Sightseeing on Mljet

There are a number of wonderful things to enjoy when sightseeing on Mljet, particularly in the National Park. Read on below for what to see!

Sightseeing on Mljet – The National Park

The Lakes

Probably the two main sights on the whole of Mljet (let alone the National Park!) are the two lakes on the island – Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero (Big Lake and Small Lake). In Veliko Jezero you will find St Mary’s Isle (an island on an island!) on which is the Benedictine Monastery (see below).

The two lakes are connected by a small channel and both are suitable for swimming in – however, Malo Jezero is more calm (and warmer) as Veliko Jezero is actually connected to the sea.

Malo Jezero, Mljet
Malo Jezero (Small Lake) in Mljet National Park

The Benedictine Monastery & St Mary’s Church

As mentioned on our History of Mljet page, Benedictine monks came to rule the island during the 12th century. During this time, a monastery was built for them on St Mary’s isle in the middle of Veliko Jezero. The Benedictine monastery, however, has been rebuilt over the years introducing various different architectural styles, particularly Romanesque, and also had the addition of fortified walls and towers to prevent against attacks. The building ceased use as a monastery in 1809 when Mljet came to be (briefly) ruled by the French. In 1960, the monastery was converted into use as a hotel, which was its purpose until 1991. In 1998, the monastery was given back to the Diocese of Dubrovnik.

Sightseeing on Mljet - Benedictine Monastery
The Benedictine Monastery on St Mary Isle in Veliko Jezero

The Monastery today houses the Restaurant Melita, which would be an ideal spot for refreshments. You can also enjoy taking in the monastery grounds and courtyard and visiting St Mary’s Church.

You can reach St Mary’s Isle and the monastery and church by boat from the bridge by Malo Jezero.

The Roman Palace, Polace

The are some amazing ruins of a Roman palace (thought to be from the 5th century) located in Polace on the north of the island.

Sightseeing on Mljet - Polace Roman Ruins
The Roman ruins in Polace, as seen from the sea

Sightseeing on Mljet – Odysseus Cave

The more active and adventurous may want to seek out the Odysseus Cave on the south side of the island, close to Babino Polje. As the legend goes, Odysseus was shipwrecked and took shelter in this cave; he was then so charmed by the nymph Calypso that he remained trapped on Mljet for seven years before being released by the gods. This cave can be reached by a small boat or kayak, or you can also hike down to the sea (although steep steps will be encountered) and then swim inside the cave yourself.

The entrance to the Odysseus Cave

Explore Mljet by bike or kayak

One of the nicest things to do on Mljet is to hire a bike and explore this peaceful and lush island via its many paths. You can certainly rent bikes in Pomena (if that’s your starting point for the National Park) or further inside the Park.

Renting a kayak or canoe would allow you to paddle and explore the lakes yourself. You could even take yourself to St Mary’s Isle!