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If you’d like more in depth coverage on Croatia, take a look at our archive of articles (mostly travel) that stretch as far back as this website has been up and running – since 1998! Otherwise, read on below for press ‘clippings’ on Croatia from this year.

What Other People Say About Croatia 2014

A nice selection of scenes of Zagreb – in images and video – in 22 Photos That Show Why The Capitals Of Serbia And Croatia Are Europe’s Hottest New Destinations
La Carmina, Business Insider, 21st January 2014

Some great photos of Dubrovnik in Bucket List Adventure: Dubrovnik’s Old Town
Examiner.com, 21st January 2014

I stop to catch my breath, turn around and – wow. It’s a perfect view. In the foreground, the dark green tufts of the treetops; above them the steely blue of the Adriatic and the blinding blue of a cloudless sky. This is Lokrum, a tiny island off the coast of Dubrovnik that can be reached by a 15-minute ferry ride, and we seem to have it all to ourselves. Well, apart from the peacocks that live here.
Helen Ochyra, Daily Express, 18th January 2014
The article: Cocktails at the beach, nature reserves and ancient walls: Best things to do in Dubrovnik

A fantastic selection of tips in Croatia summer holidays guide: 2014
Jane Foster, Daily Telegraph, January 2014

Varazdin is named as one of the 52 Places to Go in 2014 in the New York Times’ excellent list
The New York Times, 11th January 2014

I am cursing myself for having forgotten my street map for the city of Pula, on the Istrian peninsula in Northern Croatia. But I’m determined to find the Roman amphitheatre I’ve read so much about. My three children follow me surprisingly patiently despite the 36C heat. Nearing the port we turn a corner where, towering above a line of nondescript street buildings, sits probably the most impressive – and well-preserved – ancient structure I have seen in years.
Catherine Eade, Daily Mail, 7th January 2014
The article: Belly laughs, sunset swims and finding Tito’s hideaway on a family trip to Croatia

One bar in the former Yugoslavia has the distinct honor of straddling a disputed border. Enjoy a beer in two different countries…just don’t let the guards catch you crossing the line.
Jeff Campagna, The Daily Beast, 6th January 2014
The article: Half of This Bar Is in Slovenia, the Other Half Is in Croatia

So when you’re cruising the Croatian coast with the windows down, and the traditional local folk music blaring, the last thing you want to see is a dark black cloud obscuring the horizon. As it turned out, our driving experience in Croatia happened to coincide with a series of severe thunderstorms.
Richard Beech, Daily Mirror, 3rd January 2014
The article: Driving cars on the Croatian coast – a great way to escape Three Lions mediocrity

While I was gone, Zagreb lived through war, then welcomed peace. But my relationship with it never turned peaceful. Having left my parents and oldest friends behind, I returned at least once a year. Sometimes I stayed a few weeks. Typically, toward the end of week two, I’d begin to feel a tightness in my chest, the skies would start closing in around me, the facades would appear even grayer, the streets — even on a sun-splashed day with packed sidewalk cafes — dull.
Anja Mutic, Washington Post, 2nd January 2014
The article: Learning to love Zagreb, Croatia, the city she grew up in