in the day, getting in to Split just after 6.30pm – in case you’d like to use that one, it’s run by Autotrans and you can buy tickets on their site at https://www.autotrans.hr/en-us/ ).

      As far as I know, Get By Bus only have access to a portion of the tickets, and these are what must be sold out. The company operating the 9.30am bus – Antonio Tours – don’t otherwise do online ticket selling. Therefore, the only other way to get a ticket in advance is in person at a bus station. It’s hard to say, but fingers crossed you should be able to get tickets in Novalja on the Friday.

      (You could try contacting Antonio Tours to see what they say – http://www.antoniotours.hr/index.php/en/kontakt.html )

      An alternative would be to travel Novalja – Zadar (quite a few buses per day) and then Zadar – Split (lots of buses per day).

  • Gabby

    Hi, I am really stuck ! Arriving in Zadar tomorrow at 8.15 pm and need to get to Novalja as that is where I’m staying that night although the latest bus I could find (Antonio tours) leaving to Novalja from Zadar is at 8pm so I just won’t make it ! Do you have any suggestions or Antonio’s email so I can contact them directly ??
    Thanks !!

    • There are only three buses a day from Zadar to Novalja (all with Antonio Tours) and that 8pm one is the last one of the day. Antonio Tours’ email address is antonio.tours@zd.t-com.hr (website: http://www.antoniotours.hr/).

      It looks like you’d have to book a private transfer if you wanted to make it to Novalja tomorrow evening…alternatively, stay the night in Zadar and travel the next day (I guess you’re heading there for Hideout?) although I suppose you’ve already paid for your accommodation in Novalja, right?

  • Daisy Jeffery

    Hi, i am travelling with 5 other girls and we are wanting to get from Zadar to krka national park this friday , wanting to leave in the morning and return in the evening. how often are the buses from zadar? shall we buy them in advance online? or is there likely to be tickets left when we arrive friday morning?

    Many thanks

    • There are only a few buses a day between Zadar and Skradin (where one of the entrances to Krka NP is) but they do go at times so you can get there in the morning(ish) and return in the late afternoon – so, a do-able day trip. As you’re quite a large group, yes, I would recommend getting tickets in advance (see times/tickets on http://www.buscroatia.com/). Or are you in Zadar at the moment? You could pop by the bus station today and get your tickets in advance in this way.

  • Ed Cunningham

    Hi, a group of 6 others and I am hoping to get a bus from Dubrovnik to Split on a Sunday, so that we can catch a train that night – do we need to book the bus before we go or once we get there? And also what website best serves the route in question? Many thanks

    • You can look up schedules for buses from Dubrovnik to Split on the Split Bus Terminal page at http://www.ak-split.hr/EN/index.html – that shows all services by all companies.

      When (what month?) are you travelling? July and August is peak season, so buses will be busy…however, not all routes can be booked in advance online. Are you in Dubrovnik for a few days before you head to Split? If you are, I would suggest heading to the bus station a few days before you actually want to travel and pre-buy your tickets. All services can be pre-bought in this way, and you can do an easy comparison in terms of times. As you’re a large group of 7 I would definitely recommend this; if you turn up just before the bus to try and buy your tickets like that, there may be only a few spaces left and you’ll have to ‘split’ (ha, no pun intended) across a couple of buses.

  • Luan Ortega

    Hi, me and my friend are looking for a bus from Rijeka to the Plivtice lakes, there are any direct bus? The access to the park is easy without car? And after a bus to Zagreb from the Plivtice park, where could I found?
    Thanks for the atention

    • There are no direct buses from Rijeka to the Plitvice Lakes – you would need to travel via Karlovac. It takes about 1 hour 45 mins from Rijeka to Karlovac, and then about 1 hour 30 mins from Karlovac to Rijeka. You can look up timetables on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website at http://voznired.akz.hr/voznired.aspx?lang=en for both legs of the journey. (Note – for Plitvice, start typing in PLI…and then select PLITVICKA JEZERA as your destination.)

      Yes, the bus stops at both entrances to the Park so it is easy access. And then buses to Zagreb also pick up passengers from these stops as well. Again, take a look on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website for times, there are several buses per day.

  • mrinav

    what is the best way to travel from Budapest to Novalja?
    Finding it very difficult to navigate efficiently. Please help.

    • You’ll first need to travel from Budapest to Zagreb – there’s a direct train everyday (two trains a day on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays). Die Bahn is the simplest way to look up train timetables – see http://www.bahn.de/p_en/view/index.shtml.

      There is also a bus from Budapest to Zagreb, but this only operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. See the Zagreb Bus Terminal website http://www.akz.hr/default.aspx?id=260 for details.

      From Zagreb, there are then several buses a day to Novalja in July. (Again, look up schedules on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website, per the link above.)

      Should you travel by train from Budapest to Zagreb, you will most likely have to stay the night in Zagreb.

  • Moa

    Hi, I’m wondering if there are any buses leaving Plitvice Lakes to Zadar later then 17.23? I’m going either on the 17th or 18th of June. Thanks!

  • Melissa Chung

    Hi, I am looking at the bus tickets from Dubrovnik to Split. I am wondering why the tickets for some departure times (e.g. 09:00, 10:00) are not available online. Do I have to get them from the bus station or is it simply because they are all sold out? Thanks.

    • Where are you looking to buy tickets online? (The Bus Croatia website?) There are many bus companies in Croatia; I can only assume (but you would really have to ask them) that they don’t have an agreement to sell tickets for every company. Some bus companies don’t offer online booking at *all* (and so tickets for these companies can only be bought in advance at the bus station), but I do know one company (Autotrans) which don’t seem to have their tickets available for sale on that site, but definitely do on their own website.

  • Jonas Rosado

    Hi, I would like to travel from Pula to Zadar in 4/September.
    I found a site buscroatia.com and see just three times this day, this information are correct?

    print-screen: https://www.dropbox.com/s/byhehn4heba4lw7/Captura%20de%20tela%202015-05-26%2000.33.08.png?dl=0

    By the way, this site is trusted?

    thanks a lot

    • You can double-check this on the Zadar Bus Terminal website at http://www.liburnija-zadar.hr/ which also shows only three buses. (You can’t select the date, but as you’ll see, these buses run daily.)

      It’s quite a new site and I’ve never used it myself, but see no reason why it shouldn’t be trusted.

      • Jonas Rosado

        OK, thanks

  • HulaGirl808

    Hi. We arrive in Osijek (from London) on Friday, June 12 @1720. Is it possible to get to Zagreb that night around 9:30 p.m. via bus (or train)? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Bus is a better option for Osijek-Zagreb as it’s quicker and there are more options…also there’s no trains that day to Zagreb after 4.20pm!

      You can look up bus schedules on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website at http://www.akz.hr/default.aspx?id=260. Do you want to get to Zagreb *for* 9.30pm (the journey time isn’t that quick!) or *depart* Osijek at 9.30pm? (As that’s quite a bit after your plane lands…?)

      Either way, look up schedules on the site above – you’ll see buses departing Osijek at 7pm, 9pm and 10pm. Journey time is 4 hours; a one way ticket is around 130 Kuna.

  • Young Ju Kim

    Hi! I’ll travel Croatia from July 6 to July 11. I’ll visit Dubrovnik->Zaton->Zadar->Plitvice->Zagreb. I searched some croatia bus website and found all rote can be cover by bus. But there is some ticket that can not book on online. It is okay that I buy ticket on the day?

    • I would suggest using local public transport buses for the Dubrovnik – Zaton portion of your trip. (So, just turn up and get on – pay the driver! Or pre-buy a ticket from a newspaper kiosk, it’s a bit cheaper.) You can see what buses go to Zaton here: http://www.libertasdubrovnik.com/prigradskazapad.swf and here are the bus times: http://www.libertasdubrovnik.com/prigradski.pdf. Ask locally/at your accommodation for where to get the bus from.

      THEN, I would strongly recommend going *back* to Dubrovnik to get the bus up to Zadar. You will find this much easier and have much more choice for buses. Not many buses stop in Zaton on the way up the coast – you may even find those that do are completely full and you won’t be able to get on!

      In which case, you *can* pre-buy a ticket for Dubrovnik to Zadar, and for the other parts of your trip. If there’s a bus at a time you want to use that you can’t get online, I would definitely buy a ticket immediately as you get in e.g. once you arrive in Zadar, buy the ticket to go to Plitvice – I assume the next day? – at the bus station then.

      BTW, that’s quite a lot (geographically) to cover in just five days! Are you sure you want to do all of this? (It’ll be quite a bit of bus travel!) What are your reasons for going to Zaton?

      • Young Ju Kim

        I go to Zaton for just reaching Zadar. I found the bus from Dubrovnic to Zadar take too many hours by bus. but if i go from dubrovnic to zaton and zaton to zadar then i reduce some hours. I use : http://www.buscroatia.com

        I want to avoid staying long hours.
        Also, Zagreb for just reaching Budapest. I will visit only Dubrovnic, Zadar and Plitvice for trip. :D.
        The site you give me does not offer English? I can’t recognize the website…..

        • I’m afraid I don’t think that will work. The reason it takes such a long time from Dubrovnik to Zadar is because…it’s far! (About 400km) Any buses that go from Zaton to Zadar would definitely start in Dubrovnik – so there’s no point going Dubrovnik-Zaton, Zaton-Zadar. What buses (as in, what time?) were you planning on taking?

          The “quickest” bus I’ve found is the one that departs Dubrovnik at 6am, which arrives in Zadar at 1.40pm, run by AP Varazdin. It isn’t one that can be booked online, but you can pre-book tickets in Dubrovnik when you’re there. (At the bus station.)

          Do also note that you’re travelling in peak season (July) – coastal buses may well be delayed because of all the holiday traffic on the coastal road. So the journey may take longer. (Even if you start in Zaton.)

          Is there a way you could adjust your trip? That’s a lot of travellng to do when you’re in Croatia for such a short time. Maybe fly Dubrovnik-Zagreb (with Croatia Airlines) and then do a day trip from Zagreb to Plitvice?

          Zadar is lovely, but I don’t think I’d want to spend 8 hours on a bus to get there…especially if I need to do lots more travelling the day (or two) after!

          • Young Ju Kim

            There are 2 Zaton. One is near Dubrovnik and another is near Zadar. haha… Anyway I decided to visit just Dubrovnik and Plitvice.
            Thank you for kind replying~
            One more, I will take night bus from Dubrovnik to Zagreb on July 9 or 10. Do I have to book bus on online? Or is it okay to buy ticket one or two day before leave Dubrovnik. I hear it is boom on July in Croatia, but I want to travel more flexible so…. I don’t know how to do…. What do you recommend? 😀

          • Indeed, exactly – and I assume the bus booking website has muddled something up in its database. (It’s half an hour from Zaton near Zadar to Zadar…but definitely not from the one near Dubrovnik!)

            Absolutely, July is peak season so it’s honestly hard to say… Is it a case you don’t know how long you’ll want to spend in Dubrovnik before you get there? I would have said that you should try and book as soon as you get to Dubrovnik (but then that doesn’t solve the problem if you don’t know how long you want to stay there). I suppose ask yourself – if tickets for the night you want to travel are sold out and you have to go the next night (or do some alternative route by daytime, say, via Split), how much would that affect your plans?

  • Emma Valentino

    Hi there, are buses from Plitvice to Split likely to be full in end September? Was looking at the tickets at getbybus and they recommended boarding at Entrance 1 instead of 2 to ensure there are seats. But we would be staying at Entrance 2. Would it be necessary to go to Entrance 1 to take the bus?
    Also, is there any catamaran that runs from Hvar to Dubrovnik on 1 Oct (Thurs) specifically? I’ve checked the 2 companies and there doesn’t seem to be, but not sure if it’s because the schedule is not up yet.

    • I think you will be okay at Entrance 2 the end of September as that’s already approaching ‘low’ season, so not as busy.

      There’s only one company running sailings from Hvar to Dubrovnik – Kapetan Luka (http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html ). In October, they’re only sailing three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as you can see…unfortunately not on Thurs (1st Oct)! You could either obviously delay a day/go a day early…or perhaps more sensibly (if you’re on a particular schedule) return to Split from Hvar and then take a bus down to Dubrovnik.

  • Ang12

    How reliable is the timing of the buses in Croatia? My trip is time sensitive and I wonder how much “error” I should account for.

    • Where journey(s) are you planning to undertake, and at what time of year? Buses do indeed run to time in Croatia and normally there’s not any problems in this regard. However, routes on the coastal road during peak summer season (i.e. July/August) can be at the mercy of traffic…and all the cars of holidaymakers that have come down to the Croatian coast from neighbouring countries (and Croatia itself!)…meaning delays can occur.

  • Kez1259

    Does anyone know where i can find an up to date timetable for buses from Zadar to Skradin (for Krka park)? Goint there on a cruise shortly and really struggling to find any info on buses 🙂

  • Sandra O’RourkeGlynn

    I’ve used the bus in Croatia many times. This year I need to go from Zadar to Pula. So many companies have popped up since I was there 2 years ago. 29 Euro seems high for Croatia for this trip, does anyone have any advice? Should I just wait until I arrived to purchase the ticket. Its what I’ve always done in the past.

    • You can double-check prices on the Zadar Bus Terminal website at http://www.liburnija-zadar.hr/index.php?lang=en. Doing a search on there reveals two buses, one priced at 200 Kunas (approx. €26), the second at 258 Kunas (approx €34). So €29 (where did you see that price?) seems about right (if not quite spot on!).

      What month are you travelling in? You should be fine with just buying your tickets once there. If you’re in Zadar for a day (or more) before travelling up to Pula, you can always pop by the bus station and pre-book your tickets in person.

      • Sandra O’RourkeGlynn

        I found that on http://www.buscroatia.com. its actually showing at 26.50 now. I might try to get there from Venice instead or perhaps go to London then fly direct. I’m traveling from Dublin and Zadar is the only airport available to fly to. I’m trying to coordinate with a boat in the Pula, Cres, Rab area so I could be anywhere weather permitting. At the end of the day its pretty much the same price. Thanks for your help. Great advice.

        • Aer Lingus fly from Dublin to Pula – but their flights only start on 19th May, and they only fly twice a week in peak season (as opposed to three times for Dublin-Zadar with Ryanair) so I don’t know if that would be suitable for you.

          You can see who flies to Pula from the UK & Ireland here – might help if you do end up flying via London: http://www.visit-croatia.co.uk/index.php/getting-to-croatia/flights-croatia-destination-airport/.

          Or, yes, you could get a catamaran or bus from Venice to Pula! This page might help you in that regard: http://www.visit-croatia.co.uk/index.php/getting-to-croatia/travelling-from-italy-to-croatia/travelling-from-venice-to-croatia/

          And you’re welcome! Thanks for your nice words. 🙂

          • Sandra O’RourkeGlynn

            oh thanks again for this. Really useful. I never fly Aer Lingus as they never suit times and are always more than double the price. The last time I took a bus to Rijeka but never thought of the catamaran, thats a great idea, Do you think that needs to be booked ahead.

          • It depends what month you’re travelling in – if it’s peak season (July/August for definite, perhaps late June & early September too) I would suggest pre-booking to avoid tickets being sold out. Otherwise, you should be okay to simply buy a ticket at the port… However, you may just want to put your mind at rest and pre-book a ticket online!

      • thought Id get back to you on this. I did use the bus but when I arrived in Pula I was advised by locals I should have taken the ferry as its half the price. Still had a great time traveling and sailing through the Balkans for 6 weeks. My yearly trip.

        • Thanks for coming back to the site and providing feedback! I’m a bit surprised they said that – the catamaran between Zadar and Pula is 300 Kunas one-way! (See http://lnp.hr/en/2304-2/) Unfortunately, this catamaran was also only announced a week or so before it started sailing in mid-July – hence, I couldn’t confirm it to you a few months ago.

          Nevertheless, very glad you had a great time! 6 weeks – lucky you! 🙂

          • I took the bus from Rijeka to Krk, and my friend took the ferry. His was half what I paid.

          • Do you know who operates the Rijeka-Krk ferry? I didn’t think there was such line (because of the bridge connecting the island to the mainland).

          • I dont but Ill ask.

    • Guest

      I found that on buscroatia.com. its actually showing at 26.50 now. I think Ill try to get here from Venice instead or perhaps go to London then fly direct. At the end of the day its pretty much the same price. Thanks for your help. Great advice.

  • Roslyn Kent

    Hi there, my friend and I are travelling by ferry from Vis to Split, and then we want to take the bus from Split to Zadar. Just to be safe in case we miss the ferry, we thought we might book the bus tickets once we get off the ferry in Split. Is this okay to do? Meaning will the bus tickets be sold out? This will be on June 20th, 2015.

    • This is fine to do – if you look up timetables on http://www.ak-split.hr/, you will see there’s plenty of buses from Split to Zadar. So if, for whatever reason, you can’t get tickets for the first bus (unlikely), there’s another one soon after!

      BTW, I’m not sure I’ve fully understand everything in your question – if case you miss the ferry, you might get tickets once you get off the ferry? Are you coming in to Split with another ferry before heading on to Vis?

    • Franko Pericic

      There is no need for that. I am going every summer to the island of Vis. I pay a bus ticket from Zadar to Split only 110kn or 15€.
      When you go with boat from Vis to Split, you have a bus station and buy there. I think every 2 hours is driving Split-Zadar. Have a nice trip, you will like Zadar, Vis and Komiža!

  • Man Yee Ho

    Hi, we are a group of 8 and we are planning to travel to Dubrovnik on the 7th Jun right after landing at split airport at 9:30pm. Do you think its possible for us to catch the 01:35-05:45 bus? Should we book the ticket in advance via getbybus.com? Is there the need to, in case the bus is full and it seems to be the last bus? and is it a reliable website? the ticket is 25.77eur for return, is it reasonable? Thanks

    • That particular bus is run by Croatia Bus (http://www.croatiabus.hr/index.php?lang=en) – if you click on the ‘buy tickets’ part of their site, you’ll see it actually takes you to GetByBus sub-website. So if they trust GBB to run their ticketing, then I am sure it is fine. 🙂

      Yes, absolutely, you’ll definitely be able to catch that bus. It’s about 30-40 minutes from the airport to the bus terminal in Split (there are transfer buses). You’ll have time for a little wander around as well, of course…!

      Well, I *doubt* a bus at that time of night would be full. Having said that, because you’re quite a large group and because it sounds like you really want to take this particular bus, I probably would be pre-book to put your mind at rest.

      Sure, that price is absolutely fine. Buses on this route (all routes, really) are all similarly priced and have similar quality – there’s no ‘luxury’ or ‘budget’ companies that you might have in some countries.

      The one thing about buying a return ticket – do note that by doing this, you’re limiting yourself to doing the return journey with Croatia Bus as well. Now, that’s not a problem…but you might find that there’s another bus at a better time for you run by another company.

      Take a look at the Split Bus Terminal website – http://www.ak-split.hr/EN/vozni.red/VozniRedDolazaka.aspx – for arrivals to Split. You won’t be able to look up June yet, but just look up any date that’s the same day of the week as the one you intend to travel on. (It’s the same all year around.)

      Buying two single tickets would be a bit more expensive than a return…but not by too much. (But maybe you discover that one of the return Croatia Bus buses suits you best anyway.)

  • Tiffany

    I am arriving in Novalja from Rab via ferry on May 1 and I need to get to Pag Town. It looks like there is bus on Antonio Tours but it leaves only 10 minutes after the ferry is scheduled to arrive. Any idea how far it is to get from the ferry terminal to the bus station? Any other bus options? I am worried because it is a holiday.

    • The bus station isn’t all that close to the where the catamaran arrives…I’d estimate it’s about a 5-minute drive, assuming the taxi driver puts his foot down! (It’s definitely not walking distance.)

      To the best of my knowledge, there are no other (later) buses. So, getting the 5.50pm bus is…very, very tight!

      The only other alternative I can think of would be to get a taxi to Pag, as it’s about 30 minutes away. I’m afraid I don’t know how much that would cost.

  • Jul Yi

    Thanks you so much for your tips.
    Wish your great days!!

    • You’re welcome – I hope you enjoy your visit to Croatia!

  • Jul Yi

    Thank you for your advice.

    I’ll be in Dubrovnik and leave out from Zagreb.

    On my way to Zagreb, I’m thinking to stop by Hvar, and then Split.

    Have any advice on it?

    and if i arrive Sucuraj, how can i find a bus to across the island, and get to Stari Grad?

    • Buses from Sucuraj to other parts of Hvar really aren’t that frequent (see http://www.stari-grad-faros.hr/EasyEdit/UserFiles/%20bus%20vozni/stari%20grad.pdf!) so I really would suggest taking a bus from Dubrovnik to Split (many buses per day) and then taking a ferry or catamaran to Hvar from there. Jadrolinija also run the ferry services to Stari Grad and catamaran services to Hvar Town; you can do Dubrovnik – Split – ferry/catamaran to Hvar all in one day.

      How many days do you have for your trip in total?

  • Jul Yi


    I’m going to Hvar Island through “Drvenik-Sucuraj car ferry shuttle” from Dubrovnik by bus on 27 (or 28) Apr. Can you help me which is the bus station to get the ferry terminal among Drvenik HR, Drvenik HR intersection, Drvenik Mali or Veli ??

    • It’s Drvenik itself that you want (HR just means Hrvatska i.e. Croatia). Drvenik Mali and Veli are two small islands near Trogir, and the intersection option normally means the bus drops you off outside of town (as in, at some intersection of a road that passes outside close to the town, but not actually through it).

      BTW, where are you heading to on Hvar? You might just find it easier to take the bus all the way to Split and then take a catamaran/ferry from there to Hvar. (Although, it depends on where you’re trying to reach!)

  • Sébastien Bours

    Hello ! I’m looking for the website of the company PKN (Prijevoz Knezevic) to book them a trip from Plitvice to Zadar. Can you help us ? Have them a website or an e-mail adress? Best regards, Sebastien

    • I’m afraid I cannot find either a website or an email address for them! When (what month) will you be travelling?

      • Sébastien Bours

        Well, here’s our situation : I’m the leader of a group of 34 belgian scouts “Venture Scouts – Pionneers 124” which is coming to Croatia. We are going to Croatia to help some young croatian with down syndrom in their everyday’s life, in the DSC of Pula. After that, we’d like to visit your beautiful country and make steps in some cities. So we find a lot of informations on http://www.buscroatie.com. We’ve seen on the BusCroatia website there was a bus from Plitvice to Zadar on Tuesday 21st of July in the morning. It referes to the compagny PKN but there’s no link to book… The reason why we try to contact directly the buscompany is that as a youth movement we don’t have a lot of money so we try to have group prices 🙂

        • Aha, okay, I see the need for pre-booking now! A great reason for the trip to Croatia – thank you – and I do hope you all enjoy your travels in the country afterwards!

          What I would suggest is getting in touch with Zadar Bus Terminal – http://www.liburnija-zadar.hr/ (email icon in top right corner) as they should hopefully know of a way of contacting that bus company.

          OR, there’s another company – AP Varazdin – which also have a bus in the mornings from Plitvice to Zadar. (Departs Plitvice 9.45am, arrives Zadar at 12.30pm.) You can see this schedule on their website (which is not in English – but schedule easy enough to understand!) at http://www.ap.hr/?gid=12&aid=107; their contact page is http://www.ap.hr/?gid=6. I am sure they would have someone in their office that would understand English if you email them.

          Hope this helps, and good luck!

          • Sébastien Bours

            Thank you for your help 🙂 Have a nice day !

          • You’re welcome! You too! 🙂

  • Aj

    Hello, i am looking to go to Plitvice Lakes National Park from Vrsar, is there a bus for this? also looking to go to
    Baredine Cave from vrsar as well.
    please help!

    • There wouldn’t be a direct bus from Vrsar to Plitvice – you would have to make a change of bus somewhere. (There aren’t even direct buses from larger towns such as Pula or Rijeka to Plitvice.) Karlovac is one place you could change buses at – you can use the Zagreb Bus Terminal website to check timetables: http://www.akz.hr/default.aspx?id=260. However, I don’t think it’s really do-able – it’s about 4 hours Vrsar to Karlovac and then another 1.5 Karlovac to Plitvice, so it will be quite late in the day by the time you get to Plitvice! Perhaps ask locally in Vrsar if there are any organised trips, this would be easier.

      As for Baredine, this should be do-able, but do ask locally for the best route. If there’s buses from Vrsar to Visnjan, you can use one of these and get off at Nova Vas and then walk to Baredine (1km away). Otherwise, you might have to first get a bus to Porec, and then one from here to Visnjan (and, again, get off at Nova Vas).

      • AJ

        Thank you for your advice. We are just looking for the best place to stay for sight seeing.

        • Well, there’s plenty to do within Istria itself – you might like to look into staying in one of the larger towns, say Porec or the gorgeous Rovinj, to make use of public bus connections within Istria. You can travel to the other towns in the region e.g. Pula – lots to see there!

          The Plitvice Lakes National Park is quite far from Istria, so it really depends how keen you are to see the park and how long you have in total for your trip in terms of whether somewhere else in Croatia is a better destination for you.

          Hiring a car would be an easy way of getting around and exploring/sightseeing, but I appreciate not everyone wants to drive on the holidays!

          You might perhaps also look at doing some kind of one-way route e.g. fly into Zagreb, take a bus down to the Plitvice Lakes, take another bus on to your next destination, explore that part and then (at the end) fly out of there. But then this also depends on where you’re flying into Croatia from.

  • CB

    Hello, is there any luggage storage at Skradin – either at the bus station or anywhere else nearby? Thank you

    • Buses to Skradin will drop you off in the centre of town…you can try asking at a local hotel/accommodation place to see if they will hold your luggage for you.

  • Mike

    Is the bus service from Rovinj to Pula regular all day and what is the last buso Rovinj back from Pula to Rovinj

    • Yes, buses do run regularly throughout the day although there’s slightly fewer buses on weekends. You can see times of buses on the Pula Tourist Office website – http://www.pulainfo.hr/en/prijevoz/bus/54/ – scroll down for the Pula – Rovinj section.

  • Heather

    Are there many buses leaving Plitvice lakes in the afternoon/evening to go to Zagreb? Is it recommended to buy a ticket in advance? I am coming from zadar in the morning to plitvicve and continuing to Zagreb. Thanks!

    • Cole

      Yes i believe there are a couple of buses leaving Plitvice that go directly to Zagreb. I had bought a round trip ticket in Zagreb from the main bus terminal so my seat on the return trip was already secured. You should be able to do the same in Zadar ahead of time.

  • Chris

    I’m off from Dubrovnik to Mostar on September 11th. I see the schedule shows a bus at 8am. Do you think I’ll need to come the day before and purchase tickets or can we just walk up. Don’t want it to be sold out.

    • Hi Chris, it’s hard to say – I think you *should* be okay with just buying a ticket beforehand on the day of your travels but if you really need to get that particular bus otherwise your plans will be completely thrown, then probably better to put your mind at rest and buy tickets the day before.

  • nami

    Hello, Is there store luggage service at bus station rovinj and Pula??

    • Yes, there is left luggage at Pula Bus Station and I believe there is one at Rovinj too.

      • nami

        Certainly, there are lockers at the bus terminal Robin?

        • In Rovinj? It is more likely to be a guarded left luggage room as opposed to lockers.

  • Jessie Wang

    Is there store luggage service at bus station of Pula, Sibnek, Trogir?
    On this website, there is store luggage service at Rovinj bus station, but doesn’t mention this service for Pula, Sibnek and Trogir.

    I saw some posts mentioned there are store luggage service at all above bus station, but there are 2-3 years ago. I want to make sure the service is still there so I can plan my itinerary accordingly.


    • Yes, there are storage facilities at Pula and Sibenik bus stations. Trogir is a small station and I don’t remember there being left luggage facilities last time I was there (admittedly, it wasn’t something I was looking for) but I am sure that will be able to find such a facility somewhere nearby – perhaps ask at the tourist office.

  • Jessie Wang


    I will take a bus from Pula to Opatija, while leave, take bus 32 to Rijeka. So I want to find out Opatija bus station location so I can book a hotel near the station.
    This website says the station is located at Velog Jože 1, which is near Hotel Opatija: http://www.balkanviator.com/en/bus-station-opatija

    But this website says the stop of Line 32 is near Grand Hotel Adriatic Opatija:

    Are they both correct? The stop of Line 32 is not in bus station?


    • The main bus terminal in Opatija (at Velog Joze 1) is where the inter-city buses arrive at/leave from, and some local buses stop at. The second link you’ve provided happens to show ONE stop that bus 32 makes – near to the Grand Hotel Adriatic – that that website points out as it’s telling people attending a conference there (in 2012!) where to get off! I don’t specifically know all the stops that bus number 32 makes, but I would imagine that it also makes a stop very close to the main bus station in Opatija as well, if not actually there.

      You can also take an “inter-city” bus from from the main bus station from Opatija to Rijeka as well – it would cost more, but it takes less time as there’s fewer stops.

      All in all, I wouldn’t worry too much about choosing your accommodation – Opatija is relatively small and there’s plenty of ways of getting between the Opatija and Rijeka!

  • Jessie Wang

    I will travel from Koper to Rovinj in mid of Sept.
    I only manage to find 2 bus (9:34am and 10:59am) on this website: http://www.ap-ljubljana.si/eng/vozni_eng.php
    But I prefer a bus at late afternoon (after 6pm), or at early morning (around 8am).
    Any advice?

    • That’s likely to be the only buses at that time of year (there’s more in summer – July/August), and I can’t think of any other possible route (involving a change of buses somewhere) that would let you travel at the times you were thinking of. Still, it may not be ideal, but 9.34am isn’t that much later than around 8am?

  • Dana

    Hello, my friend and I are visiting Croatia for the first time. We are arriving in Zadar on Aug 10, then going to Split Aug 11-13, going to Dubrovnik on Aug 13-15. I have 2 questions. Would it be best (cheapest/reliable) to get tickets online or at the bus station? I saw you can purchase some on buscroatia.com Also, are the bus timetables pretty accurate, i.e. do the buses get there when it says it will? Our flight leaves Zadar at 19:15 and I want to make sure that we make it back from Dubrovnik on time since it’s a long bus ride.

    • Hi there, well buying tickets on buscroatia.com seems to be a relatively new thing – I’ve not see that before, and I’ve not heard any feedback in terms of buying tickets. However, they don’t offer tickets for all routes that are running – compare the Zadar – Split route with the timetables listed on the Zadar Bus Terminal website – http://www.liburnija-zadar.hr/ – for example. On the other hand, prices seem to be the same as if you would buy them at the stations.

      What you might like to do is simply wait until you’re there and buy tickets the day before you do each route – so, get to Zadar, stop off at the bus terminal from the airport and buy tickets for the bus to Split the next day; when you get to Split, buy tickets for your onward travel to Dubrovnik for the 13th and so on. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting tickets.

      As for timetables being accurate, well… *Generally*, buses in Croatia run on time, *however* the very busy summer season (July & August!) means that the coastal road gets very jam-packed with traffic and this is what causes delays…not much can be done about this!

      However, if you look at timetables on the Zadar Bus Terminal website, as detailed above, it seems that you’ll have to take the 8am bus which gets into Zadar at 4pm – anything later and you won’t be able to get your flight! So your bus shouldn’t be *that* delayed.

      Having said all this, this is quite a bit of travelling for a short period of time and especially seeing as you have to return back to Zadar to fly out. Any chance you might want to lessen the travelling and perhaps choose to visit an island off Split, for example, instead of Dubrovnik?

      • Dana

        Thanks! I did notice that buscroatia.com didn’t have all lines available online, which is why I wanted to know about the prices compared to at the train station. It’s good to know it shouldn’t be a problem getting tickets there though.

        Both buscroatia and the zadar terminal website showed a bus leaving Dubrovnik at 5am and getting into Zadar at 1:20pm. So, if getting there by 4pm should give us enough time it would be highly unlikely for the bus to be more than 3-4 hours late due to traffic, right?

        I know it’s a lot of traveling, but I live in the US and with my circumstances I might never get another shot at seeing Dubrovnik. I’d really like to see both of these cities and I don’t mind taking really early buses cause I can sleep most anywhere and I won’t be up late partying.

        Thanks for your help!

        • I guess my next question would be, any chance you could change your ticket so you fly out of Dubrovnik rather than Zadar? I appreciate you want to see both places (fair enough!) but spending 7/8 hours on a bus on your final day of a short visit to Croatia is quite a lot!

          If not…then yes, it would be unlikely that the bus would be 3-4 hours late. I think it would probably be better to take an earlier bus from Dubrovnik to get into Zadar for lunchtime(-ish) and maybe spend a few hours there before going to the airport – there should also be less traffic earlier on in the day. (Obviously, anything could happen with the traffic, but such a long delay would be unlikely!)

          Have a good time!

  • Jenny

    What would be the option to travel from Tisno to Plitvice Lakes on the 23rd of July, please? Thank you!


    Hi,I want to travel from Zagreb to Rijeka and come back a few days later,but on the Brioni bus.How do I go about telling them in Zagreb bus station that I want this company and a return ticket,are all tickets for every bus company purchased from the same place in Zagreb?

    • At Zagreb Bus Station, there’s a central tickets counter where you can buy tickets for all buses, routes etc. It should absolutely be possible to tell them (in English!) the particular buses you want to travel on – mention Brioni, or perhaps the times of the actual Brioni buses you want to travel on. Brioni do claim to have online booking (see http://www.brioni.hr/prijevozputnika/prodajakarata/prodaja.aspx ) but sometimes the online booking options of Croatian bus companies doesn’t quite work as it should – I’ve never tried Brioni’s personally, but you might like to give it a go! HTH

  • Lauri

    Hello! Is there a direct bus from Zadar to Krka national park? And is it possible to book in advance? Thank you.

    • There appears to be a couple a day (check out the timetable on the Zadar Bus Terminal website at http://www.liburnija-zadar.hr/ – choose Skradin as your destination) but they’re perhaps not at times suitable for visiting Krka (i.e. they’re in the afternoon). It might therefore be better to go Zadar – Sibenik – Skradin. Not many bus companies offer online booking and the ones doing the Zadar – Skradin route don’t; if you’re in Zadar for a day or so before hand, you could pop along to the bus station to book it from there. (But if you go Zadar – Sibenik – Skradin, then you’ll only be able to book the direct routes from Zadar.)

  • suz

    hello. I need to get a bus from zadar to Omis on the 6th August. Can you tell me if there is a direct bus or do I have to get a bus to split and then another to Omis. Also can I pre book online?. is it recommended to book in advance.? thank you

    • Yes, there are direct buses from Zadar to Omis. You can see the times on the Zadar Bus Terminal website at http://www.liburnija-zadar.hr/index.php?lang=en. I’m afraid that the bus terminal doesn’t offer online booking; of the companies running the route only Autotrans (https://www.autotrans.hr/en-us/home) does, but perhaps you don’t want to take the bus at that time. Hmm, well…it doesn’t hurt to pre-book (if you’re in Zadar for a few days before, you can do so in person at the bus station) but I’ve managed to get bus tickets on the day only an hour or so in advance. (Admittedly, not this particular route!) So if you can’t pre-book in person, don’t worry too much – you should be okay.

      • suz

        Thank you very much. The information is very useful.

  • Sam

    Hi there, I am traveling from Zagreb to Plitvice Lake on July 3rd and would want to take the earliest bus at 5:45am. Where can I get the tickets online?


    • Hello – you can purchase tickets on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website at http://voznired.akz.hr/voznired.aspx?lang=en. You’ll need to first search for the journey you want…when you search for Plitvice, start typing PLI… and then select PLITVICKA JEZERA from the drop down list.

      • sam

        Thanks! I have tried to buy tickets on the website but it said transaction has not been charged? Does that mean the bus is not available?

        • I doubt that, tbh. At which stage does it say that – right at the end when you click “Buy”? You might want to email them to see what the transaction glitch is. Alternatively, if you’re in Zagreb the day (or few days) beforehand (sounds like you are if you’re getting the 5.45am bus to Plitvice!) you could just pop along to the bus station in person to book a ticket that way.

  • Dani

    Hi there, I am travelling from Zadar to to Novalja on Saturday 28th June. I know that there is an Antonio Tours Coach which I can get on but would you recommend to pre-book tickets? I am having a little trouble with the Antonio Tours website and I am unable to see whether I have the option of pre-booking.

    Many thanks,


    • Hi there, Antonio Tours don’t offer online pre-booking, so you basically can only pre-book in person at the bus station in Zadar. (Which, I appreciate, isn’t helpful if you’re only landing in town the day you’re travelling to Novalja! Or, if you *are* in Zadar, pop by the bus station to buy a ticket.) You could email Antonio Tours to see if they can help in any way – antonio.tours@zd.t-com.hr. Otherwise…just buy there and then!

      • Dani

        Thank you for your help.


  • Ge

    Hi there, I am going to be doing yacht week on the 19th of July. I will need to get from the airport to Kastela marina. I have heard that there is a bus that can take me there?

    I also will need to fly back to the UK on the 26th of July. So does this bus (I believe bus 37?) also come back to Kastela marina to take people to the airport? And does it run on Saturdays? AND how often does it run? My flight might be at 6.25AM so will it run that early?

    Finally, if this is not an option could you please suggest an alternative option to travel to and from Split airport to Kastela marina.

    Thank you!

    • Hi there – yes, there is a local bus (you are correct, number 37) that basically operates between Trogir and Split, going past the road outside Split Airport and travelling through the different towns that make up the Kastela region. Buses are roughly three an hour – you can see a timetable at http://www.promet-split.hr/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=94&Itemid=187 (Radni Dan = working day i.e. weekday; Subota is Satuday, Nedjelja is Sunday). Buses turn up at the stop outside Split Airport roughly 5-10 minutes after their departure time from Trogir. You can ask the driver for Marina Kastela as to when you should get off – the marina is in Kastel Gomilica, so you could also look out for that. I think the journey should be about 20 minutes.

      Yes, there’s a return bus and here’s the timetable: http://www.promet-split.hr/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=93&Itemid=188. Again, this shows the start time of buses from Split to Trogir, and the earliest bus on a Saturday (as you will see) is at 4.30am (then 5am, then 5.30am) departure time from Split. I’m guessing a little bit, but I suppose these buses would reach Kastel Gomilica about 20 minutes (at the earliest) later.


  • yi

    Hi, i am planing a perhaps 4 to 5 days trip to croatia from austria. I plan to visit split,zadar or zagreb. May i know is there any bus that i can take from austria to croatia and how much is it?many thanks in advance.

    • Sure, there are buses from Austria to Croatia! But where in Austria are you travelling from? On the Eurolines Austria site (http://www.eurolines.at/en ) you can look up schedules for routes from Austria to the places in Croatia you mention, and you should see price info there too.

  • Noga

    hey! I was wondering whether there is a bus going from Plitvice towards either Sibenik/Skardin? how long would it take? If I understood correctly you have to pass through Zadar, is there perhaps any other alternative? thanks in advance!

    • Hi there – there aren’t any buses from Plitvice to Skradin, but there are a few from Plitvice to Sibenik (from where there are obviously a number of buses to Skradin). You can use the Zagreb Bus Terminal website to look up these schedules – please see http://www.akz.hr/default.aspx.

  • Taylor Newton

    Is it possible to get from Plitvice to Dubrovnik by bus all in one day (probably changing in Split)? One timetable shows that there is a bus that leaves Plitvice at 08:48 and arrives in Split around 15:15. However, I can only find it on the Split bus station “arrivals” page. I tried looking at the bus company’s webpage directly but it is all in Croatian. Thanks!

    • It is technically possible…it’d be a long journey, though! There is actually one direct bus from Plitvice to Dubrovnik – it is run by AP Varazdin (http://www.ap.hr/?task=group&gid=12 – the Varazdin – Dubrovnik route, dep. Plitvice at 9.45am, arrives in Dubrovnik at 8.30pm).

      You’re right, unfortunately I can’t find the Plitvice-Split bus that’s mentioned on the Split Bus Terminal website on the Cazmatrans website (even in Croatian!). Having said that, I’ve always found the website a bit a lacking in info! You may like to contact them direct for info – either via http://www.cazmatrans.hr/kontakt.php or by emailing putnicki.promet@cazmatrans.hr


      • Taylor

        Great thanks!!! I appreciate your help!

  • El

    Hi, would you recommend pre-booking a bus ticket from Zagreb to Split, if I particularly want one of the express buses? Or is it safe to buy on the day?

    Thank you!

    • It depends a little on the time of year you’re travelling (i.e. whether it’s in summer or not) and also perhaps the time of day you want to travel at! If there is one particular bus you want to use, I guess I would suggest pre-booking so can be sure you’ll get a seat on it. Will you be in Zagreb for a day or two before you travel to Split? You could always pop by the bus station the day before and “pre-book” your ticket in this way!

  • edo

    i will make a trip to plitvice lake on may 23th 2014. i will start from zagreb in morning, stay at plitvice for 1 day, and on may 24th 2014 i should continue my trip to zadar to catch my flight to manchester at 14.00. so i couldnot be late. could you help me to give bus timetable ?
    thank you

    • You can look up schedules on the Zagreb Bus Station website at http://voznired.akz.hr/voznired.aspx?lang=en. For ‘starting station’, start typing in PLI…and then select “PLITVICKA JEZERA” (Plitvice Lakes) from the drop down.

      As you’ll see, the earliest bus is at 9.45am which gets into Zadar at 12.30pm. I’m afraid that might be cutting it a bit fine if your flight is at 2pm! :-s

  • Suzy

    Hi! Could you please help me to find the departure/arrival time of these buses? Though I have reached several websites, I couldn’t confirm if their information was constantly renewed or not.

    1) From Dubrovnik to Mostar(Bosnia Herzegovina) on 4. May
    2) From Mostar to Dubrovnik on 5. or 6. May
    further, from Dubrovnik to Kotor(Montenegro) on 5. or 6. May
    3) From Kotor to Dubrovnik on 8. May

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    • Hi Suzy, you’re right that it’s sometimes a little tricky trying to find correct bus schedules for Croatian bus journeys – I have found that the trick is to check on one website (e.g. Dubrovnik Bus Terminal’s – http://www.libertasdubrovnik.com/ ) and then cross-check against another (e.g. the actual bus company’s).


      1. Take a look at the times here: http://www.libertasdubrovnik.com/voznired2.pdf (second page). You’ll see an 8am departure with Autotrans (https://www.autotrans.hr/). Checking on their website for 4th May, however suggests this one doesn’t run on that day. You may like to contact them to see if they can provide some more info as to whether this is just a website glitch – because the Dubrovnik Bus Terminal site suggests this is a daily bus.

      The 15.15 bus is run by Globtour (http://www.globtour.com/en) – check out their times on the box on the right hand side. (Top box – departure city, second – destination. Select “Mostar, ist. kolodvor”.) It appears the results don’t appear in English, but the green line that says “Prometuje: Svakodnevno” means “Runs: Daily”.

      2. Mostar – Dubrovnik, as above.

      2. & 3. For Dubrovnik – Kotor and return, check out the timetables on the Dubrovnik Bus Terminal link (as above) and then also on the Autoboka website (http://www.autobokasaobracaj.me/images/stories/Red%20vo%C5%BEnje%20Ulcinj-Split.jpg – NOTE: this says this run lines every day, as opposed to “Ponedjeljak, Srijeda, Subota” =Mon, Weds, Sat on the Dubrovnik Bus Terminal site) and the Bozur website (http://www.bozur.net/red-voznje.html – in the left hand column of regular lines, Podgorica – Dubrovnik).

      So the conclusion I think we can come to is that it’s sometimes a bit of a mess trying to find appropriate bus time information…BUT I hope this has helped in some small way and hasn’t created too much confusion.

      What I would also suggest is checking out the times at the bus station when you’re actually in Dubrovnik. If you can’t make it before your travel to Mostar, at least turn up a bit early on that day to plan your journey to Kotor for a few days after that.

      HTH, and sorry for the initial delay in replying, btw!

      • Suzy

        Thank you so much for your extremely kind help!!
        This time I am sorry for my late reply, I thank you a lot.
        Yes, just like you suggested, I’ll get a contact with bus companies personally, or try to check it at the bus stations.
        Thanks again for your great help!

        • You’re welcome – hope you get the info you need from the companies, and hope you enjoy your travels! 🙂

  • Andy T

    We are looking to travel by bus or train to the following destinations with a couple of options to choose from – remembering that we will only manage that we can only do in ONE DAY (either the 13th./or the 14th.MAY2014)
    1)From POSTOJNA (Slovenia) – To RIJEKA (apprx. 75 Kms) – OR
    2)From POSTOJNA (Slovenia) – To IZOLA (Slovenia) – 75 KMs – OR
    3)From RIJEKA (Croatia ) – To VENICE (iTALY) Apprx.225 kMS OR
    4)IZOLA (Slovenia ) – To VENICE (ITALY) -Apprx.180 KMS
    We don’t mind travelling by Bus / TRain

    • Hi Andy – there are direct trains from Postojna to Rijeka and you can look up timetables on http://www.bahn.com/i/view/GBR/en/index.shtml.

      Likewise, there are direct buses, it appears (I’m not best placed to help on travel within Slovenia!), from Postojna to Izola – check out http://www.vozni-red.si/ which will then also provide you links to the individual bus company websites.

      However, is your ultimate aim to reach Venice? I don’t think it would be wise to travel to Rijeka (i.e. south of Postojna) to then travel back north and west to Venice. Also, there’s no direct options in travelling from Rijeka to Venice (although it’s relatively easy to travel via Trieste)…and Rijeka isn’t exactly a pretty little coastal destination to spend a bit of time in (if that’s the reason you’re going there).

      If your proper ultimate aim is to reach Venice, I would consider travelling direct from Postojna to Trieste (it appears there is a direct bus – see http://www.ap-ljubljana.si/ to look up timetables). Once you’re in Trieste, there’s several trains a day to Venice – check out times on http://www.trenitalia.com/.

      (Sorry, couldn’t find much info on Izola to Venice or Trieste – give a Slovenia site/forum a go where they might know more!)


      • Andy T

        *For the attention of : H T HHi, Thanks so much for your most helpful Info – I am now taking your advise for not *

        *bother stopping in Rijeka – as it was not my plan in the first place – just a thought.*

        *But can see your point of how much time would be wasted if you only have one day*

        *to travel between Postojna to my final destination,VENICE.*

        *kind regards,*

  • Aniko Toth

    Hi, I’m looking to travel from Opatija to Zagreb. Can you please suggest me a website or a route? Isthere any daily buses between theese towns? I’d like to travel on 4 July, what is the nearest time when i can get to know about the departure time? Best regards

    • There are a number of direct buses between Opatija & Zagreb – you can check out times of buses on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website at http://www.akz.hr/default.aspx. As you’ve mentioned, you won’t be able to see times for 4th July yet, but just pick any Friday in the near future (4th July being a Friday) and the buses that you see will also be running in July too. That site gives times for a couple of months in advance, so by early May you can see times for July. 🙂 It *might* be the case that a few extra buses might run for peak season (=July & August) on this route, but by and large you can rely on what buses are running at this time of year (if you see what I mean).

      If you need more options, consider travelling from Opatija to Rijeka (either local bus, national bus or even possibly taxi – it’s only about a 20 minute journey, perhaps a bit longer if you take a local bus) and then getting another bus from here to Zagreb – there’s absolutely loads. Use the above Zagreb Bus Terminal website to see times for Rijeka – Zagreb as well. HTH

      • Aniko Toth

        Thank you for your fast reply 🙂
        Another question… What is the name of the central bus station of Zagreb? I hope there will be buses goint to Budapest, Hungary.
        And one more 🙂 Where should i buy the ticket for the bus to Zagreb from Opatija? At the bus or in advance?
        Thank you

        • You’re welcome! 🙂

          The main bus station is just referred to as “autobusni kolodvor” which means “bus terminal” – I suppose you could also refer to it was “glavni autobusni kolodvor” = “main bus terminal”, but even if you just said it without the “glavni” people would know what you meant.

          Zagreb to Budapest is a funny one actually – although these two cities aren’t that far apart, there’s not that many buses between the two! In July I believe there’s only three buses a week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. See the timetable at http://www.eurolines.hu/files/public/Menetrendek/2014-04-01/mr6502014-04-01.pdf.

          There are, however, a couple of trains a day from Zagreb to Budapest – it’s best to use http://www.bahn.de/i/view/GBR/en/index.shtml to look up timetables for this.

          You’ll need to buy the ticket from the bus station in Opatija, and buying it on the day of your travel is *normally* okay. However, if you’re in Opatija for a few days (or more) you might want to pop to the station to buy your ticket a day or two in advance if there’s a particular bus you really, really want to be on.

  • Alicia Clark

    Hi, I am looking to travel from Zadar to Bled. Can you please advise which is the best route, thank you

    • I’d say the best way would be Zadar – Zagreb by one of the many daily buses (3.5 hours) and then Zagreb to Lesce Bled by direct train (several a day, 3 hours 15 mins journey time – see timetables at http://www.bahn.com/i/view/GBR/en/index.shtml ).

      Lesce Bled station is around 4/5km away from Lake Bled itself, and I understand there are regular transfer buses between the two. (Although a taxi would also be do-able for this distance.)


  • madeleine

    any suggestion of an overnight bus from Zagreb to dubrovnik in end of april

    • Yes, you have a few options for an overnight bus from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. You can look up times (and prices) on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website at http://www.akz.hr/default.aspx?id=260 – you won’t be able to look up times for the end of April yet, but just look up any day in the near future that’s the same day of the week as the one you’re travelling on. (The buses now and in April will run at the same times.)

  • Joel

    I am flying to Croatia with friends on the 28th August and want to travel around before Outlook festival. The route we wish to take is Dubrovnik – Hvar – Split – Pula. I’m led to believe that there are only ferries from Dub to Hvar 2 days a week? But having recently checked the jadrolinija I can’t find a route on any day of the week. I have found that there is a ferry everyday from Hvar to Split at 7.45am arriving at 09.05, is this correct?
    And finally I wish to travel by coach to Pula, from Split and believe AK has a route that travels overnight from 20.30-06.29, is this correct? Can I book tickets online?


  • LiesbethTravel

    Thank you for the elaborate answer! With passport, I mean the official means of identification outside the EU.
    We’re travelling in the beginning of June, so there will be less ferries?
    We’re flying to and from Dubrovnik (from Brussels), and we will stay about 8-10 days. We like walking in nature and we’d prefer (a) to explore Dubrovnik, (b) explore Dubrovnik’s near surroundings (day trips), and then (c) move to other places, each for at least 2 days (moving every day might not be convenient with our luggage).
    So maybe (a) 2 days Dubrovnik, (b) 1 day trip to Mljet, (c) travel to Korcula (day 4 & 5), then Hvar or Brat (day 6& 7), then Makarska (8, 9) and then finaly back to Dubrovnik airport (10)… could that work? (without too much travel time).
    Looking forward to your suggestions!

    • Ah, okay! Well you’ll of course need a passport to enter Croatia, but you won’t need to show it when travelling around on the ferries.

      *Almost* all the ferries will be operating full schedules in June – for example, Jadrolinija (the main ferry company in Croatia) switch over to their high season schedule for local lines on 30th May. The exception I can think of is the G&V Line catamaran from Dubrovnik to Korcula which I mentioned previously – it only runs in July & August.

      However, you can still get from Dubrovnik to Korcula. There’s a daily bus that takes about 3.5 hours (it uses the local Orebic – Korcula ferry) which means you can still get on to the island from Dubrovnik.

      After spending a couple of nights there, you can then most definitely get a catamaran to Hvar (it’s quite an early morning one!) – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/splitsko/9608-2014-ljeto-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2.

      After two nights here, you can then take the same catamaran to Split, from where you can catch one of the many, many buses per day to Makarska. See timetables on http://www.ak-split.hr/ – journey time is an hour and 15 approx., so I think it’s more than do-able to get the ferry and then the bus all in one day. (As in, it’s not too much travelling.)

      From Makarska, you can then get another bus to Dubrovnik for your return flight – you can get an idea of bus times on the Dubrovnik Bus Terminal website at http://www.libertasdubrovnik.com/voznired.pdf. Journey time is 3 hours.

      I think your plan certainly is possible (although Brac will have to be missed) and I don’t think there’s *too* much travelling in any one day (the most will probably be about 3 hours).

      Sounds like a nice plan, in fact! 🙂

      • LiesbethTravel

        Great, thanks for the feedback! I can start to make a more detailed travel schedule then 🙂 I indeed meant an ID – I understand a passport is needed for crossing the border with Bosnia, and the border is quite close, that’s why I was wondering.

        • Cool, sorry – as a UK site, I sometimes forget about the option of using ID cards to enter a country (the UK doesn’t have them, of course!). You would actually be able to enter Bosnia with your ID card too (if you did make it there as well!), as per the info on the B&H Ministry of Foreign Affairs website – http://www.mvp.gov.ba/konzularne_informacije/vize/Default.aspx?template_id=16&s1=155&id=4433.

          Happy planning! 🙂

          • LiesbethTravel

            Another question if I may: I’m trying to find out what time I need to take a bus from Makarska to Dubrovnik, but http://www.libertasdubrovnik.com/voznired.pdf only shows the arrival time in Dubrovnik?

          • LiesbethTravel

            Also, are there cheap flight alternatives to flying to Dubrovnik airport? Less than €300 per person at a feasible timing would be interesting…

          • LiesbethTravel

            Thanks. Yes, flying from Brussels. I think it’s best if we do the tour the other way around to make sure we catch our Dubrovnik flight. It’s not necessary to fly to Dubrovnik, but flying back from Dubrovnik is essential.

          • LiesbethTravel

            (The fact is that my husband will be in Dubrovnik on a conference and his flight is paid by his work. I’m coming later, so I can fly to Split instead, for example, and he could come there by bus and we could start our journey there.)

          • Croatia Airlines would be an option (via Zagreb) to Split/from Dubrovnik, but their more reasonable fares are earlier on the in the week rather than weekend – not sure how flexible you are. Thomas Cook Airlines (http://www.thomascookairlines.com/ ) fly direct from Brussels to Dubrovnik for a reasonable (ish!) amount, but unfortunately their flights are only on Fridays.

          • LiesbethTravel

            Thanks for the quick reply! After juggling an afternoon with ferry and bus timetables, I think the easiest way will be to just go to Makarska & Dubrovnik, but I’m not sure if there’s enough (hiking) to do in both for a total of about 9-10 days?

          • I’m afraid I’m not a hiker, so I’m not sure I’m best placed to give proper advice on this matter! Generally, between the two options I would say there’s more hiking opportunities around Makarska (Biokovo Mountain) but take a look into opportunities south of Dubrovnik, such as in the Konavle region (around Cavtat). You can get local buses from Dubrovnik to here, or you could even stay in one of these small towns.

            From Makarska, you could also hope over to Sumartin on Brac (http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/red-plovidbe/2014/splitsko/638-ljeto-2014-e.pdf?sfvrsn=2) to get some hiking/walking opportunities on this island, maybe even staying overnight.

            I reckon you *will* be okay with enough things to do, but maybe as a non-hiker, that’s easy for me to say! 🙂

          • It takes 3 hours to travel from Makarska to Dubrovnik (or just under/over), so that gives you an idea of when buses depart Makarska. (Might be an idea to pop to the bus station a day before you travel just to check the exact times!)

            As for your other question about flying to Dubrovnik – from Brussels, is that correct?

  • H

    Are buses from Split to Tisno fairly frequent running throughout July? Is there an online timetable anywhere? Sorry if I am missing something obvious!


    • You can look up timetables on the Split Bus Terminal website at http://www.ak-split.hr – you won’t be able to look up schedules for that far in advance, but just look up times for a date that’s the same day of the week as the one you intend to travel on. (Schedules will be the same – they definitely won’t stop certain buses during the busy summer months. :))

      You’ll need to look up schedules for Tisno R. which is Tisno raskrizje (= intersection). This is the nearest main intersection from Tisno where buses drop passengers off, before they (the buses!) continue up the coast. You should be able to get a taxi from here, and as it’s about 6km from Tisno, it should be pretty cheap. (And, assuming you’re heading to Tisno for a festival, maybe you/your group will find others doing the same and you can share a taxi with them!) HTH

  • sophia

    Hi me and my friends will be travelling from novalja and need to get to Tisno, I have been trying to find the best route but can’t find anything online do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Sophia, well… I would probably advise you to take a bus from Novalja to Zadar, and then change here for another bus to Tisno.

      However, during the summer months, there is a once-a-day bus that goes from Novalja all the way to Split. It is run by Antonio Tours, and you can see its schedule here: http://www.antoniotours.hr/en/croatia/island-pag/pag/bus-line-novalja-pag-zadar-sibenik-split-s7.htm. What I do is to ask locally, when you’re in Novalja, to see if this bus would be able to make a stop close to Tisno for you. You might ask if you can be dropped off in Pirovac or Tisno raskrizje (‘intersection’), both of which are close to the town of Tisno, as this bus should be travelling on the road through both of these anyway, so it’s not a detour to drop you off there.

      If not, then I’d do with what I mentioned in my first paragraph. Antonio Tours also run several daily buses from Novalja to Zadar (http://www.antoniotours.hr/en/croatia/island-pag/pag/bus-line-gajac-pag-zadar-s2.htm). From Zadar, I’m afraid I can’t really give you thorough schedules for buses to Tisno as they’re not readily available online (so, again, ask once in Zadar!) – but Autotrans (www.autotrans.hr) are one company that operate this route several times a day. (Make sure you look up schedules for Tisno r.)

      “Tisno r.” (Tisno raskrizje) is a stop about 6km out of Tisno itself, so you can do the last portion of the trip by taxi. HTH

  • Nicole55931


    Me and my friends fly into split in July for 10 days. We want to go to Hvar and Dubrovnik. Is it a better option to take a bus from split to Dubrovnik first for a few days, the a bus from Dubrovnik to Hvar. How long do these journeys take? And are they running everyday?



    • Hi Nicole, you have a few options for travelling between Split, Dubrovnik and Hvar – and yes, almost all of these options operate every day. I would probably suggest taking one option one-way and another the other way!

      It is very easy to travel by bus from Split to Dubrovnik – you can look up timetables on the Split Bus Terminal link given above. Journey time is about 4.5 hours.

      From Dubrovnik to Hvar, you can then either:

      1) Return to Split by bus to and get a catamaran from here to Hvar Town (2 daily catamarans, one with http://www.jadrolinija.hr/, the other with http://www.krilo.hr/).

      2) Take the twice-weekly Jadrolinija coastal ferry route from Dubrovnik to Stari Grad on Hvar (timetable at http://www.jadrolinija.hr/pdfs/COASTAL%20LINE%202013.pdf, journey time just over 8 hours), but this might not work out with your travel plans and you would (or might) then still need to travel on from Stari Grad.

      3) Travel from Dubrovnik to Korcula by catamaran (timetable http://www.gv-line.hr/raspored.php?linija=3 – runs 4x a week) or daily bus, then use this catamaran again (http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html) to sail from Korcula to Hvar on another day. (Preferably not the day after reaching Korcula, as it’s a very early morning sailing!)

      You can see the journey times on most of the above timetable links.

      I hope this helps!

  • TravellingMan


    Im looking at doing the APZ Skreb route from Zagreb to Rijeka with a group of friends – and found the website useful for prices and departure times. However I wondered if you could help with where the bus departs from in Zagreb, and where we would need to purchase the tickets from the day before (if possible)? Is it a popular route? Also – I wasn’t sure on when the return times were – would you be able to help?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Hi TravellingMan, all buses depart from the main bus station in Zagreb. Their website http://www.akz.hr/default.aspx?id=260 will show you where that is (it’s in central Zagreb) and you can also look up additional schedules for routes from Zagreb to Rijeka (as well as the return times, to answer your final question!) in case there might be another bus that might be more suitable for you, time-wise. If you wanted to purchase tickets the day before then you should head to the bus terminal to buy them, this will be possible. There are many, many buses per day travelling per day between Zagreb and Rijeka, so you really shouldn’t have any trouble getting tickets!

  • Vitaliy


    I’m planning to go to Montenegro for 11 days in August but I’ll fly to Zagreb and then I’d like to take a bus to Herceg-Novi (Montenegro). I’ll get to Zagreb at about 12pm and the bus should depart just after 11pm.
    Would I still be able to buy the bus ticket on the day and what are the chances of getting one?
    Also, where and how can I buy a return ticket?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Vataliy, I feel that you should be able to buy a bus ticket on the day, as I can’t imagine that this is an incredibly popular route, even in peak season – especially as the route largely travels inland and through Bosnia & Hervegovina. Oh, and it’s overnight! So I believe you should be able to get a ticket on the day – try and head to the bus station as soon as you arrive in Zagreb to purchase your ticket. You should be able to buy a return ticket there as well.

  • viv

    hello there,
    me and my boyfriend will be flying in and out of Dubrovnik in august.
    we are planing to take the bus from dubrovnik to get to our final destination which is Tisno.
    what is the best way and the quickest;
    take the bus from Dubrovnik to Split and then take another to get to
    tisno or take the line dubrovnik-zadar and leave us somewhere relatively
    do we still need passports if we travel by bus in the Neum corridor or maybe not?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Viv, there are actually some direct buses from Dubrovnik to Tisno. As far as I can see, these are run by the company Autotrans (http://www.autotrans.hr/ – look up schedules to Tisno R.). Unfortunately, I can’t find details of any other companies offering this route, but it would probably be best to enquire at Dubrovnik Bus Station once you’re there. Alternatively, I would probably suggest heading to Split and then changing here for a bus to Tisno as I think this would be simpler – you don’t want to be “stuck” somewhere, waiting for another bus to Tisno! You can look up schedules for buses Dubrovnik-Split and Split-Tisno at http://www.ak-split.hr/.

      You will absolutely need your passports when travelling by bus through the Neum corridor – make sure you have your passports with you and they are not in the hold with your luggage! A guard comes onto the bus and checks everyone’s passport (normally nothing beyond a quick glance at the photo page; as it’s a transit corridor, you don’t even get a stamp). This may happen both when you enter and leave the Neum corridor i.e. twice in the space of about 20 minutes. HTH

  • Colin

    I am travelling to Rijeka in June for the Scotland football match and need to get to Zagreb. I arrive on the day of the game about 2pm and was wondering the best way to get to Zagreb. Also wondering what the bus service is like on a Sunday back to Rijeka. Can I buy a return ticket?

    • Hi Colin, there are numerous buses per day (and bus definitely is the best – and quickest! – way) between Rijeka and Zagreb, and you can look up timetables on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website at http://www.akz.hr/. Journey time varies between 2 hours 20 mins to 3 hours, depending on which bus you take. There will also be many buses operating the opposite journey on a Sunday. (Note: On the aforementioned website, you won’t be able to look up schedules for June yet…weirdly. But just look up travel for any dates that are the same as those you intend to travel on, e.g. today – Friday – and then 28th April for the return Sunday leg.)

      You can buy a return ticket if you wish, assuming you use the same bus company there and back. (To this effect, you might want to look for the Autotrans buses – they’re a large bus company based in Rijeka. A one-way journey with them is 149 Kunas, whilst a return ticket is 208 Kunas.)

  • ian

    hi i am flying to Dubrovnik in June and need to get to Korcula what is the best way and cost

    • There’s a daily bus from Dubrovnik at 3pm (arrives in Korcula at 6.25pm; it makes use of the Orebic-Dominice/Korcula car ferry in case you’re wondering how the bus makes it onto the island!). A one-way ticket is 91 Kunas.

      Otherwise, in June, there’s also the coastal ferry route from Dubrovnik to Korcula (and onwards), but this only runs twice a week – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/pdfs/COASTAL%20LINE%202013.pdf. Price is €14 (paid in Kunas).

  • Jessica Wickham

    Hi I am visiting Porec and need to get to Pula airport on saturday 6th April at 9am is there a bus route?

    • Hi Jessica, if you take a look at the Pula Tourist Office website – http://www.pulainfo.hr/en/prijevoz/bus/54/ (scroll down to see the Porec – Pula buses), you’ll see there’s a bus at 6.15am. The journey time is around 1 hour 20 mins/1 hour 30 mins, so this should get you into Pula Bus station just before 8am. (If at all possible, I would double-check at Porec bus station when you’re there to confirm this bus time.)

      There are then shuttle buses from the bus station to the airport; I’m afraid that I cannot find a timetable for this online. However, these are supposed to be timed to coincide with flight departures, so I assume if you need to get to Pula Airport at that particular time, there should be one that would suit you. I hope this helps.

  • hi can you help we have booked a hotel in umag/ Savudrija in june we are currently looking at flights to pula can anyone tell me if there is a bus service between these two or the best way to get there from pula airport

    • Hi Emma, there are buses between Pula and Umag. You would first need to travel from Pula Airport to the main bus station in Pula (schedule details here: http://www.airport-pula.hr/index.php?menu_id=14). From Pula bus station to Umag, then, you can get an additional bus – the majority of the most useful routes (i.e. that don’t run ridiculously early in the morning) are run by Autotrans (http://www.autotrans.hr/). You can look up schedules on their site, although it won’t let you look up times all that far in advance. (Therefore, look up schedules for a date in the near future that’s the same as the day you wish to travel on.)

      Have you considered flying to Trieste Airport instead? Ryanair fly there from London Stansted and Birmingham (so, only really useful if you’re close to either of those two airports!), and Trieste is marginally closer to Umag than Pula is. Once again, you’d need to transfer to the main bus station in Trieste; from there, there’s a bus to Umag (http://www.autostazionetrieste.it/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=23&Itemid=0). However, as the bus departs Trieste at 3.30pm, it’s a bit of a tight squeeze in getting from the airport! (And this option doesn’t work all days, because of the later flight time.)

      Hope this helps.

  • chris

    which is the best form of transport from Zagreb to Novi Vinodolski in August?

    • Bus! There’s direct buses from Zagreb to Novi Vinodolski, and you can look up schedules on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website at http://www.akz.hr/. You won’t be able to look up timetables that far in advance as it doesn’t let you do this (weird, I know…) but just look up times for the same day you’re intending to travel e.g. look up Weds 13th March if you’re travelling on a Wednesday in August. I would then *again* look up schedules closer to the time of your travels to see if any extra, summer-only buses are running as well. Journey time will be 3 to 4 hours, depending on which bus you take.

      If the times direct to Novi Vinodolski don’t work, you could always travel via Rijeka (again, by bus). Use the Zagreb Bus Terminal website to look up buses to Rijeka, and then http://www.autotrans.hr/ for buses from Rijeka to Novi Vinodolski. There’s absolutely tonnes of buses on both legs.

  • Victoria

    Hello, I am looking to book a holiday deal, and with the deal I will land in either Dubrovnik or Split. How would I go about travelling from either of these airport to Jakisnica bb, Lun, Island of Pag? Just want to check before booking!
    Many thanks 🙂

    • Both are a bit far, I’m afraid! From Split, for example, you’d have to transfer from the airport to the main bus station (about 30 mins), then get a bus to Zadar (takes about 3.5 hours), then from here a bus to Novalja (about 2 hours) and then from here most likely a taxi to Lun! (It’s right on the northern tip of the island of Pag.) With Dubrovnik, you’d be adding on another 4.5 hours to this…and this isn’t even accounting for all the layover times.

      If it’s part of the deal, would you not be able to organise a transfer with the company? That would certainly be much easier.

      Alternatively, any chance you could fly to Zadar instead? We have a list of airlines that fly there at http://www.visit-croatia.co.uk/northdalmatia/getting_to_north_dalmatia.htm.

      Or, if Split or Dubrovnik are the only airports you can fly to…perhaps see if the company has any deals at a resort/town closer to the airports?


  • Roxie

    Hi, I am planning a trip to Plitvice Lake from Rijeka. I read the best way is Rijeka->Zadar->Plitvice. But I can’t seem to find a bus for the two trips. Look up http://www.autotrans.hr/ but results shows blank. I’m going in Sept. Are there no buses in Sept? Also, I’m worried as I can’t buy bus tic online, will the tic sold out? If so,can I still book my accom in advance if I may not be able to find a way there. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Roxie, if you’re planning to go from Rijeka to the Plitvice Lakes, the best way would actually be via Karlovac. (Obviously, if you actually intended to go via Zadar because you wanted to visit that town, then that’s fine!)

      The reason that you weren’t able to find timetables is that many Croatian bus websites don’t seem to like displaying schedules for particularly far in advance. To get round this, just look up schedules for any date in the near future that’s the same day as when you intend to travel on. (i.e. look up schedules for Friday 8th March if you’re travelling on a Friday in September).

      So, if you do this (on the Autotrans site), you’ll see there’s a number of buses from Rijeka to Karlovac.

      Looking up schedules from Karlovac to Plitvice is a little harder to do, as there’s not much info online. You can use the website http://www.autobusni-kolodvor.com/en/default.aspx – I do this to get an idea of times, but then double-check them against the times listed on the specific company’s website. (You’ll have to look up schedules for “Plitvicka Jezera”, not Plitvice or Plitvice Lakes.)

      It looks like if you got one of the early buses from Rijeka to Karlovac, the earliest you then be able to take would be a 12.20pm bus with AP Varazdin. You can see this bus on that company’s timetable page at http://www.ap.hr/?task=group&gid=20 (it’s part of the Varazdin – …. – Split route.)

      It’s nigh on impossible to book bus tickets online for Croatia, and even for the companies that offer it, it doesn’t always work very well. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble just turning up and buying tickets then – you’re travelling outside of peak season, so the crowds of summer will have gone.

      Likewise, you can also leave your accommodation for when you get there…or may prefer to pre-book if there’s somewhere in particular that you had in mind.

      Hope this helps!

      • Roxie

        Yes! Thank you so much. Your are spot on Zadar. I would like to visit Zadar. So taking the route via Zadar. From the autobusni website, a suitable timing is 14:30 from Zadar, reaching Plitvicka at 16:45. Just wondering the buses from Rijeka to Zadar and Zadar to Plitivicka are from the same bus station? Thanks again.

        • You’re welcome! Yes, both of these routes would have their buses arrive/depart from the main bus station in Zadar.

          • Roxie

            Thanks again!

  • charlie

    Hi, could you provide me with a link for bus timetables from Split (airport preferably) to Pula please? Or could you kindly tell me how likely it is for a bus to be running from Split in the evening (eg after 6pm…) to arrive at Pula asap? This will be during end of August Outlook festival period. Thanks

    • Hi Charlie, there won’t be any buses direct from Split Airport to Pula, you’d have to first transfer to the main bus station in the city. (Which is easily and cheaply done by bus, although taxis are also available.)

      You can look up bus timetables on Split Bus Terminal website at http://www.ak-split.hr/ – pick a date that’s the same day as that on which you intend to travel, as it doesn’t show schedules that far in advance.

      You’ll see that there’s a bus run by Autotrans (http://www.autotrans.hr/) that departs Split at 8.30pm and gets in at 6.30am the next day.

      Have you already booked your flights to Split, however? It might be an idea to fly somewhere that’s closer to Pula/the Outlook Festival site and transfer from there. I appreciate there’s not as many flights to Pula itself nor the next closest Croatian airport, Rijeka, but how about Trieste or Venice in Italy? (Or maybe even Zagreb?)

  • HayLeigh59

    Hi, I am landing in Split on the 13th July and I am wanting to travel the same day to Plitvice National Park… Please can you advise the best way/travel plan for this please

    • Hi there, there are direct buses from Split to the Plitvice Lakes, and you can look up timetables on the Split Bus Terminal website at http://www.ak-split.hr/. You won’t be able to look timetables as far ahead as 13th July, but just look up times for a date that’s the same day you wish to travel on, i.e. any Saturday. You might want to also check closer to the time as well to see if there are any additional, peak season only buses that will be running.

      Having said this, I’m not sure that you’ll be able to see/do much at Plitvice that day as you’ll most likely arriving in the late afternoon. Perhaps you’d like to stay in Split that night (and explore that city a bit) before travelling to Plitvice early the next day?

  • Sarah

    Hi – i am planning a trip for August 2013 – we need to get from Split to Dubrovnik on the morning of Friday 23rd – where would i be able to find timetables and prices for this or could someone tell me?
    Thanks, Sarah

    • Hi Sarah, you can look up timetables on the Split Bus Terminal website at http://www.ak-split.hr/. You won’t be able to look up timetables as far in advance as 23rd August, but simply look up times for any Friday in the near future (e.g. 1st March) and you’ll be able to see the times – there’s quite a few buses running!

      You might then just like to double-check the website closer to your trip to see the times again – it will be exactly the same as now, but it’s possible that there will be even *more* buses running as it’s high season. (I just point this out in case there is another summer-only bus running that’s a more suitable time for you.)

      The one way fare should be about 100 – 135 Kunas.

  • disqus_TkSkyyaUzj

    Hi there. Can someone please help us. We’re landing in Zagreb on 5th Sept and want to get a coach straight to Pula. Does anyone have any info on the best way to go about this? How long will it take and how much roughly will it cost us. Many Thanks


    • Hi Jane, you’ll first need to transfer from the airport to the main bus station in Zagreb. This is easy to do – there are regular Croatia Airlines buses (which can be used by all travellers!) that depart outside the terminal building. You can see a timetable at http://www.plesoprijevoz.hr/zagrebzracna.html, but really – if there’s a bus there, board it; if there isn’t, wait a short while and it will be along soon. 🙂 Tickets cost 30 Kunas and can be bought from the driver, journey time is about 30-40 minutes.

      From Zagreb Bus Terminal, there are then numerous buses to Pula each day – you can look up bus timetables on the Terminal’s website http://www.akz.hr/. (You won’t be able to yet look up schedules for 5th Sept, but just look up schedules on a date that’s the same day – Thursday – as you’re travelling, i.e. look up schedules for Thursday 28th Feb.)

      A one-way ticket costs between 151-191 Kunas depending on which bus you take. Journey time is (approx.) between 4 to 5 and a half hours – again, it depends which bus you take.


      • disqus_TkSkyyaUzj

        Thanks so much for the info. I will check the timetable as you suggested. Do doubt i will still have some more questions to ask over the coming months.
        Many thanks

  • Jess

    Hi! I’m going to Rovinj from September 8th-September 15th and we’re thinking of flying to Zagreb and then getting coach transfers. Can you recommend the best/cheapest way to travel to Rovinj from Zagreb and roughly how much it would be?

    Many thanks!


    • Hi Jess, you’d first have to transfer from Zagreb Airport to Zagreb Bus Station which is easily done – there are regular buses that wait outside the terminal which cost 30 Kunas (you can buy the ticket from the driver) and the journey takes about 30-40 minutes.

      From Zagreb Bus Terminal, there are a number of buses per day to Rovinj. (You can look at times online at http://www.akz.hr to get a rough idea.) A one-way ticket costs between 150-195 Kunas, depending on which bus you take, and the journey time also varies; it looks like you’d be best taking a Brioni (www.brioni.hr) bus as they have a bus at 4pm that takes 4 hours. (There’s also an early Brioni bus at 9.45am that takes 3 hours, but I assume this would be too early.) There’s other buses, of course, but they take longer, so this one would be good to take if it works with your flight arrival time.

      (I would have normally suggested also flying to Trieste or Venice as an option as there’s easy bus across to Croatia…however, as you’re travelling on a Sunday it wouldn’t really work as the bus doesn’t operate on this day.)


  • Josh

    Hi, I’m travelling to Zagreb in the summer and I was just wondering what the best, and cheapest, way to get to Rijeka is, and if it is worth a day trip? Thanks!

    • Hi there, best/cheapest way is by bus – you can look up timetables on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website (www.akz.hr), but there’s numerous buses a day with a journey time of between two and a half to three hours depending on which bus you take; tickets are about 100-150 Kunas one way. While I have no doubt that you could find enough to entertain yourself for a day, it’s not exactly one of Croatia’s top destinations – it’s more of a busy port town. What about somewhere like the very charming Opatija (which is close to Rijeka)? You can also take direct buses here, or even still bus it to Rijeka and then get another to Opatija to give yourself more travel options. HTH!

  • Annie

    Hi! We are taking bus fromDubrovnik to split at this summer. Do you have any ideahow much it may cost? Hvala,Annie

    • HI Annie – a one-way ticket should cost between 100 – 130 Kunas…that’s about €13-€17.

  • Karina

    Hi There
    We are planning a trip to Croatia this summer. We will be staying a couple of days in Split, and then go down to Dubrovnik. Is it possible to get a bus from Split to Metkovic and then from there a bus to Dubrovnik. It would only have to be a short break to see the Narona.

    Thanks a lot


    • Hi Karina, yes that would be possible – there’s a number of buses per day from Split to Metkovic (see the timetable at the Split Bus Terminal website at http://www.ak-split.hr/ – pick any day in the near future to see times) and from Metkovic to Dubrovnik (see this timetable page from the Dubrovnik Bus Terminal website – http://www.libertasdubrovnik.com/voznired.pdf, although I would double-check times once you arrive in Metkovic). It’s about 1 hour 25 minutes from Metkovic to Dubrovnik. The trip seems do-able in one day.

  • Wiam

    Hi there,

    we are going with 2 families with children in July to split.

    I would like to know if there is a bus connection between Split and

    NP krka /Omis/Sibenik/Brela and much cost.and if its better to travel with a taxi to that distantions and if you know how much will cost approx??
    thanks for your help.

    • Hello there! Yes, there are definitely many buses per day that operate from Split to both Sibenik and Omis (not the same buses – they are in different directions!). To Omis, it’s only about half an hour and a one-way ticket costs about 20 Kunas – because this journey is quite short, I suppose you could conceivably take a taxi but taxis tend to be quite pricey in Split so the fare might be 250 Kunas or more for one car…and it sounds like you’d need two!

      To Sibenik, it’s an hour and a half and I wouldn’t get a taxi for this route! (Bus tickets cost about 70 Kunas).

      There are no buses to Brela although there are numerous buses per day to Baska Voda which is very close. I would either travel to Baska Voda and then get a taxi back to Brela, or possibly ask your bus driver if he would drop you off in Brela as the bus should go through here!

      To reach Krka National Park, it is best to go to Sibenik and then get another bus from here to Skradin (where the entrance is). Alternatively, it may be easier to join an organised tour to Krka National Park with a local Split agency.

    • Bobjs


      Further to the comment by VisitCroatia, I stayed in Split last year. To get to Omis you take the no. 60 Promet Split (yellow) bus, every 30 minutes. The bus departs the Promet bus station (about a mile north of the Harbour), and also stops also near the harbour, from the stops by the market place. However, for more comfort, go to the long-distance bus station at the harbour where you will find frequent coaches on the Makarska route which pas through Omis. The prices are about the same.

      For Krka, I found it almost impossible to get hold of bus information from Sibenik, and so booked an excursion from one of the many travel agencies in Split city centre. This was more expensive, but far easier than going by public bus and booking the boat in Krka separately.

      • Thanks for tips, Bobjs. Good info on utilising local buses (although yes, the long-distance buses would be more comfortable and quicker) – a good alternative to keep in mind in some cases.

  • Joy

    Hi there,
    my husband and I are flying into Zagreb in May and want to get to Dubrovnik. Can you please tell me the bus route and how long this takes. Is this the best way to travel between these 2 cities. Thanks for any help

    • Hi Joy, you certainly can travel by bus from Zagreb to Dubrovnik – however, the bus takes between 8.5 and 13 hours, depending on which bus company you use. (There are a number of buses that operate daily.) You can look up timetables on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website at http://www.akz.hr/.

      You could either break up your journey by stopping somewhere for a night (e.g. Split), or why not take a look at flying with Croatia Airlines (www.croatiaairlines.com/)? If you book far enough in advance, flights don’t cost all that much – I’ve just seen one-way flights in May for 342Kunas/€45. By comparison, a bus ticket might be 200-250 Kunas/€26-€33!

  • Christie

    Hi there, i was wondering if you could help!

    A friend and I will be staying in Zadar and are looking to do the Zrmanja River Kayaking with Huck Finn Adventure Travel – the base we have to get to is in Kastel Zegarski, are there any buses which stop around there?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello – I’ve taken a look at the local schedules on the Zadar Bus Terminal website (at http://www.liburnija-zadar.hr/prijevoz/prigradski_linije.php) and can see a bus to Zegar, which is close to the village of Kastel Zegarski. However, it states that there is only one bus a day, Monday to Saturday, at 2.20pm! I’d definitely contact Huck Finn to see what they can advise in terms to getting to Kastel Zegarski!



  • Shark


    I wonder if it is possible to stay overnight at the Split bus station. I will arrive in Split from Plitvice (according to the schedule) at 20.30, and the earliest bus to my next destination (Mostar) is at 6.00 next morning, I don’t intend to stay in Split, so I wont have any room reservation.

    • Despite the size of the city, Split bus station is in fact very, very small with no waiting room – there’s probably something like eight seats in what makes up the bus station! (It should be open 24 hours, however, as there are buses that arrive during the night.) I think you’d find it very uncomfortable to wait there for that period of time, and I don’t believe the left-luggage places operate 24 hours, so you’d have to keep all your belongings with you at all times. (They should remain open until the late evening, however, so you could leave your stuff for a few hours if you fancied a walk in the evening.) All in all, it would definitely be preferable to try and get a cheap room, perhaps in a hostel. There are places within walking distance (well, maybe 15-20 minutes) from the bus station, so you wouldn’t have to spend money on a taxi.

      BTW, there is a bus that departs Plitvice just before midnight and gets into Split at 4.55am that may be useful to you. Of course, this means whiling away a few hours on the Plitvice side… (And the park shuts at 8pm in summer, earlier at other times of the year.)

      • Shark

        I read that the park is closed at 16.00. The 23.45 bus was my first option but I am considering that it might leave me with a bigger risk. Some say buses are not really reliable and there is no real bus station in Plitvice. I am afraid that if I miss this bus I would have to spend the winter night in a bus stop waiting for the next bus. What is your advice to avoid this?

        • Ah, okay, you’re travelling in winter – yes, the park does close at 4pm then. (I’d thought in summer a few hours, perhaps at a local restaurant/cafe or the like whilst waiting, wouldn’t be so bad!) Yes, there’s no proper bus station at Plitvice, but buses are generally pretty reliable – the main problem buses in Croatia might face would be running late because of traffic, but that’s far more likely in the peak of summer and on the coast.

          In any case I would stick to your original plan of heading to Split (at least there’s far more opportunity to “entertain” yourself or pass the time in that city), but my advice for the bus station still stands! I think you’d be very uncomfortable there for that period of time overnight (it really is a tiny place) but you’ll know best how you cope in such a situation!

          • Shark

            Hello, sorry to disturb you again.
            Is Plitvice-Split-Makarska-Mostar doable if I leave the park as early as 14.00? Will I be able to reach Mostar without any freezing long layover?

          • Hi, no problem at all. Unfortunately, I don’t see that going via Makarska will be a suitable option, as the buses from Makarska leave in the late afternoon in the winter (see http://www.promet-makarska.hr/Medjunarodni_vozni_red.htm) and you wouldn’t get there in time for them..

            What about going (back?) to Zagreb? There’s a couple of overnight buses you could take from there to Mostar.

          • Shark

            Yes, that will be it.
            Thanks a ton!

          • Great! Glad there was a suitable solution!

  • Blabadie

    I was wondering if there is any sort of week-long bus pass you could buy that would give you discounts on rides etc.? I plan on doing several rides over a week in Croatia.

    Also, we are hoping to get to Split from Zagreb with a stop on Plitvice on the way. Is it possible to leave from Zagreb, spend the morning/afternoon in Plitvice and hop on a bus in the evening from Plitvice to Split all in the same day day? Is there a potential overnight from Plitvice to Split?


    • Hi there – I have never heard of such a pass for bus travel in Croatia and would be surprised if it exists, as there are many bus companies in the country so would require quite a bit of organisation! To the best of my knowledge, even specific companies do not offer such a pass for travel on their buses – some do offer discounts if you’re a student with an ISIC or Euro 26 card, though. However, don’t worry – bus travel isn’t that expensive in the country.

      Yes, potentially you could do Zagreb – Plitvice – Split all in one day. There are early morning buses from Zagreb and the journey time is just over two hours – and as the park opens early in summer (7am), it’s not a problem to get there early in the morning! Alternatively, you might want to get a later bus so you don’t tire yourself out that day.

      The latest bus from Plitivce is just before midnight (so, you’d have to wait a bit after the park closes) that gets into Split just before 5am.

      You can tally up these bus times at the Zagreb (http://www.akz.hr/) and Split Bus Terminal (http://www.ak-split.hr/) websites. EIther pick a day in the near future for a rough idea, or check closer to the time of your travel as the sites often don’t like showing things that far in advance!

      • Blabadie


  • JM

    Hi! How long is the bus ride from Dubrovnik to Split? Thank you!

    • It depends a little on which bus you take (and, say, traffic if you travel in summer!) but it should be around four and a half hours.

  • Clement

    In the beginning of December, I am planning to travel from Split to Zadar. How many bus connections are there for this trip? Also I wish to take a slight detour to stop by Plitvice Lake while on the way to Zagreb from Zadar. Is this recommended and where can I find accurate information on the bus schedules?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Plenty of buses from Split to Zadar per day – check out the Split Bus Terminal website at http://www.ak-split.hr/. (Doesn’t seem to want to show anything for early December, but check out any day in the near future e.g. next Tuesday if you plan to travel on a Tuesday, and you’ll see the times.)

      Yes, stopping off at the Plitvice Lakes is definitely do-able (and recommended!) if travelling from Zadar to Zagreb!

      FROM Zadar, check out Zadar Bus Station’s website – http://www.liburnija-zadar.hr/kolodvor/raspored_linija.php – Croatian only, but keep “sa kolodvora” in the first drop down (“to terminal”), select Plitvice from the second and then click “Posalji” (send).

      From Plitvice, finding bus times is easier – go to Zagreb Bus Terminal’s website at http://www.akz.hr/.

      Technically, the trip is do-able in a day, but would be much more enjoyable if you can stay at least one night!

  • JM

    In June, 2013, we are planning to travel from Split to Zagreb on a Thursday morning and will need to take the fast train. Will we have time once we get there to go to Plitvice Lakes and return to Zagreb that day? We have to fly out of Zagreb the next day. Or is it better to travel straight from Split to Plitvice Lakes and then on to Zagreb all on a Thursday, keeping in mind that we have to reach Zagreb by nightfall?

    • The first option is definitely a no-go – the earliest fast train (takes six hours) gets into Zagreb at around 2.30pm, meaning you could only take the 4pm bus to Plitvice – which arrives after the final bus has departed for Zagreb.

      Travelling Split – Plitvice – Zagreb makes more sense, although it might be quite a bit of travelling on a bus just to fit in a few hours at Plitvice! However, if that’s the only choice…so be it!

      You could take the 8.30am bus from Split that gets you in to Plitvice at 12.50pm (see timetables at the Split Bus Terminal website – http://www.ak-split.hr/)

      Then from Plitvice, there’s a bus at 5.50pm (arr. 8.20pm) that you could take – see timetables at the Zagreb Bus Terminal website – http://www.akz.hr/.

  • Maria

    I have a friend travelling from Trieste to Pula today. Do you know if there are any buses that are running today? If there are no coaches do you know of any mini vans or car sharing services? Thank you

  • Marjut from Finland

    I´m going to take a bus from Split to Dubrovnik later this month. Are all the busses going via road 8 or are some of them driving via A1? I would prefer the coastal route. (Possible busses are at 6.15/8.00 or 10.00 on sunday.

    • Hi Marjut, very sorry for taking a while to reply – I definitely wrote out a message to you, so I’m surprised to see it’s not here!

      What I had said was that I believe all the buses take the coastal route, because going via the A1 doesn’t make much of a time saving, seeing as they’d have to go inland to it and then back out from it before Ploce to reach the coastal road again. Buses also make stops along the way, perhaps most notably at the busy/popular Makarksa.

      I hope you enjoy your trip.

  • I’m dropping off my rental car in rijeka airport and need to get to rijeka centre. Will I be able to get a bus from there?

  • We want to travel from Split to Dubrovnik by bus tomorrow. We are in Zagreb at the moment. Can you buy a Split – Dubrovnik ticket in Zagreb the day before the actual journey?

    • Hi Peter, I apologise for (probably) not replying in time as it was a public holiday here in the UK. I do not believe that the Zagreb Bus Terminal would be able to issue you with a bus ticket for a journey from Split to Dubrovnik. However, once in Split, you shouldn’t have any trouble turning up and buying a ticket for this journey – I’ve done this at the height of the season. There’s also many buses per day between Split and Dubrovnik (roughly one an hour, even on a Sunday) so if the next bus is full, getting the one after wouldn’t be too much of a wait.

  • JD

    What are the possible options for getting from Porec to Venice on Sunday, September 9th? I am attending a wedding there on Saturday and need to get back to Venice for my flight out on Monday morning. The ferry doesn’t operate on Sundays it seems, so is there a bus and what are the times?

    • Yes, you are right – the Porec-Venice catamaran starts running a less frequent service from 1st September, so there’s no service on Sunday 9th. So, to get from Porec to Venice, it would be best to take a bus from Porec to Trieste, and then a train from here to Venice. On Sundays, there’s a bus from Porec at 5.30pm that gets you in to Trieste at 7.40pm, run by bus company Brioni (http://www.brioni.hr). Take a look at Italian train schedules at http://www.trenitalia.com/trenitalia.html – the Trieste-Venice route is very frequent, but the journey time depends on which train you take.

  • ed

    How do i get to Trieste or Treviso from Pula on a Sunday?

  • Viktor

    Hi. I am looking into a bus trip from Pula to Zadar September 5th. The company (Brioni) drives this distance once a day. I tried to book online but I could not find any trips in this date, and actually not in whole september. the only trips, whatever the distance, was i August. Do they really stop driving in September or is this just an honest mistake from their side?

    • This Pula-Zadar route by Brioni is year-round, so I would suggest that they fact you cannot book it online (and it seems they get another company to actually undertake the booking on the web) must just be an error. You could either email Brioni to see if they will book you a ticket this way (although there’s no guarantee they will do this!); alternatively, will you be in Pula for a day (or more) before you travel down to Zadar? Just pop by the bus station a day (or more) in advance to buy your ticket – this should be fine.

      • Viktor

        Thanks a lot for the info! So it is not possible to buy a ticket on the actual bus? In Sweden, where I come from, it always is. And do you always have to buy the ticket the day before?

        • Hmmm, well…*sometimes* it is possible! However, I would always buy a ticket from the ticket office in the bus terminal to be on the safe side – and if you’re getting on the bus at its starting point (i.e. Pula) as opposed to hopping on halfway through the route, I would say that the bus driver would have expected you to get a ticket from the office too! You definitely don’t need to buy your ticket the day before – you can turn up 5/10 minutes before the journey and buy it from the office then. However, many people like to try and buy it a day or so in advance so you can be guaranteed that you do actually have a place on the bus. (As opposed to turning up and finding out it’s full!)

  • Hi,
    I was wondering what is the best way to get from Split to Pula (for Outlook festival) for the morning of Thursday the 30th. I know there are local buses but i was wondering if there was anyway i could make a reservation as with the festival i’m assuming there might not be space left on the bus!

    • Hi Ashley, bus is definitely the best way to travel from Split to Pula – it’s not possible to travel by train and there’s no direct flights between the two. There are three buses per day from Split to Pula – you can see the timetables at http://www.ak-split.hr/. If you picked the first bus (departs Split 5am, arrives Pula at 2.45pm), this is run by a Pula-based company called Brioni (http://www.brioni.hr/en-us/home.aspx). They are, in fact, one of the few Croatian bus companies that offer online booking of tickets – check out their website and you should see the Booking Online button on the right-hand side of their homepage. I’ve played around with the online booking mechanism a few times, but never actually purchased a ticket – so I assume that it works okay! HTH

  • ross

    like clo i am wondering if you can get from pula to venice by bus?
    need transport from the outlook festival to venice marco polo airport on Wednesday the 5th of septemeber around 1 am 2am or 3am

    • Hi Ross, see my reply to Clo below. The two buses that run depart Pula at 5am and 5.30am – not quite the times you wanted, but close enough, I guess! I’d suggest getting off at the Mestre FS stop in Venice as there are transfer buses from here to Marco Polo Airport.

  • clo

    We were hoping to travel from pula to venice on monday 10th september but I can’t find a timetable. is there a direct bus? or is it possibly even to get a boat?
    Thanks clo

    • Yes, there are direct buses from Pula to Venice, run by two companies: FILS – timetable: http://www.fils.hr/?page_id=28&lang=en – and Brioni – http://www.brioni.hr/voznired.aspx – select Pula from the first drop down and Venezia from the second.) Note (for others reading) the Brioni bus does not operate on Sundays.

      Venezia Lines are the only company to operate a sea link between the two, but the final catamaran of the season sails on 4th September, so this would not work as an option for you.

  • Izmo

    Hi there. We are going to Zadar honeymoon with my fiance and i´m wondering is there bus connection from Zadar to Plitvice Lakes and Krka´s national parks and is it good way to do a day trips like that? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi there, both are just about do-able by public transport. Take a look at the Zadar Bus Terminal website (http://www.liburnija-zadar.hr/kolodvor/raspored_linija.php?s=1) & select “sa kolodvora” (to terminal”) or “povratak” (“return”) from the first drop-down and then Plitvice from the second. There’s a bus you could take at 8.30am (arr. 10.25am) and a return at 4.45pm (arr. 6.40pm).

      For Krka, it’s best to take a bus to Sibenik and then change here for buses to Krka. Here’s the timetable for the second part of this: http://atpsi.hr/hr/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2012/07/BUS-TIME-TABLE-FOR-NP-KRKA.pdf.

      Just to add – when you’re in Zadar, do also check with local agencies to see how much they charge for an organised day-trip. It may not be that expensive, and the times (and convenience) may work out better for you.

      Congrats, and hope you have a good honeymoon!

  • Sam

    Hi I am travelling from Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes and then from Plitvice lakes to Zadar with 2 nights stop over in the lakes. I am currently debating between hiring a car and taking the bus, but would prefer the bus due to money. Is this journey conceivable by bus. My hotel is by P3 of the lakes. Thank you

    • Yes, this route is definitely do-able by public transport – and in fact a good way of breaking up the journey. I would just check with your accommodation with regards to the best way of getting to them once you’ve got off the bus from Zagreb.

  • Mirza

    Bok, do you know where exactly Puntamika Line stops in Trogir on its way to Zadar (from Split), as it apparently does not use the Trogir Bus Station/Road but stops on some road, that not even Puntamika Line can say. They confirm it stops in Trogir but don’t know where!!! Maybe you know or will have luck finding out better then me 😀 Hvala 🙂

    • Hi Mirza, I wouldn’t know for sure – I would normally say “ask the company, they’d be the ones guaranteed to know”, but I am surprised to see that they can’t answer your question! (How funny! And confusing…) If it stops in Trogir then I don’t really know where else it can stop apart from the main bus station or the road that goes just along it, however, as Trogir’s not very big…

  • cici

    Hello, how can I travel from Dubrovnik to Plitvice Lakes. Thanks

    • It will take you a while! You would first need to travel from Dubrovnik to Split, and then from here to the Plitvice Lakes. You can look up timetables for both legs of the journey at the Split Bus Terminal website (http://www.ak-split.hr/EN/vozni.red/index.html); Dubrovnik to Split takes about 4.5 hours, whilst from Split to Plitvice it’s about 3.5-4 hours. All in all, a long day’s travelling! If you’re very keen, and depending on your other travel plans, you might want to look at flying from Dubrovnik to Zagreb (with Croatia Airlines) and then taking a bus from Zagreb Bus Station to Plitvice (just over 2 hours). In conclusion, however, Plitvice Lakes isn’t really all that do-able from Dubrovnik, I’m afraid.

  • Karina

    Hello, I would like to know how can I travel from Split to Plitvice Lakes? Can I buy the tickets on-line? How much is it? Thank you very much

    • Hi Karina, the best way to travel from Split to the Plitvice Lakes is by bus. You can see timetables at http://www.ak-split.hr/EN/vozni.red/index.html. A one-way ticket should be around 150 Kunas; you cannot book tickets online, but you shouldn’t have any problems turning up at Split Bus Station and buying your ticket there and then.

  • shenat

    How do I travel by bus to Svet Vincenat from Pula

    • You can travel between the two by bus – journey time is only around 1/2 an hour. Some timetable details can be found at http://www.brioni.hr, although there are likely to be more buses per day than just what’s listed on that site. When you are in Pula, check at the bus station for a full timetable!