What Other People Say About Croatia

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If you’d like more in depth coverage on Croatia, take a look at our archive of articles (mostly travel) that stretch as far back as this website has been up and running – since 1998! Otherwise, read on below for press ‘clippings’ on Croatia from this year.

What Other People Say About Croatia 2015

A really excellent selection of Croatia: Readers’ Tips from The Telegraph – very useful indeed!
The Daily Telegraph, 19th January 2015

The Daily Express pinpoint Istria as one of its picks for the Best Winter Escapes – although the holiday they describe seems very much to be a summer one!
Daily Express, 18th January 2015

After my wife and I signed up for a cruise in the Adriatic Sea to visit the countries along the coastline between Albania and Austria, I broke out an old European map, circa 1966, to find these countries and was surprised to find that they didn’t exist. All I could find was Yugoslavia! Obviously I am geographically challenged, which is even more reason to go on this trip, after breaking down and buying a new map.
Jed Christensen, Napa Valley Register, 11th January 2015
The article: Transit through the Balkans: Cruising the Adriatic, Part 1

The Telegraph’s guide to The top 5 cruise holidays in Croatia
Jane Archer, The Daily Telegraph, 9th January 2015 

Like many others, I have one of those bucket lists that contains a significant amount of things I’d like to do over the next few years. How many of them are realistic is another question, but one has just been ticked off. My parents visited Dubrovnik before I was born in 1984 and always commented on what a beautiful place it was, so a trip to Croatia, while not towards the top of the list, was most definitely on it.
Barry Cooper, Nottingham Post, 7th January 2015
The article: Travel Review: Meat, wine and acres of true beauty in Eastern Croatia

As we reach coastal Opatija, it’s obvious we’ve entered a resort area, with miles of luxury hotels and massive villas along the rocky and picturesque banks of the Gulf of Kvarner on the Adriatic. After checking in at the Hotel Milenij, we wander a boardwalk past the sorts of establishments found in every beach town in the world: ice cream shops, T-shirt vendors, more jewelry stores than you can count, souvenir stands, art boutiques and, of course, restaurants for every food imaginable. Gyro sandwich, anyone?
Steve Larsen, Orange County Register, 6th January 2015
The article: Surprises await on Dalmatian coast

The bar at the Hotel Monte Mulini in Rovinj is one of The world’s best swim-up bars, according to Perth Now
Perth Now, 5th January 2015

Croatia is on the list of The Guardian’s Holiday Hotspots: Where to go in 2015
The Guardian, 3rd January 2015

As I watched dolphins playfully chase a boat off Croatia’s gorgeous, sun-drenched coastline I was struck by an odd sense of deja vu. Why was this landscape so familiar? The craggy grey rocks, contrasted against thick green forests and sapphire blue waters, certainly looked cinematic. Then it struck me – the area I was in was putting me in mind of hit TV show Game of Thrones, specifically King’s Landing, the home of the show’s royal family.
Bournemouth Echo, 3rd January 2015
The article: Croatia: stunning location where Game of Thrones is filmed is fit for a king

The Independent includes Croatia – as one of the filming locations of Game of Thrones – in its guide to the 10 best places to visit in 2015 for sci-fi and fantasy fans
Neela Debnath, The Independent, 2nd January 2015

Paklenica is included in this guide to Seven of Europe’s most extraordinary gorges
John Wilmott, The Daily Telegraph, 2nd January 2015

A guide to How to avoid cruise ship crowds in Dubrovnik
Jane Foster, The Daily Telegraph, 1st January 2015