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Here’s a set of useful tips for Split that travellers to the city might find come in handy!

Left luggage

There’s a good cluster of left luggage places around the bus station, which is adjacent to the port…and the train station. So if you arrive in Split using any of these transport options, you’ll be absolutely fine with leaving your luggage in this area! You’ll find a traditional garderoba (which essentially means left luggage) in the bus station, but there are also little huts (which resemble portacabins) as well as little shop-like premises.

The train station has locker-type left luggage facilities, which may be more suitable for those with smaller luggage, or who want to cram a few small items into one locker.

Different places charge different rates – some only do a day rate (meaning, it’s one price however long you leave your luggage) whilst others do charge by the hour so consider how long you’ll be leaving your luggage to get the best price!

Another option for leaving your luggage is Stasher – the world’s largest urban storage network. Travellers can store their bags at trusted hotels and shops – there are several locations in Split – for a low daily rate. They also offer 24/7 customer support and full insurance.

Useful Tips for Split - Split Riva

Free Wifi

There’s free wifi on the Riva (the main pedestrianised promenade by the sea) that only requires a button press to get connected – no registration required. What with the benches underneath the palm trees there, right by the sea, you can’t find a better spot to upload your dazzling holiday snaps to Instagram. #smug

Money exchange

If you visit Split, you’ll find lots of useful travel amenities clustered around the aforementioned bus station/port/train station – and bureau de change, or places to exchange your money, are no exception. Look out for one of the huts – they offer pretty decent exchange rates.

Sightseeing with a difference

Sure, you can walk around the Diocletian’s Palace area for hours, or climb the bell tower or Marjan Hill for some spectacular views. But one of the best views of Split of all is – how shall we say this – when you actually leave the city! If you’re getting one of the large ferries out – be it one of the car ferries to Brac, Hvar or Vis, or a ferry over to Italy – make sure you position yourself outdoors on the deck for glorious views of the city as you depart. (Or, alternatively, as you arrive!)

Split Airport – Eating, Drinking and Shopping

Split Airport, perhaps notoriously, has a terrible selection for eating and drinking whilst you’re waiting to board. There’s really only one little cafe/snack place that’s rather overpriced and, rather annoyingly, seems to be the only place you can buy water at. Much better to bring your own food and drink – or wait until you’re on board your plane and then you can get ripped off by the low cost airlines. The ‘duty free’ shop is a bit better, and there’s a decent selection of alcohol (wine and spirits), chocolates, cigarettes and even some foodstuffs such as prsut, paski sir (Pag cheese), olive oils and more.

Open Air Cinema

Split’s famous Bacvice Beach is home to an open air cinema (Kino Mediteran) every summer, with all types of film screenings – kids films, Hollywood blockbusters, European films and more! More details on the Kino Mediteran website.