Renting a Car in Croatia

Renting a car in Croatia is easy, if perhaps on the pricey side in comparison to other European countries. Major car hire chains exist in Croatia, as do local companies. Most have offices in the larger Croatian towns and at airports. Below is a list of some of the car hire agencies in Croatia.

  • Kim Smith

    Is it necessary to have an International Driving Licence when hiring a car in Croatia?

    • Technically yes…(see official advice from the Croatian Tourist Board at – second sentence).

      However, I know plenty of people that have rented a car/driven it in Croatia with just a British license and not bothered to acquire an International Driving License (or knew they needed one!) and they never had any problems. They were never asked for it when picking up the rental car. In any case, an EU driving license that’s in English…it’s a pretty ‘acceptable’ thing!

      So, the official advice would be what I said in my first paragraph. What I would do personally would be what I said in the second!