Villas in Croatia

As you’ve probably found by looking through the accommodation section, Croatia has a fine choice of places to stay for a whole variety of budgets. You may think that villas in Croatia might be right at the top end of the budget scale – although there are certainly some very fine villas available, there are also plenty of lovely houses suitable for medium to large-sized groups. If you’re renting a villa or house with a group of friends, don’t forget that splitting the cost several ways is also a great way of budgeting!

If you’re thinking of renting a villa in Croatia, here are a few things that are important to consider.

Do you have any particular preference for an area? Some of you will of course have a particular area or location in mind (perhaps also based on the best airport for you to fly to); others may prefer to choose their location based on the villas available. If you need help in deciding where to go in Croatia, see our Where to Go in Croatia page.

Villas in Croatia

Is the size of the villa important i.e. would you prefer the house to be spacious, or do you not mind a slightly more cosy & cramped feel?

Do you require a pool with your villa? Some do of course have their own private pool, though not all. You may be happy with merely being close to the sea; likewise, some villas may not be that close to the nearest beach, but if you have a pool you may be okay with that. (You may think about taking a day trip to the nearest beach in that case.)

Do you want to be close to the nearest town or resort, or would you in fact prefer to be away from all the action? Again, if you have a car, you will find it easier heading into town however, you can still rely on local buses if you’re without a hire car. (And it’s likely that a small shop may be nearby for purchasing produce and food.)

By the very nature of being a house, most will have a garden of some sort – would you require a decent-sized outdoor space or is any kind of garden sufficient? Do you require any outdoor facilities such as barbeque or garden furniture?

Take a look below for links to some villas in Croatia: