Accommodation on Solta

The small island of Solta – very close to Split – is almost always overlooked in favour of its more famous Dalmatian island neighbours such as Brac and Hvar. However, that’s a shame as Solta has much to offer and is also very easy to reach from the mainland! In terms of accommodation on Solta, there’s only a few hotels but those that do exist are exceedingly well regarded.

Accommodation on Solta

The five star Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi is located in Maslinica on the western side of the island; it is housed in a 300 year old castle with a stunning pool and has a 5000 sq metre garden. The four star Hotel Paradise Punta is in Necujam on the north side of the island; the hotel has smartly decorated rooms, has a pool and is located right by a beach.

There’s also plenty of private accommodation – rooms, apartments and villas – meaning you can really enjoy the most of what Solta has to offer. Use the search box/map below to search accommodation on Solta (zoom in to see more choices):

Accommodation on Solta – Hotels

Villas on Solta

  • House at the Beach (in Necujam – sleeps 8 + 3 – garden, parking, on the beach)
  • Villa H63 (in Stomorska – sleeps 12 – pool, parking, pets allowed, located on the beach)
  • Villa Ivana (in Rogac – sleeps 7 – garden, jacuzzi, walking distance to ferry)
  • Villa Jadranka (close to Maslinica – 7 bedrooms + 4 bathrooms – pool, private beach, close to town centre)
  • Villa Marvela (in Maslinica – sleeps 8 – pool, parking, fitness centre, hot tub, close to the sea)
  • Villa Maslinica (in Maslinica – sleeps 6 + 1 – pool, parking, on the beach)
  • Villa Talia (in Donje Selo – sleeps 10 – pool, parking, private beach)
  • Villa Tudor (in Grohote – sleeps 6 – pool, pets allowed)

Accommodation on Solta – Apartments and Private Accommodation

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