Opatija on the Kvarner Riviera was once known as the “grand dame” of Croatian tourism because it was a resort popular with European nobility in the late 19th/early 20th century . It is therefore no surprise that the town has retained something of a refined air, with a number of fine options for accommodation in Opatija available. (Check out the number of five star hotels below!)

Accommodation in Opatija

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Accommodation in Opatija – Hotels

Accommodation in Opatija – Boutique Hotels

Villas in and near Opatija

  • Villa Bardo (Sleeps 8 – pool, parking, pets allowed, close to town centre)
  • Villa Dana (Sleeps 8 + 1 child – pool, parking, pets allowed)
  • Villa Mare & Monti Istra (Sleeps 8 + 2 children – pool, parking, pets allowed)
  • Villa Nicolle (Sleeps 10 – pool, parking, pets allowed)
  • Villa Paula (Sleeps 8 + 1 child – pool, parking, pets allowed
  • Villa Raisa (Sleeps 12 + other villas available – parking, close to beach)
  • Villa Stella (Sleeps 8 + 1 child – pool, parking, pets allowed)

Accommodation in Opatija – Campsites

Private Accommodation in Opatija

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