Events in Northeastern Croatia

PLEASE NOTE Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many events have been postponed or delayed. On the page below, we have listed all the events that would be taking place in a normal year. Where we have confirmation of events taking place in 2021, we have listed the dates in bold.

For all events, we would advise that you check information on event websites or social media pages for the latest updates. If there’s anything you think we’ve missed (or if you run an event and would like to see it here), then do please email us.

Here’s a listing of annual events in Northeastern Croatia taking place in the main towns in this region of Croatia – including in Varazdin, Koprivnica, Cakovec and Ludbreg.

Events in Northeastern Croatia

Events in Northeastern Croatia – January

Vincekovo – or St Vincent’s Day – on the 22nd January each year is when the start of the wine-growing year is commemorated. Winemakers visit their vineyards to cut back vines to help them prosper over the year ahead, although that’s not something you’re expected to do! Instead, visitors join a ‘wine walk’, stopping at wineries to enjoy a glass of (mulled) wine. (Take a look at this one in and around Strigova.)

Events in Northeastern Croatia – March

Koprivnica-Krizevci county has long been associated with naive art in Croatia. For a number of years now, ‘giant’-size Easter Eggs have been beautifully painted in this naive art style and displayed in the centre of Koprivnica around Easter time. This year, they will be on display from 19th March to 5th April 2021. If you’re in town, going to see these eggs is highly recommended! (Note: the eggs sometimes do ‘tours’ elsewhere in Croatia or even further afield!)

Events in Northeastern Croatia – May

1st May is Labour Day, a public holiday, and many of the towns in this region in Croatia host an event or activity on this day.

Events in Northeastern Croatia – June

Vafi & Rafi is the International Children’s and Youth Animation Festival that will take place in Varazdin, 3rd to 6th June 2021. (It will also be held in Rijeka from 27th to 29th May 2021.) The festivals holds screenings of films made by children aged under 18 from all over the world; there are also accompanying workshops and exhibitions.

The 5th VegeFest, which promotes veganism and sustainable living, will be held in Varazdin in June 2021.

Events in Northeastern Croatia – July

As with many places in Croatia during the summer months, Varazdin also holds a summer festival (usually from June to August), with live music and more. Check locally for listings of specific events.

Fest Jazza is an international jazz festival held in Koprivnica; this year it will be on from 8th to 10th July 2021.

Events in Northeastern Croatia – August

The annual Renaissance Festival in Koprivnica is perhaps one of the biggest events in town, with all sorts of historical re-enactments stretching out of the four days of the event. Expect to see competing knights; medieval entertainers, sports and music; plenty of food and drink; fun for kids and much, much more – they really go all out! This year it will be held 19th to 22nd August 2021.

Spancirfest is one of the best-known street festivals in the whole of Croatia. Taking place in Varazdin (20th to 29th August 2021), there’s a rich programme of events – music, workshops, arts and crafts, kids events plus gastro and wine offerings too.

Events in Northeastern Croatia – September

The Lace Festival in Lepoglava takes place every September.

The 16th Trash Film Festival will be taking place this month in Varazdin.

The 51st Varazdin Baroque Evenings are due to take place at the end of September. The concerts will be hosted in a number of venues in and around the town.

Events in Northeastern Croatia – December

As with many towns and cities all over Croatia, this part of the country also hosts Christmas and New Year’s festivities. All towns will have Christmas decorations displayed, and offer other Christmas festivities – a little market serving tasty treats, live music, perhaps an ice rink. See locally for details.

Varazdin also hosts a New Year’s Eve Race – which does actually take place over the stroke of midnight! This event was first held in 1977, and Varazdin is apparently one of only two cities in the world to hold such a race (the other being Sao Paolo).

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