Here’s a list of annual public holidays in Croatia. Croatia, as a Catholic country, celebrates a number of religious holidays throughout the year, whilst others are either historically celebrated public holidays, or those to do with the war in the 1990s – for example, there’s a holiday on 25th June, which is when Croatia declared itself an independent country in 1991; this day is actually celebrated as “Croatian National Day” (Dan drzavnosti). The 8th October, in turn, is actually celebrated as Independence Day (Dan neovisnosti) which commemorates the day in 1991 when Croatia decided to terminate all formal links with Yugoslavia.

During public holidays, the majority of shops, businesses, restaurants, cafes, banks and so on are closed. Most people will be off work and schools will also be closed. However, you may find some smaller shops (e.g. those that sell groceries) will still be open. Places along the coast are more likely to be open to cater for holidaymakers.

Christmas in Zagreb

Public Holidays in Croatia 2019

1 January
New Year’s Day

6 January

21st & 22nd April
Easter Sunday & Easter Monday

1 May
Labour Day

20 May
Corpus Christi

22 June
Anti-Fascist Resistance Day

25 June
Croatian National Day

5 August
Victory Day and National Thanksgiving Day

15 August
Feast of the Assumption

8 October
Independence Day

1 November
All Saints’ Day

25 & 26 December

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