Here’s what we think are some of the best bars and clubs in Dubrovnik to really get the party going!

Bars in Dubrovnik

Bars & Clubs in Dubrovnik - Buza Bar
Buza Bar

Buza Bar
Web: Caffe Buza

Ahh, Buza Bar – probably the most famous, “secret” place in town! This legendary place is accessed by going through a doorway on the southern side of the Old Town walls – make your own way round to the southernmost street of the Old Town and you should eventually find a sign saying “Cold Drinks”. If you do, you’re in the right spot!

Set amongst the rocks beyond the Old Town walls, this cafe/bar has a number of narrow levels. Find any free table and sit yourself down – you’ll soon get attended to by the quick staff. Get a beer or a glass of wine and look out to sea to watch the boats sail by.

The best time of day to come – unsurprisingly – is around sunset. Everyone else has the same idea, of course, so try and turn up a little early!

Troubadour Hard Jazz Cafe
Buniceva Poljana 2

In a square with what seems like a million and one bars (…slight exaggeration!) you’ll find this gem in one corner. With plenty of seating outdoors (and barely any inside), the biggest draw of this place is the live music each night. Park up at any of the small tables – all of which already have chairs pointing towards the musicians – and take in the great music. Piano and double bass seem to be the two instrumental mainstays; some of the waiters also seem to join in on some songs on drums or bongo! Good range of standard drinks and cocktails too.

360 degrees by Jeffery Vella
Sv Dominika

Where one of Dubrovnik’s most famous upmarket restaurants – Gil’s Restaurant – once stood comes this venture, opened in 2012. Upstairs at Gil’s was once Gil’s Pop Lounge, but the new restaurant’s cocktail bar doesn’t seem to have a separate name…but don’t let that put you off. With a truly wonderful view overlooking the Old Town harbour, it’s a spacious outdoor cocktail lounge decorated in lots of white (chairs, sofas, tables). Cocktails are expertly made and the drinks list is extensive. Drinks here are on the pricey side, but they’re worth it just for that view. We were (unusually) served some cvarke as a little snack accompaniment – I think it worked, and couldn’t stop helping myself! (Cvarke are similar to pork scratchings that you get in the UK.

D’Vino Wine Bar
Palmoticeva 4a

The place to head to in Dubrovnik if you want to sample some of Croatia’s best wines, served by the glass. They also have plenty of other good quality wine from across the globe too. D’Vino holds wine tastings – which are very popular – where you can try glasses of different Croatian wines. However, you may also prefer to kick back and relax with a nice bottle of white or red and a delicious cheese or meat platter.

Rock Cafe Exit
Boskoviceva 4

Situated in the Old Town, just off Stradun, this rock pub has a laid-back vibe and an excellent beer selection. There’s live music on some nights.

Milk Bar
Marojice Kaboge 7
Opened in 2022, Milk is the first gay bar in Dubrovnik. With stunningly colourful interiors – based on famous London nightspot Annabel’s – this is a vibrant spot that’s open until the early hours.

Dubrovnik Beer Company
Obala Pape Ivana Pavla II 15
Absolutely the place to come to if you’re a beer drinker – a comfortable (and less busy, as it’s outside of the Old Town) and trendy space serving up their own craft beers (a lager, pale ale, milk stout and New England IPA) as well as guest beers. You can also do a 1-hour brewery tour here to learn the process behind brewing the beers; the tour of course includes some sampling!

Clubs in Dubrovnik

Banje Beach Club
Frana Supila 4

Formerly EastWest Club, this one is right on Banje Beach (by day it’s a restaurant/bar), a short walk from the Old Town’s Ploce Gate. This is a lively club that stays open until the wee hours.

Culture Club Revelin
Svetog Dominika 3
Located in a fortress, this club is one of the most popular in Dubrovnik – with all the elements you would associate with a top club (spectacular lights and lasers, dancers and over-the-top cocktails). Attracts top name DJs and performers.