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  • I don’t know for sure if they’d run tours on Easter day (the Sunday), but the Saturday should be fine. You’d really have to contact a company and ask – you can see a list of Zagreb agencies at But it would be easy to visit Plitvice yourself – hop on a bus down (about two hours) and tour it yourself (again, very easy/fun to do!) and then get another bus back!

  • Lizcyni

    Hi, my family of six are planning a trip to Croatia arriving in Zagreb during Easter weekend 2018. We would like to take organized excursion to Ljubljana on 31 March and Plitvice National Park on 1 April. I was wondering if the tour company organize tours to the above mentioned during Holy Week and Easter? Appreciate any information. Thank you.

  • Please see my reply – hope you are able to scrap your car!

  • This page – (in Croatian only, it’s on recycling in Split) suggests that there’s a place to take old cars to just outside Split in Kaštel Sučurac at the address Ivana Pavla II 49 (which is the address of a firm called Sekundarac). However, I can’t find out much more information on this! I would suggest dropping a line to – this is a company that deals with recycling in Croatia. They should hopefully be able to help more. Alternatively, perhaps stop at any mechanic firm that you see and ask for advice?

  • Ama

    I have the exact same question so please if you have any advice do share as google hasn’t helped me and my enquiries have been futile so far

  • Ozzy Drakes


    I have an unorthodox question, myself and a few friends will
    be driving through Europe in a few days, finishing in Split.

    We would like to find a junkyard/scrap yard where we can
    sell/get rid of the cars, as far as we are aware there are none in Split but I am
    not sure about the surrounding areas or another major city, could you by any
    chance assist ?



  • You can look up people in Croatia on the online telephone directory at However, I don’t see anyone with the name you mention, or indeed many people with the surname Vukman in Croatia. Perhaps do an online search (e.g. on social media networks) to see if you can find her?

  • iva bittova

    Hi, my name is Iva, I am musician and I was Roko’s friend from Otok Krk. I would like to get contact of his sister Iva Vukman. He gave me her contact, but I cannot find email address. Please, can you help me ? Thanks a lot!

  • I don’t think any organised excursions would offer an overnight trip. However, why not undertake the trip yourself – simple to do! There are a number of buses from Dubrovnik to Kotor (and then to Budva…and then back from Buda to Dubrovnik) – see for times.

  • Lynda Bingham

    I see there are many day trips from Dubrovnik to Montenegro stopping at Budva and Kotor but they seem so rushed. I would like to overnight and make it a two day trip. Can you help please.

  • Mim

    Thank you for your reply, it has been very useful.

  • Hmmm, yes and no. Certainly more and more hotels are definitely fully wheelchair accessible (including some of their hotel rooms), and likewise some beaches are wheelchair friendly too. Some sights are too – e.g. Split should be okay to visit; Dubrovnik would be quite tricky for rather limiting for a wheelchair user (i.e. it would be possible to head into the Old Town, but once inside there are steps almost everywhere which would make sightseeing pretty difficult). Places like the Plitvice Lakes are pretty much a no-go – hard to get to many places inside the park, I’m afraid. So I would say certainly possible for a visit, but it may have to be planned a little carefully. I found this blogpost – (also check out the comments for links to more posts) that may help.

  • Mim

    Is Croatia wheelchair friendly?

  • Both Croatia and Slovenia are in the EU so as a UK passport holder, you don’t need a visa to travel to either country. However, Slovenia is in the Schengen Zone and Croatia is not, so there is a proper border in place between the two countries at which you will need to show your passport (all quite standard stuff). Your car hire company should be absolutely fine with yourdriving to Slovenia, but I would let them know that you’re planning to do this.

  • colin macarthur

    I have a UK passport and wish to hire a car in Pula and drive to Ljubiana in Slovenia and back. Do I need any visa’s for this

  • You can see which Schengen Area visa types can be used to visit Croatia without requiring a Croatian visa here: Please double check to see that your husband holds one of these types. I don’t believe your husband would be asked any special questions at the border – many people visit on Schengen visas these days.

  • Marta

    Im Polish and my husband is Indian passport holder (with temporary polish resident card valid to 11/2017 issued after schengen visa). We are planning to travel by car to Croatia from Poland for 9 days. Does my husband need any special visa or permition ? Shall we be prepared for an extra query at hungarian – croatian border ?
    Thank you

  • I would suggest three bases that would be good to stay in would be Split (from where you could visit Plitvice & Krka National Parks, Trogir, Zadar, Sibenik, possibly even Vis and the Blue Cave), one of the islands between Split and Dubrovnik (such as Brac, Hvar, Korcula or Mljet – to you, I would probably suggest Korcula) and then Dubrovnik (where you can visit the Elafiti islands, Lokrum, Mljet or Korcula if you don’t stay on them along the way, wineries on Peljesac Peninsula + Ston, Konavle region and even hop over the border to Montenegro). You could definitely travel between these three bases by public transport – catamarans, basically – and on the island you choose you would probably stay close to where the boat comes in so wouldn’t have to arrange a transfer.

    As to whether you’d prefer a car or not…well, would you prefer to drive to all these places (e.g. from Split, driving to Zadar, Krka National Park and so on) or to rely on organised excursions?

  • Tony Sims

    We are two senior 50+
    and active people,a couple who enjoy nature,islands,historic sites,local culture and local foods and drinks of us is e flying to Croatia from South Africa and the other from UK

    Over two weeks we would like to have two or three bases to explore
    the ares but we do not know where to stay and how best to get around we
    will have luggage as well which may be a problem but if we hire a car we
    can avoid issues with transfers and luggage ..

    can you suggest an itenarary to cover from 8 august to 22 August please ?

    Best wishes

  • Esha

    Haven’t been to Zagreb but Dubrovnik is amazing. If you enjoy a week in Dubrovnik then it is worth enjoying the trip.

  • Public transport is very extensive across Croatia – in particular, the bus network (the train network isn’t as extensive – it largely centres around Zagreb as the main hub) and of course ferries on the coast. *Within* each city there are of course plenty of public transport options too – local buses, again, and trams in Zagreb. However, public transport *in* a city is just that – it covers the city, and you would need to take inter-city buses (what I referred to in my first sentence) to reach other places, national parks and so on. You absolutely can rely on buses to get around Croatia, you won’t need to drive. For 2 weeks, I’d look at a plan along the lines of – Zagreb – Plitvice – Zadar – (perhaps stop off in Sibenik for a few hours along the way) – Split (stay for a few days and make day trips to places such as Krka NP, Trogir) – Vis (lovely place, but you’d need to head back to Split to travel on elsewhere) – Hvar – Korcula – Mljet – Dubrovnik. Something like that! 🙂

  • Ken L

    Hello! I am planning to backpack around Croatia for two weeks this coming summer. Just wondering whether public transportation in each city covers the main attractions, national parks and other key landmarks. I do not plan to drive unless it is more convenient in cities where the public transport coverage is not as extensive.

    Also wondering what can you recommend for a two week backpacking trip! Planning to start in Zagreb and end in Dubrovnik.

  • You’re welcome!

  • Patricia Cook

    Thank you for your help, this is really useful

  • You’re hit the nail on the head – Plitvice and Dubrovnik are far from each other, and it’s a little tricky to combine both! (Especially in just one week!) But let’s try…

    Firstly, I would definitely plan to fly into one place and out of another – Dubrovnik, probably. Otherwise you’ll waste time back-tracking unnecessarily to where you flew in. I’d suggest looking at flights to either Zagreb (the closest to Plitvice) or Zadar. From either you can get buses to Plitvice pretty easily.

    After Plitvice, I’d suggest getting a bus to Split – although it is a little far (5/6+ hours, depending on what bus you take). You could base yourself here and then make a day trip or two to some local islands (Brac, Hvar…). Then, really, head down to Dubrovnik by either bus (about 4.5 hours, many per day) or catamaran ( ). One alternative might be to use this catamaran instead and *stay* on one of the islands on the way to Dubrovnik, but I think this is just then too much travelling in your trip and not enough enjoying/doing!

    I’d now look carefully into flight times etc to try and piece together your trip to see how many days you could spend where.

    HTH. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Patricia Cook

    Hi, I’m looking at planning a trip to Croatia early September for 1 week. The two places that are a must see for me are Plitvice lakes and Dubrovnik. Would like to spend a day or two in each and then the rest of the days relaxing, preferably on the coast or on one of the Islands. I’m not sure on the best way to do this as plitvice lakes and Dubrovnik are quite far away from each other. Do you mind giving me some advice on the best way of me organising my holiday. Thank you

  • You can see the Schengen visa types that allow you to visit Croatia here: I am not sure if a business visa would suffice (although I would imagine so) – I suggest you email the Consular Department to check:

  • Rahul Teckchandani

    Hi. I am an Indian citizen having Multiple-year Schengen Business visa that is valid for a year. I wish to travel to Croatia to attend a business meeting with one of my client, do I need to apply for a Croatian visa.

  • Take a transfer bus from the airport to Split Bus Station (just hop on any transfer bus waiting outside Split Airport – you can pay the driver on board; journey is about 40 minutes). There are then a 2/3 buses a day to Medjugorje – see for timings. Journey time is about 3-4 hours.

  • Kevin stanislaus Joseph

    I wish to travel from Split airport to Medugorje by bus. Can you advise me the easiest and quickest way to do this..I would also need the bus timings.Thanks.

  • I’m sorry to hear about your situation. However, I’m afraid Croatia isn’t the easiest country to move to and start a business in (easier if you just wanted to move there but had your own funds/income elsewhere), and nor is it at all easy to get temporary/actual citizenship…certainly not quickly! There is plenty of information about this on our forum – – in the Living in Croatia section. Have a read of the messages there and of course please feel free to post your own message if you would like.

  • Ceili


    I am curious if you know someone who can answer a few questions for me.

    am a Canadian male citizen in my mid 40’s. I am wanting to possibly
    move to Croatia to live and open a business. One key reason is because I
    went threw a very long and messy divorce and see no end to the fighting
    and restrictions. I want to move to start life over. I have no
    criminal record. I am a good man with good morals. I would be a great
    asset to any business or country.

    Please let me know if the Croatian government can help me quickly get my temporary citizenship and then citizenship.

    Please let me know


  • Great – yes, I’d stop by the bus station and ask about a suitable bus for you to take. By the 23rd September it should be less busy with visitors so hopefully there won’t be an issue/there will be room for your bikes!

  • Uros

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will do that.
    We will be starting our trip on the 10th and finishing around 23th. Will stay in Dubrovnik or near Dubrovnik for two or three days.

  • Hmm, it’s difficult to say! I don’t believe there’s any set rule for bicycles being transported on long-distances in Croatia…what I would imagine normally happens is that it is possible IF there’s room on the bus. (The bikes will go in the hold and you would probably pay just like an item of luggage.) When in September are you travelling? If it’s the start of the month the buses might still be pretty busy… What I would say is that if you’re in Dubrovnik for a little bit before heading back to Zagreb, I would pop by the bus station there and ask – they may be able to advise you on a particular company or bus departure that would be better for you to take.

  • Uros

    Looking for buses from Dubrovnik –> Zagreb. Don’t think I typed it clear enough in the first post.

  • Uros

    Next month me and my girlfriend are coming to Croatia to cycle the “Jadranska magistrala” and do some island hopping – Krk, Pag, Rab. End destination is Dubrovnik.
    I am looking for buses to Zagreb where we can take our bikes with us. What is the usual rule in Croatia about that? Are there problems or do we just pay extra?

  • You’re quite a large group so public buses will be complicated; visiting Mostar and the waterfalls (Krka? Plitvice?) as day trips would be additionally so. I would ask at a travel agency / tourist office for help in getting all of you around – contacting Split tourist office (as that seems to be your starting point) would be best, see for how to contact them.

  • Janine

    Hi I am thinking of coming over with a youth group of which there will be 18 to do sight seeing of the areas. We are flying in on the 24th of August for a week and going to stay in split for two nights Duburovic for 2 nights and possible Mostar with a visit to the water falls. Could you advise the best ways to travel to these, would there be a company which do transfers or is public transport okay. Thanks

  • Janine

    Hi I am thinking of coming over with a youth group of which there will be 18 to do sight seeing of the areas. We are flying in on the 24th of August for a week and going to stay in split for two nights Duburovic for 2 nights and possible Mostar with a visit to the water falls. Could you advise the best ways to travel to these, would there be a company which do transfers or is public transport okay. Thanks

  • Janine

    Hi I am thinking of coming over with a youth group of which there will be 18 to do sight seeing of the areas. We are flying in on the 24th of August for a week and going to stay in split for two nights Duburovic for 2 nights and possible Mostar with a visit to the water falls. Could you advise the best ways to travel to these, would there be a company which do transfers or is public transport okay. Thanks

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  • Sandra J. WeissmilleRx

    What places do you recommend to stay near the split town-airport in August ?

    • Trogir is a very pretty town (worth a visit anyway) – I’d stay there, although do pre-book something for August as it will be busy. If you’re simply looking for a place to sleep for the night and are not too bothered about how pretty a town is, check out places in the nearby Kastela region e.g. Kastel Stari.

  • Sandra J. WeissmilleRx

    Hi, I have recently also committed to a yacht tour in Croatia, the flights are astronomically except Aeroflot is reasonable. Would you feel okay using that airline? I am not really picky but I want to arrive on time and be relatively comfortable, water, seats, edible food…I also have a lay over if I take this flight. it’s 10 hrs in the middle of the night? What can I do about trying to get 6 hrs of sleep?

  • Greg Dumbrell

    Hi I have just very impulsively booked a week in the Park Plaza in Pula with my wife a daughter (18) as Croatia looks lovely and I have never been. My questions are 1/ Should I hire a car or use public transport 2/ What would be your top things to do in that week?

    • Lovely! 1) If you do not mind driving/the cost of hiring a car, I would recommend that you hire one for Istria. Although you can get about by public transport, it’s a lot easier to explore the region (particularly the interior) with your own wheels. 2) Some of the top things to do would be: Explore the sights of Pula (of course); visit the beautiful Rovinj; head to Cape Kamenjak for a day; the Brijuni islands; explore some of the inland towns e.g. Vodnjan, Bale or perhaps Motovun, Buzet a little further away in Istria; visit some local wineries (if that’s suitable!).

      • Greg Dumbrell

        Many thanks for that advice. I will hire a car for the week from the airport and I think will will also take a boat trip one of the days.

        • Oh yes – that’s one thing I forgot to add – a boat trip would also be a great thing to do! Very easily to book – just ask at a local agency, or even at your hotel.

  • Orley

    Hi I will be visiting Dubrovnik in September. Planning to visit lake plitvice. What would be the most economical way to get there from Dubrovnik. Thanks

    • The Plitvice Lakes are very far from Dubrovnik… Did you mean you want to try and undertake this on a day trip? There’s no options via public transport – which would be the most economical way – so you’re left with either an organised excursion or hiring a car. I don’t believe many companies organise the former (because it’s such a long trip), but I have seen a few’s about 15 hours for the whole trip, including five hours each way!

  • Ben

    I have another question, what would be the best way to travel from Pula to Zadar at the end of June. I have read that the ferry service that called in at Losinjmali is no longer running. Is there an alternative?

    • Seaplane would be the nicest alternative! Otherwise, it would really have to be by bus…but it takes awhile – journey time is around 7 hours.

  • michael faiz

    dere sir hi
    i want to visit visa and my family my name michael faiz i am pakistani my Email michael faiz 36 @yahoo,com

  • rawand

    hello im from Iraq how can i get visa of Croatia in turkey? please

  • Sanjay Sarkar


    • Please don’t write in all caps, it’s considered ‘shouting’. 🙁

      So, you have a residence permit of Lithuania? As Lithuania is part of the Schengen Zone, if you have a residence permit from that country you do not need a visa to visit Croatia.

      Lithuanian *citizens* can travel to Croatia using just an ID card. However, it sounds like you would still need to travel on your own passport & with your residence permit, as you’re not a Lithuanian citizen. (Right?)

      I would suggest contacting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Consular Department for clarification:

  • Sanjay Sarkar


  • Mary
  • John

    Hi, I will be in Novalja until 1st July and need to get a coach to Split airport on time for my afternoon flight. What is the cheapest quickest way? I have only found private hire up to now but is it really worth it as ill be travelling alone? I have been trying to find a public coach but can’t seem to find any that will go from Novalja to Split?

    • There is a direct bus from Novalja to Split that’s run by Antonio Tours…although it’s easier to look up the time/price (and book tickets, if you want) on the Autotrans website at

      However, the bus departs Novalja at 1.34pm, arriving in Split at 6.36pm which sounds like it will be too late for your flight. In which case, you will need to go Novalja – Zadar (again, look up schedules on the Autotrans website) and then Zadar – Split (schedules at

      If the Zadar-Split bus you’re on stops in Trogir (most do – or ask at Zadar bus station when buying a ticket to double-check), it might be an idea to hop out here. From Trogir, you can then catch local bus 37 to the airport – it’s only about a 10 minute journey. (Otherwise, you’ll probably pass the airport and travel on into Split to the bus station, to then get another bus back to the airport – that’s an unnecessary hour+ on your journey.) Bus 37 stops on the road *outside* the airport (but you’ll see the airport! Or ask the bus driver to notify you) and not actually in the airport grounds itself but it’s not hassle to then get to the airport building.

      (Note: The bus mentioned in paragraph 1 – if it does work for you – does stop in Trogir.)

      Altogether, it’ll probably about 180-200 Kunas one-way. Won’t be as quick as a private transfer…but much cheaper!

  • Hanna

    hi we are traveling from south Africa to Croatia and need to know what is the distance from venice airport to croatia

  • Amritpal

    hello, a group of us (7 people) are travelling at the end of august. we’re arriving in Zadar and we’re going to go Plitvice, Split and Hvar together. Then five of us will continue travelling to dubrovnik in early September. We want to use bus travel and we do have specific days when we need to travel. Because we’re going quite late in august and into september, would you recommend booking online first ? and by ? or could we book a couple of days before our departure days.

    Thank You !

    • By and large, you should be okay with buying your tickets a few days before your departure once in these towns. That site doesn’t have booking for all buses (because not all companies offer online booking) so you may find a bus (in terms of time) more suitable for you than what you can book online. The one exception might be the Plitvice – Split bit of your trip; there’s no proper bus station by the Plitvice Lakes so you normally just buy your tickets from the driver when boarding the bus. It would therefore make sense to pre-buy tickets for this route especially as you’re quite a large group.

      Plenty of buses on the Split – Dubrovnik route; there’s always another bus departing shortly if you can’t get tickets for the most immediate one!

  • Karon

    Hi can you tell me when the summer timetable for ferries is published? We want to book hotels but this depends on ferries,

    • They most likely won’t be published until late this year/early next year. However, you can pretty much safely assume that the ferries to the islands will run on the same timetables/frequencies as this year – these are busy routes, especially in summer, and they’re not going to stop operating them!

      • sebany

        hey i would like to visit coratia i have all kinda of ppaers i need but they ask me for inveattion letter could anyone halpe out and he also welcome anytime to morocco thanks and best reagrds

  • Almosnino michael

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  • Almosnino michael

    i am a trip planner.i will need in june a rental car for 5 persons with a driver
    please send me a proposal
    my e mail-

           el mundo       תכנון טיולים לחו”ל      0544761306