Photos of Hvar - Hvarska gregada

Here are some of the top places for eating and drinking on Hvar!

BB Club
Riva bb, Hvar Town
Part of the Riva Hotel, this has a wonderful outdoor terrace area overlooking the harbour (the bit where the posh boats are). A great place to come in late afternoon, to bask in the late sun with a coffee or a cold beer. There’s also a range of dishes, mainly of the “international” (burgers, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, even Mexican) variety. A good cocktail selection too, BB Club also has a smart indoor bar for the evenings.

Fabrika bb, Hvar Town
How can you not like a bar that boasts “over 100 cocktails and shooters” on its exterior? Adjacent to the harbour again (with its outdoor tables and high stools literally so – don’t get too jolly, you might fall in the water) their cocktail offering is pleasant enough without being outstanding. However, a good late night place to know, particularly outside the main part of season.

Sveti Marak 1, Hvar Town
A truly wonderful restaurant serving a variety of mouth-watering Croatian dishes, this restaurant is situated in a pleasant little courtyard just behind the first row of buildings by the harbour. (You’ll probably see a sign to it near the loggia.) There’s pasta (absolutely delicious gnocchi options, with different regional twists such as truffle and shrimp for the Istrian dish), local specialities, fish and steak dishes – and all with great service from a young set of waiters. (Slightly geared towards the tourists, but that’s no bad thing; you’ll get a small piece of carob and a shot of carob brandy – plus an accompanying tale – to start off your meal.)

Beach Club Hvar
Setaliste Tonija Petrica 3, Hvar Town
This luxury beach club by the seaside promenade only a short walk from the centre of Hvar Town is surely one of the most exclusive and glamourous ways of spending a day in Hvar. As well as lounging on one of the sunbeds or in one of the cabanas or suites, before diving into the Adriatic from the deck, you can dine here during the day as well.

Petra Hektorovica 3, Hvar Town
Rather an upmarket restaurant, this one with a beautiful courtyard (which somehow manages to look both ancient and modern at the same time) in which you should definitely try and get a table if possible. Dishes are a little on the pricey side but this place is definitely recommended for a special meal, and there’s plenty of choice amongst the mainly meat and fish dishes (including a good selection of both cold and hot starters).

For a “when in Rome” moment, try the Hvarska gregada here which is the traditional local dish prepared as fishermen would – fresh fish, sliced potatoes, onion, olive oil, white wine and herbs, all cooked (and then served to you) in a large pan. Just make sure you’re handy with de-boning fish (although they will also help you, if you like). Great choice of wines too, and again, great service – ask for food or wine recommendations from the knowledgeable wait staff.

Eating and Drinking on Hvar - Hvarska gregada
The famous local dish – Hvarska gregada, a fish stew with potatoes, white wine and herbs

Palmizana, Sveti Klement island
Overlooking a truly gorgeous bay on the island of Palmizana (15 minute taxi-boat from Hvar Town) is the equally gorgeous Zori Restaurant. The outdoor terrace is smartly decorated with comfortable seating – the perfect place to lounge around enjoying a drink, dessert or a light dish (or more!) whilst the cool sea breeze relaxes you. The penne with smoked cheese (listed as an appetiser), for example, is the perfect size for a light-ish summer lunch and is nicely accompanied by the basil bruschetta that’s offered as a little starter, as well as the delicious, crusty brown bread as an accompaniment. Prices are on the reasonable side for most dishes, a little pricey for fish items (though these are served in large quantities). Once again, excellent and friendly service.

Carpe Diem Hvar & Carpe Diem Beach
Riva bb, Hvar Town & Stipanska, Marinkovac island
Ahh, the legendary Carpe Diem – one of Croatia’s best-known bars/clubs. Head to Carpe Diem Bar in Hvar Town (if you’re there in summer, you probably won’t be able to escape it!) for some stylish relaxation during the daytime, and for proper clubbing in the evenings. The sister club – Carpe Diem Beach – over in Stipanska on the Pakleni island of Marinkovac – is suitable for an even more chilled daytime beach time experience, as well as a more hedonistic night-time one! Both places are only open during the summer months (roughly June – September) but line up a series of fun events and great DJs to make sure everyone has a party to remember.