Ferry and catamaran prices in Croatia

We’ve complied a page for ferry and catamaran prices in Croatia for some of the most popular routes.

There are a number of other, more local lines in existence too – please see details of these on the websites of the companies listed on our Ferries in Croatia page.

The vast majority of ferries and catamarans have different low (approximately October to May) and high (June to September) season prices. Usually, there is only one ferry company operator running services on any particular route although where applicable, we’ve listed more than one operator.

For the avoidance of any doubt, the prices listed in the table below work in both directions – the price for Split to Hvar is the same as Hvar to Split!

Note 1: All prices below are for foot passengers. (Obviously, catamarans only take foot passengers!)
Note 2: Kapetan LukaJadrolinija and G & V Line offer online ticket booking on their websites!
Note 3: Jadrolinija run both catamarans and ferries on some of the same routes – we’ve noted which type of sailing it is where appropriate.

Ferry and catamaran prices in Croatia 2017

2017 Prices
Route High Season (Jun – Sept) price in Kunas Low season (Oct – May) price in Kunas Company Notes
Dubrovnik – Split 200 200 Kapetan Luka end Apr – end Oct only
Dubrovnik – Milna (Brac) 200 200 Kapetan Luka end Apr – end Oct only
Dubrovnik – Bol (Brac) 195 Jadrolinija June – mid-Sept only
Dubrovnik – Hvar 200 200 Kapetan Luka end Apr – end Oct only
190 Jadrolinija June – mid-Sept only
Dubrovnik – Mljet 80 80 Kapetan Luka end Apr – end Oct only
60/70 G & V Line
Dubrovnik – Korcula 120 120 Kapetan Luka end Apr – end Oct only
120 Jadrolinija June – mid-Sept only
90 G & V Line Jul/Aug only
Split – Dubrovnik 200 200 Kapetan Luka end Apr – end Oct only
Split – Mljet 130 130 Kapetan Luka end Apr – end Oct only
Split – Korcula 120 120 Kapetan Luka end Apr – end Oct only
80/150 60 Jadrolinija (catamaran)
Split – Vela Luka (Korcula) 60 50 Jadrolinija (ferry)
65 45 Jadrolinija (catamaran)
Split – Hvar 80 80 Kapetan Luka end Apr – end Oct only
55/60/100 40 Jadrolinija (catamaran)
Split – Stari Grad (Hvar) 47 39 Jadrolinija (ferry)
Split – Jelsa (Hvar) 55 40 Jadrolinija (catamaran)
Split – Supetar (Brac) 33 28 Jadrolinija (ferry)
Split – Milna (Brac) 40 40 Kapetan Luka end Apr – end Oct only
Split – Bol (Brac) 55 40 Jadrolinija (catamaran)
Split – Vis 55 45 Kapetan Luka
54 45 Jadrolinija (ferry)
Hvar – Korcula 100 100 Kapetan Luka end Apr – end Oct only
70/110 40 Jadrolinija (catamaran)
Hvar – Vela Luka (Korcula) 40 35 Jadrolinija (catamaran)
Hvar – Mljet 130 130 Kapetan Luka  end Apr – end Oct only
Hvar – Bol (Brac) 70 Jadrolinija June – mid-Sept only
Jelsa (Hvar) – Bol (Brac) 35 25 Jadrolinija (catamaran)
Korcula – Mljet 80 80 Kapetan Luka  end Apr – end Oct only
50/60 G & V Line Jul/Aug only
Korcula – Bol 120 Jadrolinija June – mid-Sept only
Rijeka – Cres 45 35 Kapetan Luka
Rijeka – Mali Losinj 60 50 Kapetan Luka
Rijeka – Rab 80 60 Jadrolinija (catamaran)
Rijeka – Novalja (Pag) 80 60 Jadrolinija (catamaran)

Prices of Car Ferries in Croatia

Here’s another table showing prices for taking cars onto some of the islands. These are the prices for a ‘standard’ car of less than 2m in length; however, should you be travelling in something larger (or in/with another kind of vehicle), please see the prices on Jadrolinija‘s website.

Note: Jadrolinija offers online ticket booking of these car ferries on its website!

Ferry prices in Croatia 2017
Route High Season (Jun – Sept) price in Kunas Low season (Oct – May) price in Kunas Company
Split – Vela Luka (Korcula) 530 442 Jadrolinija
Split – Stari Grad (Hvar) 318 265 Jadrolinija
Split – Supetar (Brac) 160 130 Jadrolinija
Split – Vis 370 308 Jadrolinija
Dubrovnik – Sudurad (Sipan) 160 130 Jadrolinija
Orebic – Domince (Korcula) 125 104 Jadrolinija
Drvenik – Sucuraj (Hvar) 155 186 Jadrolinija
  • You’re welcome! Yes, there are three sailings on Sunday 8th October – one with Kapetan Luka at 7.45pm (arrive in Split at 8.45pm – https://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing-schedule/split-dubrovnik/ ) and two with Jadrolinija (http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/sailing-schedule/local-lines-2017 ) – one at 9.15am (arr. 10.20am – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/9604-en.pdf?sfvrsn=2 ) and the other at 2.35pm (arr. 3.40pm – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/9608eng.pdf?sfvrsn=0 ).

  • Simon Maher

    Thanks a lot for your help, I’ve booked my tickets on that ferry. Sorry to be a pain but is there a ferry we can book from Hvar back to Split on Sunday 8th October?

  • Yes, this one – https://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing-schedule/split-dubrovnik/ – still runs from Dubrovnik to Hvar daily until 9th October.

    I would probably take one of the Split days and move it to Dubrovnik!

  • Simon

    Hi, we are flying in to split on the morning Sat 30th Oct and out of Split on the evening of 8th October. Our plan was Split: 30th – 4th, Dubrovnik: 4th -6th, Hvar 6th- 8th and back to Split on the 8th to fly home.

    – Is there a foot passenger ferry we can take from Dubrovnik to Hvar in Oct?
    – Would you suggest a different route or time spent in each place?


  • I would say it would be better to book online for peace of mind, and also that means that you can turn up a short time before your catamaran is due to depart! If you don’t pre-book, you would probably need to turn up at least an hour ahead of your intended sailing in order to buy a ticket in person.

    Jadrolinija (http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/sailing-schedule/local-lines-2017 ), Kapetan Luka (https://www.krilo.hr/en/ ) and G&V Line (http://www.gv-line.hr/linije1.php ) all have sailings from Dubrovnik to Korcula at different times.

    Note – there are only catamarans running between Dubrovnik and Korcula, not ferries, so everyone is a foot passenger.

  • Ali

    hi we are going from dubrovnik to Korcula on monday as foot passengers – should we book now or wait? Its hard to follow the websites?

  • pamela placido

    I am traveling to Croatia and renting a car. Are there ferries that can carry a vehicle?

  • Assuming you are travelling sometime in the next few months (i.e. high season!), yes, I would recommend that you pre-book your ferry (catamaran, in fact) crossings. These are all popular routes so they do get busy – equally, as you know your dates of travel (based on your accommodation bookings), why not pre-book?

    Yes, most crossings are early morning (to help locals get off the islands to the mainland for the day!) or evening. However, some that are slightly outside of these times that you might be interested in:

    – G&V Line have a not-quite first thing in the morning sailing from Dubrovnik to Korcula (only July and August, though) – http://www.gv-line.hr/raspored1.php?linija=3
    – Kapetan Luka’s sailings from Dubrovnik to Korcula depart at 4pm/4.30pm – https://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing-schedule/
    – Here’s a 1pm sailing from Korcula to Hvar with Jadrolinija: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/9608s-en6D416E11DCFB5173D1DE959C.pdf?sfvrsn=0
    – Equally, that same catamaran as above has a mid-morning and mid-afternoon sailing from Hvar to Split

    Hope this helps!

  • Elizabeth

    Hi, am staying in Dubrovnik for 3 nights, then going onto Korcula for 2 nights, Hvar for another 2 nights and then Split for 2 nights before travelling home. All my accommodation is booked so I just need to arrange ferry crossings. Should I buy ferry tickets in advance or on the day? All the crossings seem to be very early or early evening. Any advice?

  • Great! 🙂

  • right_meow

    Thank for your answer! We have decided to go with a passenger catamaran and we do plan on doing 2 nights in Dubrovnik.

  • I think it might be easier for you, given the short time frame you have, to just stick to foot passenger only catamarans, rather than hiring a car and needing to rely on car ferries. There are several that travel between Dubrovnik and Split, stopping at different islands along the way – Kapetan Luka operate two – https://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing-schedule/ – and Jadrolinija operates one – http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/9811s-en.pdf?sfvrsn=2. You can certainly visit Korcula, Hvar and Brac with these.

    I’d allocate at least 2 nights for Dubrovnik (I normally suggest at least 3, in fact!). Does that then leave you 2 nights for the islands? I wouldn’t try and do too much, really – it might be best to stick to just one island?

    Let me know if you have any further questions!

  • right_meow


    We will fly into Dubrovnik, spend 1 or 2 nights there, and then we’d like to spend about 3 nights exploring some of the islands before continuing north (we fly out of Zagreb). We are planning on renting a car. We were thinking of visiting Hvar and Brac (or Korcula). Is this possible?

    It seems like it might be better to drive to Split to find more options for car-friendly ferries?

    Any recommendations on departure points or islands to visit (via car ferry) would be very much appreciated as I’m totally confused by the ferry websites!

    Thank you!

  • The last catamaran from Split to Hvar Town sails at 5pm (this is during high season – June to September). You can alternatively take the ferry to Stari Grad on Hvar (there’s a sailing at 8.30pm – full timetable here: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/docs/default-source/2017-red-plovidbe/635-enDB7681903DA639ABD8776442.pdf?sfvrsn=0 ) and then a bus (or taxi, if you prefer) to Hvar Town. Yes, the ferry can be booked online on Jadrolinija’s website: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/ferry-croatia.

  • ewa


    We are landing in Split at 6pm and what would be the best way to get to Hvar? are there any late ferries? Can we book them online?

  • alex c

    does the passenger ferry run from Split to Hvar on Easter Monday?? If so, I don’t suppose anyone knows the times of departure? Thank you 🙂

  • Hmmm, mid-June will be busy-ish but it isn’t absolute peak season (July and August) – I reckon 2 hours should be more than enough, perhaps even a bit much! And yes, I would purchase tickets online.

  • too_slow

    We will be there mid June. So would you recommend us buying the ferry tickets online in advance and then arrive there 2 to 3 hours early to queue? Thank you for your help!

  • Well, as early as you can if you really want to make a particular time! (Assuming you’re travelling in peak season – let’s say a couple of hours.) That’s not to say you *won’t* get on the ferry you want if you get there later, but that’s the time frame that’s recommended. You can park up your car in the ‘queue’ so it’s not like you have to sit there for two hours waiting. However (again, assuming you’re travelling in peak season), there’s quite a few sailings every day so in the worst case scenario, you’d just have to get onto the next ferry.

  • too_slow

    I will have a rental car and when I tried to book for trip from Split to Stari Grad on a car ferry, the website stated that “Online ticket is valid for any voyage on the selected date, but does not guarantee boarding for a specific departure time.” What happens if they don’t have any availability on the date that I book? What can I do to increase the chance on getting the time that I want?

  • I’m afraid not – you would need to buy separate tickets for every leg of this journey (i.e. Split to Hvar, Hvar to Mljet, Mljet to Dubrovnik etc).

  • pooi mun gan

    Hi is the ticket for ferry route Split to Dubrovnik a hop on/hop off over a few days? So can I stay at Hvar for one night, then catch the morning ferry onwards to Mljet (1 night) then end in Dubrovnik?

  • When you say ‘best route’, do you mean the best route from Brac to Dubrovnik? If so, bus is the best – there are several direct buses per day and it takes three hours. The route you mentioned isn’t really suitable because the ferry from Makarska goes to Sumartin on the east of Brac, but the catamaran to Dubrovnik leaves from Milna on the western side of Brac meaning you’d need to transfer between the two – and buses aren’t particularly frequent.

  • Laura

    I am staying in Makarska, is the best route to take a boat to Brac, and then Brac to Dubrovnik?
    How long is the journey from Brac to Dubrovnik?

  • Yes, with http://www.krilo.hr/en/sailing_schedule.html. The schedule is the same as 2016 (I have no idea why they have not updated it!) which you can verify by searching for tickets online on their website, via the homepage http://www.krilo.hr/en/index.html. I would advise you to book ahead for July.

  • pilar

    Does the ferries run in July, from Dubrovnik to Hvar?

  • The Split – Dubrovnik route only operates May to October; prices are quoted in Kunas.

  • Luke

    Good day, Does the ferries run in December, from Split to Dubrovnik? What currency are the price above quoted in?