Flying to Croatia with a Stopover

You may have read our page on Travelling to Croatia Indirectly (for options on reaching Croatia by flying to a neighbouring country) and decided that this kind of travel option wasn’t quite for you. As an alternative, you could also try flying to Croatia via a stopover. Below, you will find a list of destinations in Croatia that you can reach via a stopover in Europe.

We should point out that this page started life on the Visit Croatia website many moons ago when there weren’t many direct flights to Croatia from the UK and Ireland. These days, there are! (Well, in the summer months, anyway.) Take a look at our Flights to Croatia from the UK & Ireland page for details of all of these flights.

Flying to Croatia with a stopover

Nevertheless, the below suggestions of flight routes with a stopover may be helpful to give you more options on routes that don’t operate daily, or in some cases if you’re travelling out of season.

We realise some of these routes may be a little nonscenical – such as travelling via Norway! However, for reasons of completeness, we have kept the details here.

Flying to Croatia with a Stopover – Possible Flight Routes

(N.B. Not all of these routes operate all year round)

Flights to… Airline… From… Via..
PulaLufthansaLondon HeathrowMunich
EuroWingsLondon StanstedCologne/Bonn*
RyanairLondon StanstedFrankfurt Hahn
RijekaEuroWingsLondon Heathrow or London StanstedCologne/Bonn*
LufthansaLondon HeathrowMunich
ZadarEuroWingsLondon Stansted or EdinburghCologne/Bonn
EasyjetLondon GatwickMilan Malpensa
LufthansaLondon Heathrow or ManchesterMunich
SplitEuroWingsLondon Heathrow, London Stansted, Manchester or EdinburghCologne/Bonn*
EasyjetMany British airports – see the Easyjet website!Geneva, Paris CDG, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan or Lyon
LufthansaManchester or EdinburghFrankfurt
Austrian AirlinesLondon HeathrowVienna
LufthansaLondon HeathrowDusseldorf
VuelingLondon GatwickBarcelona or Rome
DubrovnikEasyjetMany British airports – see the Easyjet website!Geneva, Paris CDG, Amsterdam, Berlin or Milan
VuelingLondon GatwickBarcelona
Austrian AirlinesLondon HeathrowVienna
EuroWingsLondon Heathrow or London StanstedColonge/Bonn
ZagrebEuroWingsLondon Heathrow, London Stansted, Manchester or EdinburghCologne/Bonn*
EasyjetBristol, Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast or Dublin **Paris CDG

*This sign means we have noted the best airport to fly via. It is possible, however, to travel via stopovers at other German airports as well. Please check the EuroWings website for full details!

**Travelling from a London airport with Easyjet is also available on this route. Because there are already a considerable number of direct services from London to Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, we haven’t therefore included London in this column!

PLEASE NOTE! We have listed all these routes purely on the basis that a stopover exists; flight connection times mean that a same-day stopover may not be possible. Please check airline websites carefully!