Croatian islands

One reason, in our opinion, that the Croatian coastline is so beautiful is that it contains more than one thousand dazzling islands. If you were to look out to sea from anywhere along the Croatian coastline, it would be unusual for you not to see a green speck in the distance!

Most of the Croatian islands, however, are small and uninhabited and there are therefore only 20 or so larger islands which are popular with tourists. We will therefore provide a guide to some of these, starting from those just off Istria at the north of Croatia’s coastline and going all the way down to the islands near Dubrovnik in the south.

Croatian Islands Guides

  • The Brijuni Islands
    14 islands and islets make up this archipelago, which is also a National Park, located close to Pula on the mainland
  • Cres
    The second largest island in the Adriatic, near Rijeka
  • Losinj
    A neighbour to Cres, this popular island is well known for its lush green vegetation
  • Krk
    The largest Adriatic island, Krk is easily accessible as it is connected to the mainland by bridge
  • Rab
    One of the greenest islands, it is covered with fragrant pine forests
  • Pag
    Famous for its sheep’s cheese and lace-making, also home to the party town of Novalja!
  • Dugi Otok
    One of Croatia’s quieter islands, ‘long island’ (which is what its name means) is the perfect place to relax
Croatian Islands - Brac

Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) Beach on the island of Brac

  • Brac
    One of the livelier islands, Brac is famous for Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) beach in the town of Bol
  • Hvar
    The sunniest island in the whole of the Adriatic, Hvar is also one of the chicest options for the discerning Croatian visitor
  • Vis
    The most westerly of all the Croatian islands, Vis has a fascinating history and is less busy than some of its more famous neighbours
  • Korcula
    Famous for its thick dense forest, the island was nicknamed Black Korcula by the ancient Greeks
  • Mljet
    Home to a wonderfully enchanting National Park.

Other Croatian Islands

Information about the island of Silba can be found at