Barac Caves

Located in the same region as the Plitvice Lakes (so easily combinable if spending time visiting the National Park), the Barac Caves are an amazing underground natural experience that is highly recommended.

The caves were originally opened to the public as far back as 1892, but were abandoned as a site of interest following World War II. They were only re-opened to the public again in 2004.

Barac Caves

Getting to the Barac Caves

It is undoubtedly easiest to visit the caves with your own set of (hired) wheels, as taking public transport to this region would be tricky. The caves are located just east of the village of Rakovica or Grabovac. If you’re staying in the Plitvice Lakes region, it’s only about 20km back northeast to get to the caves.

There is a parking lot near the entrance to the caves.

Barac Caves entrance

What to See and Do in the Barac Caves

The caves can only be visited on a guided tour. There is no set departure times for the tours, as they start when there is a large enough group.

Once inside the caves, you will be guided on a path through to see all of the impressive stalactites and stalagmites, formed over thousands of years. Your guide will also teach you more about your surroundings and how the caves came to be formed. Items of archaeological interest will be pointed out, as will stone monuments and even the area formerly home to bears. Watch out for bats too! The whole tour should take around 60 minutes.

Barac Caves

Do be aware that the temperature inside the caves stays at a constant 9C all year round. Bring warmer layers and comfortable shoes for visiting!

There are also several outdoor/above ground walking trails that you can enjoy in the Barac Caves area if you’re keen on exploring more of this part of Croatia.

Opening Hours and Entry Fee for the Barac Caves

The caves are open daily from April to October inclusive, with longer opening hours (9am to 7pm) in summer. In March, you can visit the caves on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only. The caves are closed from November to February. (This is to let the resident bats hibernate with disturbance from humans.)

An adult ticket costs 75 Kunas in July and August and 60 Kunas for March to June and September and October.

For children (aged 7 to 18), an entry ticket costs 45 Kunas in July and August and 30 Kunas for March to June and September and October.

For concessions (students and older visitors), a ticket costs 50 Kunas for all months.

Please note: entry prices to be updated to Euros soon!

More info

For more information, take a look at the official Barac Caves website.